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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of the present invention,
FIG. 1 is a plan view and FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view taken along the line A--A of FIG. 1・・・
ポール、4・・・プレート、1. ・. Diaphragm, 1b: projection, γ C: annular step, 8: damper
11 ° mounting hole, 14: cover, 15: screw. Fig. 1-87-Japanese Utility Model Publication No. 4977929 (2)
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION In this invention, a voice coil is mounted in a
magnetic circuit composed of a [K connection and -K, a pole, a lock, a magnet and a plate, The
board with a wall K11 j such as a wall, a ceiling, etc. is a board relating to the structure of a
board, a speaker K that also generates sound by the board K11 j. The configuration of the
present invention will be described (1) with reference to the illustrated embodiment. 1 is a ball, 2
is a meter, 3 is an annular magnet, and the annular magnet 3 is sandwiched between the yoke 2
and the plate 4. These balls 1, N-2, annular magnet 3 and play 4 and K Thus, a magnetic circuit is
configured. 5 is a bobbin of a voice coil 6 having a magnetic cover layer on the outer periphery
and a lead wire having an imaging film on the outer periphery of the K. This bobbin 5 has a
vibration jn superior, JJ11 central face portion And fixed to the protuberance-like protruding
portion 7α by an adhesive or the like, and disposed in the magnetic circuit. The numeral 8 is a
damper formed of a merchant Bakelite material, and the inside of the damper 8 (the forged
portion is the above-mentioned play via the tm material 9) is screwed and fixed to the screw 4; At
the four corners of the plate 7, the projection 7 is integrally formed with the diaphragm 7 to
form a nine-protrusion 7bK. The mounting hole for a compound such as a nine tatami mat or a
ceiling. Attach with fasteners. In the drawing, the mounting holes 11 are drilled at four corners at
four corners (2), but it is a matter of course that there may be three locations, and the upper
outer periphery of each projecting portion 7b of the diaphragm 7 has an annular step 7c. The
damper 8 is fixed to each of the grooved steps M7 = by adhesive or the like. The lower end 7d of
the projection 7b is formed so that the diaphragm 7 can be attached by touching it on a plate
such as a wall or a ceiling, and the plate such as a shear, a wall, or a ceiling is distorted. Even in
this case, since the diaphragm 7 is in contact with the plate at any point, it is difficult to distort
the apparatus body as in the prior art. A cover 9 is formed of a material of glasstic town, and a
diaphragm 7 is formed to have a convex cross-section 'IK so as to prevent intrusion of the cover
14 and the like 1. It is fixed by. The reference numeral 16 designates the insertion hole 11 Km of
the mounting plate 11 of the above-mentioned diaphragm 7 by inserting into the step portion
14α of the cover 14; The spray hole 1.1K insertion (7, * all the lid body is to blow the plate body
such as the ceiling 5, this device, when screwing Dano;-to the grate (3) as described above And-,
because it was fixed to the step formed on the outer edge 11 of the protruding portion formed on
the 111 m plate, the vibration noise of the bobbin by the electric signal of the voice ring supplied
to the voice coil is enlarged It has an effect that it can be properly transmitted to a plate such as
a wall or a ceiling.
Since the cover is molded so as to cover the vibration as well, it can prevent the entry of dust etc.,
and since the cover is screwed to the pole, the conventional ball, blow, W shape The cover is
adhered and fixed to the case covering the magnetic circuit consisting of the magnet and the
plate, and unlike the case of b9, if the cover is attached and removed by attaching and detaching
the screw, the reproduction can be made extremely easily. Has the effect of
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