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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a system diagram showing an example of the
present invention, FIG. 2 is a diagram for explaining its operation, and FIG. 3 is a connection
diagram showing an example of a part of FIG. It is. 4 is a matrix circuit. Fig. 1 -9-Japanese Utility
Model Application Publication No. 49-26503 (2) Fig. 2 二 m day 21 二 2, L 51 − 冫 atb% C,-↓ 1
1 1 1 1. +3, 1 a / b ル 0d Fig. 3-10-49-503 (3) correction correction 47.10.5 drawing Fig. 3 is
corrected as follows. Fig. 3-11
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an xf reo
apparatus fK having a so-called i mixing circuit, for example, in which music from a record is
packed to make its singing voice reproduced from a speaker, in particular, among the records
The singer's singing voice disappears and instead tries to make his singing voice enter. An
example of stereo storage by the main body * will be described below with reference to FIG. (を
ン49−26503−rl)@la! In II, (1) shows a 2-channel stereo signal source, such as a
cartridge, from which left signal and right signal R are respectively equalized amplifier equalizer
C11), after being closed at the pole. The switches interlocked with each other ((I +, □ one of the
contacts aK are respectively supplied. Matrix circuit (41 supplied to the circuit, which makes it a
signal LJ-rR, R-rL (Call1 ≦ 1), these signals L-rR% R-γ are switched through the mixing circuit
6υ (to) described later , 1υ,-the other contact point of the switch 11), the signal obtained at the
movable φ point of the switch Lg, l (f dll-r R, H r L is increased ITI 'a El), through the speaker 0 ,
@ Will be supplied respectively. The nine microphones 6υ,-are prepared, and the respective
output signals thereof are amplified by six sens, & at through switches, <11. sWK interlocking
switch product, 'thOE (Dm point DtA c cilK combined 1alWrf4J) ,. , And mixed with the signal LrR% R-.gamma.L. According to such a configuration, the switch − + II 曽 is a contact 2LK! If it
continues, normal stereo reproduction will be performed. On the other hand, if switch L) υ
threshold t-seeding is performed, 1 + 21 Ik electric pumping is performed. In other words, the
singing voice of the singer (center vocal) is usually recorded at a level equal to the left and right
channels in order to be localized at the center of the stereo device, and it is generally The
collectors are recorded at different levels on the right channel. If the sounds of the instruments A
to D and the singing voice of the singer M on the stage S arranged as shown in FIG. 2 AK are
recorded in stereo, the signals A to D of the instruments A to D and the signal of the singer M in
the stereo signal are recorded. The levels of d and m are #i as shown in FIG. 2B, and the levels of
the instruments A to D and the number of fg's aS to d and m of the signal H in the signal H are
21. Become a dU's. Therefore, although the numbers a to d of the instruments A to D in the signal
γR% R-TL are almost the same, if γ = 1, the singer MO scratch signal disappears, or 0 to 1 γ1
If it is 1, the level of the signal m of the singer decreases according to the γ.
Accordingly, in this case, the speaker 0, in particular, the singing voice of the singer M is not
reproduced, and the sounds of the instruments A to D are reproduced. Therefore, at this time, if
the fK of the musical instrument A-D from the speakers 17I + and 11k sing along with the
microphone + 3149-265503-04, the signal from the microphone ell1% is switch cLI% 3υ and
(ii), The speaker (ha), + 7'3 is supplied through (d), and the speaker, from the illusion, is a pack of
94 of the record, and q minutes of songs are reproduced instead of the besker sK. In this way,
according to the invention, it is possible to play the song Jll for q minutes instead of the singer's
song bank while practicing the microphone mixing, so the effect of the microphone mixing is
large, for example, oneself 1 You can get the feeling that a friend is singing. In addition, as
compared with the conventional microphone mixing 601 path, the configuration therefor is only
required to provide the JllLK matrix 10 circuit (4), which is very simple and inexpensive. This
matrix circuit (4) is, for example, as shown in FIG. The variable resistor Q (i # !!) between the
fixed resistors of the emitter grounded transistors 11 υ, 02) in +, / υ, ■. It can be configured by
simply following, which is simpler and cheaper. Note that one microphone may be used, and the
output thereof may be mixed with L-γR and LK. Also, it is not necessary to provide the switch
(窃, (b)) as required in (4) 49-26503-05 in Fig. 41, or use the mixing circuit (至) and the ring in
the rear stage of the switch 40% (至). Good.
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