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Address 7 osaka 7 ヤ ガ ニ ワ シ 住所 Address in Osaka Prefecture 屋 市 Nisshincho, No. 1
Onkyo Co., Ltd. Address, tWJ 霜 'flE I V ち, No. Name (027) Onkyo Co., Ltd. Representative
Director Takeshi 5 generations, agent 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 5
7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 5 ■ Japanese Patent Office Public Patent Publication
■ Japanese Patent Application Laid-Open No. 50-110200 Japanese Patent Application No. 50.
(1975) 2, 4 Examination Requested (All 3 Pages) Specification 1 A speaker peristaltic plate J
based on the 4th target indelible pulp of the invention Detailed description of the invention This
invention is specific to the employee e * m * The present invention relates to a sliding cabinet
having a uniform property because it is tampered with and made into a casing 11 with excellent
characteristics by preparing it. The Ken 0Xt-Car 61 111 board beats the raw pulp for several
hours. Swelling produces a change-like a weave-by the solution. That is, the woven mowsmo
degree goes on high. -The woven me tight V beta is triggered. The m size is @ H $ 9 min. # 19 II
LJ IIO Table me-The next membrane is to be examined $. These oH forms 61111J1. Textiles have
properties like I / IO, & lead to. (A) The surface volume of fiber is increased by the change of the
above V), ca and s. ))), O) change, the viscosity of the fiber surface m is increased, and the
adhesion is significantly increased, and when it is made into paper-made articles (411 榎) in
paper O tensile strength, burst strength, tear The strength and the coconut percentage increase
respectively. (C) the above (C), -9 (the change in the cocoon changes the l aqueous solution, and
combined with the decrease in the entanglement in the paper or water due to the O change)
Decrease. Thus, the beating process is an important kind of work that gives the fiber the property
of being able to retain excellent properties when being machined, while #ck, it has a defect such
as the following O: . V) Since the fibers are cut and H are damaged and damaged, there are places
where they have been made into finished products, and 11r 鴫 Ik, which impairs their qualities,
as a whistle. Solution work is difficult to grasp the progress of the O properly, and freshness for
each production-to maintain Oj #-property (it is 1 lll, so it is basic The variation of EndPage: 1
fiber JIO quality becomes the cause of the variation of the quality as the sensitive C speaker O
peristaltic plate. (2) And, it is necessary to install 4 large-scale beating equipment (beater-sieve)
for beating work, consume the power of the participant, and pay careful and careful pipe layer
labor for a long time There are disadvantages such as ◆.
ζe4 Ming is a diaphragm that completely eliminates such a beating process, adds additives to
the amount of ◆ and scoops it out to make the fiber IIa # c excellent properties 111. %, This
invention does not beat the pulp, but in a mold-forming water #C, hydrophilic tackifiers such as ^
ttA / quartz, Chris / 〃pum, afbia gum, alpha starch, dextus torino, strength A / Pomethyl-JI & /
@ l-Lose and other pastes (binder agent) added to make up the diaphragm for cleaning and
tidying, but because the pulp is unrefined, the fiber is completely unrefined Since the substrate
does not receive breakage, it keeps its rigidity as # #. ^ Gyuryu 76/11 l-s ingredients are heavily
loaded on the wood fiber frame, since-from the digester II # c for de-blood risk Ihcx * bh-c ** 5 o
"e ·" It is added to lower the aqueous solution by reducing the 110 "" good, thereby adding the
hydrophilic tackifier lO- 憾 in the f aqueous solution, from 2 mJ (no addition)! デ! ゐ 11 c lower
by II ゐ. In addition, pastes such as alpha starch are spread in mold water and attached to
delicate surface and increase viscosity by heat-drying @ C by @ C to enhance adhesion and act as
a binder at the junction of intertwined fibers. Because it is adhesive strength or strong. In
addition, the amount of additive agent is QJ-7519 degree (ratio to fiber weight) 1 because the
conventional diaphragm lifter, fibrillation of fibers by beating to 5 as mentioned above, and
viscosity increase to 1 m However, in order to increase the yield of the finished product, the
amount of additives was used in order to increase the yield of the finished product. Each of them
is made to have a 10% or more (jl fiber weight ratio), so 2 c 5c rigid high undegraded delicate as
a substrate. Additives of pastes such as R set * 111-X Go O feed water paste mucilage and alpha
starch etc. in the water or in water II: Add a large amount of Ell to make up the paper f & capture
motion 11 [Line Young's modulus The high performance and excellent characteristics of the
speaker can be obtained by old model numbers, this working light fence device is shown by way
of example IIE and <, * East as compared to fiber based diaphragms through beating It has
excellent characteristics. 11m11 based on the pulp that has passed through 1 / Yashida rate and
1 / raw unfinished uncooked powder A / fE * and aJ4X / Q1 id / Si / -0 beating! Ejl Kukko x x
1014 n / -2 e ** o Support movement 11E * Q, x ,, / / 11 Maishi / j because it was kept. The
invention of the invention of the present invention is extremely excellent so as to keep an
example of the lift-up which incorporates the fence-relief of the present invention into the lift
table #cJ [the frequency god ** and the harmonic lI god III line respectively]. There is.
(Yue 3 cabinets. 特性-一 VOV 倉 ヌ V-− 一 の 特性 性 、 豐! にV! Ah, this way 0JIIIIII! The
beating is by defibering 11g10! To seize the quality of the eye change, O ぞ O fault III! Coming sg
* in the world 不 動 當 當 禽 ま た ま た ま た ま た 叩 叩 叩 叩 ま た ll ll ll ll 喝 東 東 東 東 喝 軟
軟 會 會 會 會 軟 軟 添加 添加 添加 添加 m, add It is necessary to use an agent which has a high
viscosity ratio of 1 to 10 and a vibration plate with a high coefficient of elasticity of 0 and a high
ratio of 0 to a high ratio of 0. Because the unrefined heavy-weight pulp which has not been
subjected to the process is used as a substrate, the time, labor and facility cost of the beating is a
life (see, it is simple to use a hydrophilic mucilage such as a dragon rose). In addition, a
diaphragm having uniform characteristics excellent because it is produced only by adding a paste
such as Zua demp に to the sheet, and the second chain moving plate is a speaker cm good
special It is effective to get i. Brief description of the -9 marks-surface 1st @ addition-1-line The
frequency characteristics and the wedge characteristics of the speaker incorporating this
invention O diaphragm, Jll and Sl are the speakers incorporating the conventional diaphragm
Because they are frequency characteristics and 壷 characteristics respectively. EndPage:
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