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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional side view of a flat
panel loudspeaker according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a front view of a diaphragm
of the flat panel loudspeaker of FIG. 1 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
foam resin layer on the inside, 5 · · · · · · Outer frame-like foam resin layer, 6, 7 · · · · · · opposite
side, 8, · · · · · · · double-sided adhesive tape, 10 · · · · · · · sheets of pictures, pictures, etc., 11
·················································· Bonding. 1 horse 2 horses 1 mouth 65 1
[Detailed description of the invention] Flat speaker is O that can create a visual atmosphere that
works together with the echo effect by pasting it with a picture, picture, etc. on its diaphragm,
but in this visual atmosphere VC I also get bored while preferring it. The purpose of this is to
make it possible to exchange pictures, pictures, etc. on the diaphragm without damaging the
acoustic effect. -02 It is as follows. In FIG. 1, (1) an outer shell of a μ flat speaker, (21 is a
transducer, a diaphragm which is a +31 id imaging plate (3 inner d inner 7) expanded resin layer
(4) and outer expanded 11 lV) expanded resin layer It will be called (5). Outer side 5I11) foam
resin layer (the frame shape of the frame and the foam resin layer (4) in the inner side of 6111)
1 pair of opposing sides (6) (pasted on the part f + Z near the force nk both ... S contact The tape
(81 (9)) is used to bond the inner foamed resin layer (4) + L peeling 1-'v in the state of the FIJ
function. In the lower part of the figure, bonding is performed at a portion V in the vicinity of the
41 pairs of opposite sides +6) (7), but it may be performed at a portion l in the vicinity of the
opposite sides of this pair of joints uteri In the note of a picture, a picture etc., the (I ') outline is a
point Ifi in FIG. (1)) VC is a water gap. G outside the neighborhood of the circumference of the
note 0 supogu) foam! While being lightly pressed from the vicinity VC of the inner peripheral
part of the Jii collapsing layer (5), a part of the upper side C is more than the adhesive tape -VC
inside 5i 11 '! [Mu] outside foamed resin layer (4) (5) VC removable ic junction [delta]. It expands
and shrinks with the change of temperature and humidity of the note 4 μ and photo, etc., but it
is held at a fixed position without any slack due to the above stop and hold method, and it does
not accompany the 1-bill. -(2J49-41527-03 operates as a part. Outer frame 7J7J resin layer (5) r;
r transducer (21 Vc continuous thinner than the inner foamed resin layer). It is a material 榮 f!
That the foamed resin layer (4) does not produce 1 billet in spite of the adhesion between the
two sides being two sides 'ifc and four sides'. F:VCよる。 The flat speaker μ sound quality
Kurayoshi according to the above-mentioned proposal in the VC above, according to the taste,
also of the installation location and performance music! It is also possible to easily exchange the
note (10) as a visual accompaniment note (Ii) WL 犀, which is also a ct) which contributes to the
production and use of this 抛 speaker.
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