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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view of an ultrasonic
transducer according to an embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a graph showing
the directional characteristics of the transducer. Is a case, 2 is a conversion element, 3 is a
resonant plate, 4 is a passage, and 5 is a reflective surface. -121-real opening 49-47650 (2) 2
years old-122-
[Detailed description of the invention] The present invention re-writes the 1st-wave polarization
into the super-write-wave frequency and emits the reciprocation, and 6) converts the received
ultrasonic wave into electricity or IIi magnetic value number It is the turtle O regarding the insult
ultrasonic transducer. For example, 1ksn wave transmission and reception to be used as a remote
control means of TV-1-T, oriented to get a definite encouragement! It is rare that 11 is sharp and
conversion efficiency is high. The purpose of the present invention will be to provide an
ultrasonic transmission and reception sound wave having sharp-directivity and high-conversion
effect by referring to the drawings. , 1-1-sign (1) Ji, Kim II th turtle O equivalent material with a
certain material tL 7 ζ 拘 ケ ー ス show the case, and case (1) v care inside 、, χ A variable &
purple child (2) such as Juran Juban Ucrf Eiu Magneto-bimoral oscillator is accommodated. This
determination element (2) is a current supplied to the electrode, 4s + 1. Such as: 一 し て し て 身
都 都 都 都 都 都 都 都 都 都 都 都 都 都 都 都 都 都 都 都 都 都 都 都 都 都 都 都 都 都 都 都 by
Have one storehouse. In addition, a button L17 Kit of I-s (1), a resonant plate (5) is attached at
the position of a modified dust (one foot on both sides), and this co-M (5) and * A passage (4)
through which the movement of an acoustic wave is formed is formed between the conversion
element (2) and the passage. The resonance plate (3) resonates at the time of the button 1 of the
rattan forceps (2) and radiates ultrasonic vibration-to the outside, or converts this vibration when
it is ** by external sj sound vibration It is 0% 0 to transmit to the element. Furthermore, a
reflecting surface (5) having a truncated circle complex shape is formed on the bottleneck (4) 0
[11 at a position facing the resonance plate (5). Therefore, when the resonance plate (3) vibrates,
it is transmitted to the fiber (for example, the sky 9A) in the vibration # '1 passage (4), a part of
which is transmitted to the outside or to the conversion element (2) , 1: transmission '-′ ′, t ′
′ ′ 67 ···················· 0 (°° 11 rA &' 1. (5) i (:! 'jt LZ ° a' u'ii: The kinetic energy given to '1 °
藤 is increased, and the vibration mode is turned on, the diaphragm (3) radiates, and the lbvt x
woo' j ( 5) ゞ 1 21 21
1 7 1 10 characteristics 7 1 、 1 第 1 超 1 超 1 超 超 こ 鍔 特性 特性 特
性 に 2 Figure 2 Show. As is apparent from FIG. 2, the characteristics of the '0 ultrasonic
transducer for 0 tft are about 30 degrees from the axis], and the L1 cap while in the nail within 0
range is wide-0, The ultrasonic transducer 1 having a sharp t / -directing characteristic like
sweat, transmits ultrasonic vibration only to the intended receiver, or only the ultrasonic
vibration from the intended transmitter. .
The ability to receive S · is smart and comes in handy when used for ** in various applications. 4,
a simple 'Ik-Ming Figure 1 is a longitudinal cross-sectional view of an ultrasonic transducer
according to an embodiment of the boiling water bowl, the second Pj company transmission and
reception false 0 is a graph showing directivity characteristics, during V (1) 叶 sheath, (2) #i
conversion element, (3) co-torsion, (4) H passage, (5) bell reflection. Practical Zan tea outing
people Higashi dormitory electro chemical industry agent agent attorney Attorney Hidetoshi
Saeki t l l 晩 テ · · P 1 or [pa g? ? Sha, / S-\\ \ \ 'ゝ) @,' Cold + + I Il core 2 Z · '· · · ·-! Seo ・ / '7. . . ,
/ / Sugi TZcF '4 Other than the above inventor Uchikanda 2-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo! ! 14 No. 4
Tokyo Electric Chemical Co., Ltd. shares ★ in-house Mitsui Seto Higashi-Koto Chisyu T's
Uchikanda 2-chome 14? 6 tatami east! Electricity, chemistry five standard s-surplus service
charge Abe 111JI
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