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Title of the invention: Japan Patent Office: JP-A-49-40162 [Phase] Published Japanese Patent
Application No. 49. (1974) 4.15 examination request (all two pages) detailed description, the title
of the invention name of the invention transducer JL4I claims scope Using a single transducer
with a cylindrical breathing type vibrator When the radial outer surface radiation wave of the
vibrator is reflected by the reflector or the umbrella to obtain one directivity, the vibration is
performed by using a means for sealing one end of the vibrator in the axial direction with an
acoustic rigid body. A transmitter / receiver characterized in that an internal radiation wave is
generated in the direction different from the direction of the other end external surface radiation
wave in the axial direction of the child to simultaneously obtain directivity in one direction.
Patent applicant Shiba 5-chome 7-15, Minato-ku, Tokyo
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a transducer for
acoustic communication in water. As a transmitter and receiver in acoustic communication in
water, for example, a transducer used for a pinger or a transponder needs to transmit and receive
in one direction at the same time, instead of transmitting and receiving in only one direction. In
order to meet the conventional requirements, two #C transmitters / receivers are used, so that
transmission / reception can be performed in the necessary & two directions, or to meet this
request with one transmitter. It is uneconomical to use Fi λ transducers in such a conventional
method, for example, in which transducers using thickness vibration are used to obtain
directivity in one direction, for example, front-back direction or up-down direction. When a
vibrator using thickness vibration is used, the characteristic vibration characteristic of the
vibrator, that is, the mechanical Q (selectivity) is large, the response characteristic as a
transducer is bad, and the sensitivity change to the frequency change is large . SUMMARY OF
THE INVENTION The present invention is to provide a good i transducer having a response
characteristic and obtaining directivity in one direction in consideration of such a point. That is,
the present invention uses a single transducer having a cylindrical respiration type transducer,
and the radial outer surface radiation wave of the transducer is reflected by a reflecting plate or a
reflector to obtain directivity and an axis of the transducer. Using the means for sealing one end
of the direction with an acoustic rigid body, the above-mentioned vibrational endPage: 1 O-slack
end outer surface radiation wave and direction different direction inner surface radiation wave
generating simultaneous KJ O It is a good sign that he has made it possible to obtain the
directionality of the gang. The invention will now be described with reference to the following
examples-drawings. In the first I, l is a cylindrical respirator of the transducer to supply high
frequency power (more in the case of the transducer l in the radial direction) to perform
contraction (by respiratory oscillation). Here, the characteristic shown on the lower side of the
directional directivity characteristic diagram of the cylindrical respirable oscillator 1-the line
port: it is reflected and bent at a right angle so as to be the J1! The directivity characteristic curve
shown by a above is obtained. In this way, in か oIAts, it is possible to obtain opposite directivity
in the up and down directions simultaneously with one transducer, and use a cylindrical
breathing transducer with low natural vibration characteristics as a transducer to reduce the load
on the inner and outer surfaces. By this, it is possible to make a storm-like transducer with more
responsive characteristics. Also, as can be seen from FIG. 1, the pressure against the water
pressure against the vibrator is balanced between internal and external pressure, and it is
suitable for use in deep seas (also suitable for large manufacturing advantages 4). As apparent
from the above description, the utility of the present invention is great.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a side sectional view of an embodiment of the
transducer according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a diagram showing the directivity
pattern of the transducer according to the present invention. 1 is a cylindrical respirator, 2 is an
acoustic rigid body, 3 is a reflector. I also talk list L Shienii 1 and 19--Tower 1 list of documents
attached documents 1 statement 1 drawing 1 correspondence application copy 1 letter of
attorney 1-communication Inventor inventor place other than the above Shiba 5-chome, Minatoku, Tokyo No.15 EndPage: 2
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