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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an explanatory sectional view showing the
present invention. 1・・・・・・コーン、2・・・・・・エッジ。 −83−
[Detailed description of the invention] The defect is related to the edge of the cone type speaker,
the mechanical resistance is low, the resistance is even in the portion around the cone--')
uniform, the distortion of the sound is extremely In order to obtain less knitting edges. A conetype speaker generally known in the prior art 1 is attached to a frame by means of an edge and a
damper for giving a positive cone-shaped cone paper a positive (all loss). The edge and the
damper do not cause an ol 'distortion in the deflection of the cone paper. If there is no edge, it is
easy to think that the cone-shaped cone is deformed to the degree of vibration, and the edge has
a very important role. The 1-edge must absorb the vibration of Ko-7 well and support it so that
the motion of the cone is exactly in the longitudinal direction S, but if the material or shape is
bad it will become abnormal vibration Can cause distortion and cause The material of the present
edge, the pond which is attached to the frame with the extension of the cone paper as its mark 7
and the edge of the paper, the resin is applied to the textile separately and the U-shaped or the
concentric solid shaped into a wave Is used, but in the case of an extension work, non-softness is
scarcely used, and in the case of the edge of the fabric, the yarn of the fabric is composed
essentially of warp and weft yarns. At right angles to the direction, the part to be formed and the
part to be formed at an angle have a defect in absorption of vibration, that is, a difference in
mechanical resistance, and there is a drawback that the generation of sound distortion can not be
removed. In order to solve the disadvantages of the above fabric use edge, the present invention
avoids the use of a fabric in which the yarn crosses at right angles and does not use stretch-andpour, and uses a knit, such as a chassis, tricot, etc. Because it has the elasticity and the uniformity
of vibration absorption with the 11th application at its maximum, it has -'- hair. In the proposed
method, the mechanical resistance is reduced by the use of the knitted edge (2), and the
resistance becomes even in the portion with the cone 1) peripheral portion, and the distortion of
the sound is considerably reduced, so that the speaker is comfortable. It has the effect of making
it sound like
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