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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIGS. 1a and 1b are sectional views showing the
structures of a plug-in connector and a receiving connector of the connector according to the
present invention, and FIG. 2 shows a microphone and a microphone stand according to the
connector according to the present invention. And a diagram showing the overall configuration
of the state of connecting 1 ...... stepped projections, 2 ...... stopper groove, 3 ...... microphone P
Hong mounting Keneji, 4 ...... cylinder, 5 ... · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · Lock release push button, 11 · · · · stop
member, 11a · · · ....... @) FIG. 1 cb> -57 one actual opening 49-15925 (2) FIG. 2̶58̶
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The microphone-supporting connecting device
according to the present invention has a microphone-microphone connection adapter Kml, and it
is possible to use not only regular programs but also programs using many microphones. The
shortening of the time for the coating and the improvement of the work efficiency are useful for
the rationalization of the microphone and the removal work shown in FIG. 49-15925-02 · The
conventional ** adapter has been screwed in most, and these have been used for the past 30
years. However, since only the screw diameter and tap are specified in the standard, a connection
7 dapter corresponding to the screw depth is required, and the old and new types are mixed in
the present, and the adapter S * also has a large number of variants. If the diameter of the
adapter shaft and the diameter of the bearing of the stand are raised, there is no compatibility at
the threshold between the adapter and the stand. In the next K screw-in system, some knobs and
set times are folded at the time of microphone setting, and in the case of a program using a large
number of microphones, the efficiency is not high. Therefore, the present invention provides a
novel cabinet-supporting cabinet coupling device for the purpose of shortening the time of
microphone setting and improving the operation of mounting the microphone by eliminating the
drawbacks of these conventional adapters. In the present invention, -m is a stepped projection,
and an annular groove is provided at the base thereof, and the other layer is a cylindrical body,
and the '49 -15925-03 · K screw is provided at the one end of the inserting connector t, As a
hollow cylinder, the inner wall of the hollow cylinder is fitted with a detained gold odor
associated with a squeeze, and the other end is a cylindrical body, and a screw tube provided
with a screw tube comprises a connector, and the annular connector of the plug connector The
groove in the groove is characterized in that it is joined to the connector t according to K when
engaging the tip of the clasping odor of the connector. In the following, with reference to the
drawings, the zero-run plan kWllaKK is described. (1) & (b) & (b) K, a plug-in connector A as a
microphone 憫 adapter and a receptacle as a microphone stand side adapter are shown as a
connector Bf. In FIG. 1 (a), a plug-in connector, a stepped projection, for example, a stopper pushspreading taper integral l is provided, and an annular stopper groove is provided at the base
thereof, the stepped projection tf, microphone order Follow the ginseng with fll = Jl. MKh inside
the projection 1 and the screw 3 and the anti-rotation rubber through jjl are preferably inserted)
Figure 4 (in tl, the receiver has a hollow cylinder if in the joint AB, the center of this hollow
cylinder 1 Step the partition 7 to the part K.
This stepped wall 7, 49-15925-04 · KF1 Stepped hole which is perpendicular to the hollow hole
of the cylinder 6 is made, and the outer step li of this hole An aic stopper spring rl is disposed,
and a stob-f F is inserted through the hole so as to be vibratable, and the stopper r-Mork Co., Ltd.,
a push-button lθ is fixed to contact the stopper spring l. Connect the other end and fix the stop
member // at the other end-this stop member 1tll has a claw // a as shown in the end sK of the
non-fixed end, this claw // a is the circle @ b In the supernatant O, the hollow hole AaK is not
movable laterally in the horizontal hole 6b opened, and the spring force of the spring l is applied
to the stopper by pressing the push button 10 rightward in FIG. 1 (1+). When it is pushed to the
right against this, it moves to such a stop member / 14 or also to the whole as a whole, and the
pawl // a escapes from the lateral hole Ab K, while the push button IO or 鼾No hands left,
stopper When the sweat is pushed to the left by the spring force of the spring I, the stop member
// moves to the left as a whole and returns to the illustrated state. Provide a stand mounting
screw l. Also, the peripheral edge Ktj of the hole Ab in the supernatant of the circle 111 &
protuberances / J are protrusively provided, and they are provided in advance on the B
cylindrical body of the plug-in connector in use. The screw 3 is screwed into the microphone l so
as to show a screw g K as shown in FIG. 1 and the screw l provided at the lower part of the
hollow circle of the joint sB. , Screw in to the microphone stand / 3 and fix it. At the time of
microphone setting, as shown by an arrow in the first figure of the stepped projection 1t-1 of the
plug-in connector A which has been made integral with the microphone lda in advance, the
receiver is on the upper side of the connector 1 The connector A is locked to B by inserting in the
middle 9 holes Aaj'C and engaging the annular groove of the claw zzat I of the stop member 1 /
of the stop member 1/1 and both r *. In this case, when the stopper 1 / is pushed outward by the
tapered portion of the tip of the projection 1 and the projection 1 is further inserted into the
hollow hole i, the claw of the stopper // a It is locked and locked in the R-shaped stopper groove.
In this state, the 框 1 anti-rotation rubber plate j and the anti-rotation protrusions j49-15925-06 ·
l mutually press each other to prevent the upper and lower play and to prevent the rotation of
the 1 microphone IQ and the microphone stand 5 To remove the microphone IQ from the
microphone stand / 3) Release the light, release the lock and press the hotano 10, stop from the
stopper sweat through the pad N) l / σ 7 th / / 8 or stover Get away from
When applied to the microphone support intermediate bonding apparatus t micro ono and the
microphone stand II of the present invention, the operation of the microphone setting 9
microphones being changed, such as withdrawal of the microphone, is considered only for the
connection operation. In addition, the time can be shortened to '/, 10' / ', 0 in comparison with
the conventional connection 1 saw and it is possible to improve the working efficiency.
Therefore, in the program production to receive timely-"about", if you use zero-length draft * t-,
the quickness and closeness due to its one-touch mechanism! It is possible to demonstrate part
compatibility. In some cases, heavy packaging * c '> application range @ l is extensive. The
present invention can be applied to all of 30 kinds of microphones and 74 kinds of stands for the
present A49-15925-07. Only microphone stands on the floor, desktop microphone stands, 1
microphone stand for preparation, 1) microphone stand for Japanese music, 1) microphone
stands for radio as well as hanging mechanisms, microphone microphones for television and
microphone microphones for hanging Devices such as K can also be applied, and all connections
of these current devices have the advantage of being compatible and usable.
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