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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing a conventional
transducer type transducer, and FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing an example of a
capacitor type transducer according to the present invention. In the figure, 1 is a capacitor type
transducer, 2 is a conductive cylinder, 4 is a diaphragm, 5 is an insulating plate, 8 is a counter
electrode plate, 14 is a conductive screw, 24 is a spacer, 26 is a conductive screw, 28 is a
conductive screw. The conductive terminal boards are shown respectively.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION (1) □ 1 ··· tn-ty 2t-0-The device is a capacitor type
transformer which has a main part such as a microphone of a capacitor, a speaker and the like.
・ ・ About Jeasa. El'21 conventionally, in FIG. 1 as a whole (as indicated by 11): 導, 導 12 の 」
ム ム 1 1 1 1 D <1 to 9. . x, L / 7 iv: ypv-) '1st d ·······························································! , P! Marginal, tj
(3a) and 7'-per-plane or clJ-plane to TJ? -(--On the surface, the conductive layer (3b) attached by
f, suva, ivy, plating, etc.- For example, with the conductive layer (3b) on the outside, shield with
gullet and attached, one-sided body [P in 2! Greening-5 'is distributed. . Keep the treble (Par and
sky of November 6) on the insulating plate (5), and drill a large number of holes (7) A! -唖 叡 (8)
y, 7. . 1
is currently used Jl · こ 0 (Oh body I2) in the part (9a) of the diaphragm (4) II other
parts (9b) O se · h · · · A small upland field, and a configuration in which a mother screw tm is
attached to one inner peripheral surface of the part (9b), and the heat 暢 ′ ′ ′ insulating plate
(5) Mother screw (i.e., an outer peripheral surface K to be screwed .lambda.i,... (2 'to 4; Q、
f−/Pり2t−aタ・、。 'One screw ring (1 with a screw (+1)) (by an integral (2 by 0 part
(9a) and (9h) t) by a step portion Q31K'iPtTbt'L ruko and a% cylinder (2) In the case of the
arrangement of No. 1 and the counter electrode plate (8), it is possible to extend integrally with
the diaphragm (4) on the opposite side. Quaternary I, while insulating plate-· (5) screw 7, 14
through hole OJ 7J, i, iF as a pair. Plates (8, j j, ",, ', l ;; a-or. □8m%Q41t 6MM(51 オ
□。 9 □ C ′ ′) : , ; ・ ・ ・ ・ The side of the can moving plate (4) is opposite to the
side of the can moving plate (4) Screw ulK η η G is screwed and tightened), this pair of pole
plates (81 is f! Add @ on the edge plate (5) and distribute fL% to the surface of the diaphragm (4)
IIt1! The E layer (3b) does not show but does not show 51 conductive bodies (21 are electrically
connected to this four-polarity 体 body (2), and the counter electrode plate (81 a, i + respectively
via the external 1. It is made to be spoofed. However, due to the planting platform M, the fourpole five-pole α 4 is relatively long in the conductive cylinder (21, so floating and not floating
between the two without floating) (41 and pair of plates between the electrode plates (8)) and the
movement plate (4) in response to the vibration of the moving plate (4).
量 8 amount of electrical signal by variation (3) □ ue-tQ 2-H 〃 化 化 化 F J J J J 電 気 電 気 板 電
気 I I I 電 気 電 気 電 気 電 気 電 気 電 気 特 に 電 気 電 気 電 気In the frequency domain! W
There is a defect that causes an invisible effect on the W-condeno layer / S-N trans- ducer to be
described in Fig. 431 in the present invention. And let's see, let's say-1 '' There are no
disadvantages, as in: -よ 44. ヶよ、い69.2767あう、。 In Fig. 2, the correspondence with
the cause in Fig. 2 is the same as the one shown in Fig. 2:-, f, =;:! The Tf-h explanation is omitted,
but the vibration '# (41 conductive N <3b> force ° first essential conductivity' ... (3b) The central
part is missing fb1. The missing part a? ) 3 holes in the center hole α8! N, t, '-WL, and the screw
.alpha. And its mother 9 to extend the pair plate (8) are omitted, but the pair plate (8) is the same
as the kMr plate (, opposite to +1. To. Mother * 3k is UL, 1 is a pair of sexually transmitted Q, and
this screw has a closed part (b) *: drinking i 51, J counter electrode plate (8) 1,. The other side is
screwed by screwing it against the other side, and is fixed to the insulating plate (5). 一方 Onesided vibration plate (4) vs.% tii 1 (81 N Center part Q) and counter 8 // (4 · t, Ell-9− /
Y7′1t−lit) facing it and yI, the gap length Kdlrk between the parts 11 of the electrode plate (8)
is equal 4 Spacer with a gap and a central hole 4-n is arranged, so that the diaphragm (4>) is
opposite to the side of the pair i pole right (8). The conductive screw having a cap portion
smaller than the area of the removed portion α pc) penetrates through the central hole α of the
diaphragm (4) and the central hole of the diaphragm 11e 1 on the counter electrode plate (8), 'O'
O is made to be attached to the center screw (母) 至 in this case 対 In this case, 1 + 1 f fl (3) to 7
+, □. □、□、ヤ。 Oya. (S1 plate (4) conductive layer &: S1 plate (4) and screwed between
diaphragm (4) and screw 14-O @ section 251 by placing a screw (support) in the through hole
last time :: 4! (り: ! i 'kl: "(2-17: cry," C,:, ". ... "No. ム1.. Board (8) is a member 3. · Pass
through the terminal pieces (至) · · · · · · · · · · · 、 C C C C C C C C C C C ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ O 'is an
example of the present invention, but I understand If it depends on the configuration, the central
part of the vibration plate (4) will have a fixed structure with the pair w1 etc. & (8) via the spacer
@ · in the -X child body, but the vibration plate (Since 4, I can be shaken between its central part
and its outer circumference k jk (5: 49-/ 9 λ e--it is possible to use cJ @ as a F-Lanos-juner, "'"' "'"
(*') a; o% e) T ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ 11 ° 1... 7 to be electrically discharged to the outside t This is
done through the screw Q screw corresponding to the 71, 4 and 2 screw a of FIG. 1! ', T' = 'jy ::'!,
Also, its v-shaped body (2I-/ ..., the effective extension length of the void (6), the length of the
hair corresponding to the 'length' and the size of the 't' LSI figure is smaller than in the
Therefore, this screw thread F · and m 'the body (21,5 of 3,5, C1 free capacity is in a row), · · · · · ·
· ·, the drawback of the combination of 2 in Figure 1) Can be effectively removed · Top 5
according to the present invention according to the present invention f 1. i A large sI which can
be generated as something which can not be focused on a whistle that takes out the plate plate
and the electric pencil plate to the outside without air, and the effect of the stray capacitance can
be effectively avoided. -The profit is M + ◎ The same as above mentioned, the two-handed
chopsticks 11 · · luminometric layer (3a) O ,, · · ·. −v−aKq · mi conductive layer t ′ ′! However,
the present invention can also be applied to the case where the present invention is applied to
the case where a dip-blind layer is provided on both sides, as described in 1.i. ooXU ′ ′ ′ ′
′ ′ ′ ′ 1 uW (41 ′ ′
4 parts ˜
·············································································································································, 1 ′, 2:-. Although 5 is an
interval N, the diaphragm (4) is led to the outside by means of, for example, a lead in the form of
(6) Q, lt '). In some cases, if @ book (2) is used as a lead material, let's say P, 1 floats, and you
have me! As this is what it is, it is possible to apply the present consideration to this case as well.
FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing a Tranos juna according to a tip of a non-follower, and
FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing an example of a Conden-Ij type transformer tube
according to the present invention. 11) in Condeno t ditransgena, (2) is a conducting node, (41 is
a vibration plate, (5) is a plate (81 is a pair of charge ffi; I% α (a Il !, □ "child,": #u between k, ■:
conductive element, and Jin: 1z terminal plate, respectively. Utility model registration If you are
an agent patent attorney 1) Shoji Chu, □ '˜ (77'. 4F−tq 1zr−ag−:/1. In the
case of IJL gel "11" -1: 96785 "::, ', H', t ::::,-: 1319b10151416 FIG. 4512231825272417266785
°°. · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 1 11 2 019 Z 220 1972S agent lawyers 1) Shoji Naka 41-1972-〇
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