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4 agents 5 in Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., list of attached documents' '-' '' 547069484
[phase]-Japanese patent piece published patent coalition-■ JP-A-49-29628 @ published date /
sho 49. (1974) 3.1 cS examination request unclaimed (total 3 pages) specification 薔 1, title of
invention 2, range of patent 111 request Piezoelectric! A plurality of circumferentially elastic
supports for supporting the l11l element at its peripheral edge, and a pressing and deforming
means for pressing and deforming the elastic supporting body, wherein the pressing and
deforming means is capable of adjusting the pressure deformation-configured gold Features
directional variable ultrasound generation \ i @.
Directivity variable ultrasound generator
8. Detailed Description of the Invention In the present invention, the thickness vibration 11 'of
the piezoelectric vibrator 1! More specifically, the present invention relates to an ultrasonic wave
generator for emitting ultrasonic waves in the presence of liquid in the liquid, and in particular,
the direction of the ultrasonic waves can be continuously eaten. The ultrasonic wave generated
by the excitation of the thickness vibration of the piezoelectric vibrator has the strongest
component in the direction perpendicular to the main surface of the piezoelectric vibrator, and
the sudden change as it deviates from the normal direction. It has a directional characteristic twhich weakens. For this reason, it has been widely used conventionally for transducers of
ultrasonic remote control devices that need to radiate ultrasonic waves in a specified direction, or
for local cleaning and surface treatment of object surfaces by focused ultrasonic field VC, etc.
However, when emitting ultrasonic waves so as to sweep a certain range because of directional itype tWP as described above, or when performing ultrasonic cleaning on a certain range of the
surface of an object with irregularities, etc. A method has been adopted in which the position of
the piezoelectric transducer is changed, or the position of an object to be subjected to ultrasonic
waves or the angle i of the object surface with respect to the direction of ultrasonic radiation is
changed and swept. In addition, other methods such as arranging a plurality of piezoelectric
vibrators in one tube to increase the radiation area have been taken. However, these methods
require the ultrasonic wave generator to have a mechanism for moving the piezoelectric
transducer in a two-dimensional manner, or add *** to transfer an object in a two-dimensional or
three-dimensional manner. Therefore, these multipliers 11 increase the complexity and size of
the entire ultrasonic generator, or the range II in which the superposition effect is obtained by
the emission of ultrasonic waves from a large number of piezoelectric vibrators is very much due
to mutual interference. Various drawbacks, such as being limited to The present invention
eliminates the above-mentioned drawback / "J- & Er pervious lightning + rEndPage: 1", and the
following will explain the application of the above-mentioned method based on the illustration.
Figure 1 and! ! In FIG. 2 (i> is a disk-like or polygonal plate-like piezoelectric vibrator with an
electrode (not shown) attached to the main surface, and an ultrasonic wave is generated
exclusively by thickness vibration 1 * (! The elastic support that supports the piezoelectric
vibrator (1) at its tstm part, small pieces of porous elastic material such as natural rubber or
synthetic rubber, or porous elastic material such as sponge, etc. The holder body 3 is provided
with a plurality of piezoelectric elements arranged in the circumferential direction (one
piezoelectric # i # child (1). In addition, it is considered as the left point Y special of 120 intervals
in the cause. (4) is the elastic support 1! + F Pressing and deforming means for pressing wedge
shape, lid (5) K screwed screw shaft (61 screwed (the button is the axial position adjustment ti7
function, thereby Ijo elastic support It is possible to adjust the amount of compressive
deformation of the manual 2), that is, the amount of compressive deformation m.
The lid (6) has an acoustic opening (7), is fitted with the m + wall item Vc of the holder body 1B1
and is rotatable. In addition, in the figure, an accessory society such as a lead wire, an electrode
terminal, an acoustic reflection plate, and a holder main body attachment is omitted. In the above
structure a, after the screw shaft (6) is brought into contact with one elastic support + 21 K, its
axial direction sound? When the elastic support (2) is adjusted in a direction to be compressed,
the elastic support [21 #: t 111 v L material is compressed and deformed as shown in the second
factor by the pressing force of the screw shaft by the elasticity of the material) . According to
this, the pressure ll vibrator 11) Fi! As shown in FIG. 2, the ultrasonic waves generated by the
piezoelectric excitation #jIvc are inclined as shown in FIG. 2 when emitted in the normal direction
(N-one direction) 4C of the main surface. It changes as shown by the dotted line. Similarly, if the
lid 'tilf 1200 is rotated one by one, the direction of the ultrasonic waves can be changed 120 u at
a time. In addition, the tilt in the normal direction (N-1 / direction) can be changed by any TIC
from K by adjusting the axial position of the screw shaft (61 and adjusting the amount of
compressive deformation of the elastic support (2). It should be noted that if the screw 1611 is
separated from the elastic support (2), the direction in which the ultrasonic wave is directed
follows the axial direction of the cage body (3). FIG. 6 shows another embodiment, and the elastic
support (2) may be zigzag-shaped [111 f fl as shown in this figure, and in this case, the pressure
deformation means (4) is! l'TV ': (Qi; In addition to compression from <10,000, the elastic support
(2) may be pressed from the lateral direction to draw and stretch the elastic support (2). Upper
row! ! ′! According to the non-invention, the piezoelectric vibrator 1 has a plurality of
circumferential sexes # 1 having 1 at its W4 edge, and pressing deformation means for
suppressing and deforming the co-elastic support; Since the deformation means is a pressure
deformation adjustable I / c Il, the direction of the ultrasonic wave can be arbitrarily changed
without changing the strength of the ultrasonic wave and without rubbing the piezoelectric
element #i. be able to. In addition, although the one having a structure for converting directivity
in the first place is shown in the embodiment, since the structure is simple as described above,
the number of elastic supports can be changed intermittently by six in number. It is easy to
change sex. Furthermore, the adjustment of the inclination of the ultrasonic wave and the
selection of the directivity can be determined almost arbitrarily by changing the arrangement
position of the elastic support or the suppressing / deforming means, the thickness and the like.
4 and (2) A simple explanation in the direction (2) is a vertical straight self-view showing one
embodiment of the invention 11 which is not yet invented, and is a main part perspective view
showing another embodiment.
(1) ··· Piezoelectric at element, (R · · · Elastic support, (3 I · · · Cage body, (4) · · · Suppression
deformation means, (5) · · · Lid, (6) ... Screw axis agent Yoshihiro Morisue EndPage: 2 Figure 7 λ
EndPage: 3
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