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47059259EndPage: 1 for Ct March 2007/111 Patent Office Director Yukio Miyake 1, the display
of the thing '1' display 1 Showa 4t 7 years Patent No. 1! 2-2. rz No. 2 shot 1. tll 呵 呻 name 呵 呻
句 イ 7a 7 'J3, relationship with the case of correction 4-llt applicants address 5' 7 ya and -7
name 升 a, hiro 4, agent 7 @ h 勺Interior atmosphere (1) BfI <va zero)> i 明 gg @ 明 Name of
laryngeal microphone Detailed explanation of the invention The diver is working in water
company, the diver's vocal cord because of the influence of the damaged water pressure As a
result, the vibration mode of the vocal cords is changed, and the voice sound is increased, and the
t-high-pitched five tones and no low-pitched sounds are generated, so the diver's pronunciation
remains unchanged as it is with 9 The one is real. The present invention does not use the
company voice band during diving, and the outer upper part of the throat Buddha is pronounced
kl! Using the movement, the vibration is made to sweeten the artificial vowel from the artificial
vowel generator, and it is made, and the vowel and the common vowel and the body, form the
double front, that is the diver's In the mouth, it makes a whistle warning and corrects the sound
of diving pleasure, and even if it makes it listen, it makes one voice and does not transmit it on
the surface of the water. The present invention will be further described by #llK according to the
schematic diagram shown in FIG. 1 vti, and it is a 1 # -i artificial vowel sounding device and is
attached to the submersible's dive and H Kti M, and the theory is mechanically explained
Electrically, j vowels of r & Jr @ JriJ "oJ" u "are always generated as an electric signal. (The
vowels uttered by humans are one tremor of the vocal band! @IIK is a voice generated by IIK, and
it is generated by a ringing in the form of the mouth, so it can be uttered mechanically or
qelectrically KI because it is a part of 7-one analysis. In addition, Consonant Inc., these vowels are
formed in response to beeps in the mouth. 2) is the usual My 907 on, which is attached to the
submersible's throat Buddha. When the diver utters in the submersible, the throat and the
vicinity are photographed along with the vibration of the vocal cords. The two microphones are
capable of changing the vibration of an electric signal. The signal is detected by the signal I13 of
the microphone 2 and EndPage: 2 spike signal is sent to the first circuit 4 (whose 1 · 愕 is shown
in FIG. 3) k. The gate circuit is busy and artificial vowel production! An artificial vowel is given
from lIl, and a gate vowel group that is always transmitted at this gate time s4 is gated. This
output signal of the gate circuit W14 is transmitted by 'sbee' force, -SK, and the diaphragm of the
speaker 5 vibrates as an audio signal in response to the output signal of the gate circuit 4. The
speaker S is attached to the air way (output sound transmission tube) 6 so that the speaker.
・ Because the diver's meeting cartilage 4 from the upper K 111 − 振 振 振 振 振 振 振 振 振 振
Fi Fi Fi Fi Fi 音波 音波 音波 音波 音波 K K K K K K K K K K 形成 形成 潜 潜 形成 形成 形成 d Do.
Therefore, an audible tone is generated in this sound wave Korean oral cavity, and the diver's
voice is corrected. As a result, when the diver's voice utters the usual voice 9 and this sound is
transmitted on the surface of the water in the usual manner, it can be read as 11 companies tt **.
Next to the laryngeal microphone, a low pass filter may be used, and the 10 detection circuit
shall select one of time cheno. The consonant vowels are a problem, but when the Buddha moves,
there is a click # -i before the vowel generation, so there is no gap between the gate company
and the click company. The connection part between the speaker and the air way, KF1-unparted
extract, is suitable. I omit mathematical analysis on this. There is no problem since the air
velocity is very low compared to the sound velocity. The mouth terminal of the Eya way Output
terminal of the Eya way ha Requires a similar shape. Loudspeaker shaped horn speaker or cone
speaker may be used. It is strange that the vowels of the diver's voice-like divers are normal
vowels, but because they are just high-pitched sounds, the point is to be doubled with the
artificial vowel of the bass. The vowel is a vowel that is easy to hear, and the diver's voice is
corrected from this k, and it is a vowel to make it easy to hear and cut, so there is no company
that the diver's voice is uttered incorrectly. Note that the consonant is formed in the same path as
the normal vocalization of the consonant F1 because this vowel is uttered in the oral cavity upon
receiving an obstacle or friction. The device can also be used for vocal cord removal patients with
laryngeal cancer surgery. "If you use a transistor like the one shown in Fig. 3 or a circuit with 10
circuits as the ring circuit, all i! i 纜 can be totally compacted. Simple explanation first Ill of the
flesh side. FIG. 2 is a schematic view of the l # i main unit (FIG. 2 is an explanatory view of the
same use, and FIG. 3 is a view showing one row of the gate circuit. Further, in the drawing, it is
assumed that 1 # i an artificial vowel sound producing device, a two-piece microphone, a 39-j
detector, 4 includes a gate circuit, a sFi speaker's Ayaka Co. cone speaker and a horn speaker. A
cedar-style, 'inverted extroversal' is preferred for the 6th base Eya way. 7 social hemorrhoid
cartilage,] oral cavity odor, 9 tongue tongue · lO teeth, 11 tf lip% tzhah hole.
Patent applicant Iguchi ・ 1 end agent Takeshi Yajima Fig. L Fig. 3-[-EndPage: 3
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