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3. Patent applicant 4. Agent 〒 1045, List of attached catalog specifications 1, Title of invention
Magnetic lead prevention device for lead wire
Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention is directed to preventing noise
generated in a lead by an alternating magnetic field. A'1 Figure shows two leads arranged in
parallel. 1 is a signal source, 12 is a load, and both provinces are connected by two parallel lead
wires 2 and 6. When the total alternating magnetic flux passes between these two lead rises 2.3,
the magnetic flux interlinks with the n lead wire 2.6 as shown by the arrows 4.6 and 8.10 to
generate an induced voltage. . Since the current due to this induced voltage flows as shown by
arrows 5, 7, 9, 11 and passes through the load 12, it causes the load 12 to lose power? In
addition to the signal due to M1, noise due to the alternating magnetic field will be supplied. In
order to prevent such noise, the lead wire 2.6 is twisted. Fig. 2 shows the effect in such a case.
Alternating magnetic flux leads 2. Assuming that the entire length of the ridge is uniform, the
magnetic fluxes indicated by arrows 4, 6, 8, 10 10.13 have the same strength, and the induced
electromotive force 14, 16 valley absolute values (I become equal. Therefore, the electromotive
forces 5, 7 cancel the electromotive forces 9, 11. However, since the electromotive force 14, 16
iC remains uncancelled, the resulting current flows into the load 12 as noise. In practice, the
noise will be greater than in the above case, as the magnetic fields at each part will not be
identical. Noise such as that described above is a phenomenon such as induced sound being
reproduced from the speaker by the magnetic field generated by the vertical deflection coil
acting on the lead wire to the speaker, for example, in the television reception EndPage: 1 image
Appear. Therefore, consideration must be given to placing the lead wire at a place not affected by
the magnetic field. The present invention is intended to prevent noise caused by the above
causes, and FIG. 16 shows an example in which it is applied to parallel lead acids 2 and 6, and 17
shows both leads #i 2 and 3 Is a conductor placed between When one alternating magnetic flux
4, 6, 8. 10 crosses between the two lead wires, an electromotive force is generated in the
conductor 17 and an eddy current is generated in the V-3 portion. Since this eddy current
produces alternating magnetic flux 18.19, 20.21 in reverse phase to the above alternating
magnetic flux 4, 6, 8, or 1.0, it is canceled and as a result, between the lead wires 2, 6 The
passing wrM bundle decreases very slightly. 1 li 2,3 7 is twisted together with reed [2,3.
Also in this case, since the magnetic flux due to the eddy current generated in the conductor 17
cancels the external magnetic flux, it is possible to reduce the noise and noise that are the
influence. The present invention, as described above, can achieve the same magnetic induction
preventing effect as that of the magnetic seal by the simple configuration in which the
conductors are provided along the reciprocation lead wires.
4. Brief description of the drawings Fig. 1 is an explanatory view of a magnetic induction
generated in a reciprocating lead, and Fig. 4 is an explanatory view showing two embodiments of
the present invention. 1 ... signal source, 2, 3 ... lead wire, 12 ... load, 17 ... conductor. Patent
applicant Nippon Victor Company, Ltd. il1 figure 2 section 3 figure 3 (Figure 4 EndPage: 26,
other than the above agent EndPage: 3
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