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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a detailed view of a recording and reproducing
needle mechanism according to the present invention, viewed at right angles to a recording
groove, that is, from the side. FIG. 2 is a diagram according to the conventional method. 1 is a
sled, 2 is a power generation element, 3 is a power generation body, 4,4 'is an electrode, 5,5' is
an output lead wire, 6,6 'is a soldered portion, and 7.7' is a metallized portion 11 is a sled, 12 is a
power generation element, 13 is a power generation body, 14 and 14 'are electrodes, 15 and 15'
are output lead wires, 16 and 16 'are soldered parts, and 17 is a metallized part . Oki 1 Figure 2
Figure 1-
[Detailed description of the invention] Recently, video desks are in the limelight as a new video
technology, but in order to generate the signals recorded by the enemy-machine conversion in
this disk, mt, Hayashi-goshi It is necessary to attach a diamond-shaped spiral needle as shown in
FIGS. 1 and 2 which is extremely small in ms. The present invention is an improvement on the
method of installation of this god. The attachment method described in (-h is as shown in FIG.
Reference numeral 1 is a diamond-shaped needle for taking out a recorded signal. This set is selfmachined adhesive 1-49-11701-02E, for example, 1% by EVOH resin etc. Bonded to the
generator 3 of the mechanical-electrical conversion mechanism. For the power generation
element 2, a V-normal piezoelectric ceramic is used, and a metal such as silver is vapor-deposited
as a pole 4-4 ′ in 1 on the surface view of this element,! Further, an output lead 5-5 is soldered
from this electrode 4-4 'to constitute a 6-6' L heater. Therefore, the diamond is bonded to the
surface of the row 6 to which the output lead wire 5 is soldered using the adhesive 7 '. However,
since the bonding surface of this diamond is a very small area of α 1 bait, it is always difficult to
apply the adhesive and to control the wrinkles, and the bonding strength is also likely to vary. .
However, in the present invention, we apply the technique of rolling the diamond, which has
been previously described in the manufacturing method of Sho 59-4255, Sho 37-18,973, Otomat
needle, which is our special feature, From the 'imp', the diamond is thawed firmly and firmly, and
the bond strength and workability are improved. Referring to FIG. 1, the output lead 15
corresponds to the detailed sum 1 (12-16 and 12-16 correspond to 2-6 and 2-6 in the second
attack, 249 = 117 rJ1-03-,). Metal film 1 deposited on the surface of the piezoelectric element!
Low on 16 '. However, □ The diamond-shaped hollow needle used in this case: 11 has been
metallized 17 on its adhesive surface: because it can be soldered 16 at the same time or again ""
& i: In addition, it is preferable that this bonding layer be identical to the bonding layer of the
output lead. The metallizing treatment of the bonding surface of this diamond is very strong, and
in combination with the low adhesion, it can provide a strong back-coating with little variation.
Furthermore, if the diamond metallization process is performed in advance, the bonding process
is simplified and the workability is also improved.
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