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Showa 6 q august 1st. Special + f'f agency commissioner well '-Takehisadon electrostatic form
converter 2 inventor 2. ,. Kokubunji-shi Higashimotomachi 3 of 20 41 telephone 042: 3-221133 47054 system method i Japan Patent Office Open Patent Gazette ■ JP-A-49-113170
published Japan JP 49 (1974) 1.31 request for examination (all 2 pages) Office internal
reference number 10 Japanese classification specification 1, name of the invention 1 type of
synthetic resin that has been subjected to plating treatment after honing of electrostatic
converter effective surface A diaphragm is held between two i-poles via a spacer, and an acoustic
filter is coupled so as to form an air chamber over the entire outer surface of one of the four
poles. converter, 3
2, the scope of claims
Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention is an electrostatic transducer (Frelated II, which is inexpensive and can easily change its transformation characteristics to that of
J, and is particularly advantageous as an electrostatic loudspeaker. Have An embodiment of FIG.
9 will be described. In the middle of the plate-like front electrode 1 having a large number of four
sound passage holes and the rear electrode 2, the swing plate 5 is held by way of the spacer 3.4.
The acoustic filter 1 ′ ′ 7 is connected to the entire outer surface of the back face pole 2 via a
spacer 6 of a suitable thickness to form an air chamber 8, and the whole is fixed with a bolt 9. As
shown in FIG. 2, if the electrode 1.2 is made of a synthetic resin and faces the diaphragm 5, the
gate a is appropriately masked as shown in FIG. Use plating. As described above, the electrode
portion is light in weight, and the combination of the air chamber 8 and the acoustic filter 7 can
change the sound quality characteristics, and the desired characteristics can be obtained.
Although the one described above is applied to an electrostatic speaker, this other converter lc
can also be implemented.
4. Brief Description of the Drawings FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of an embodiment of the
present invention, and FIG. 1: front electrode, 2: rear electrode 3, 4, 6: 6: feather, 5: diaphragm, 7:
acoustic filter. 8: Air room. □ Patent applicant Rion Co., Ltd. Le V ヰ +1 li) 'fRW 笹 EndPage: 15,'
Other applicants EndPage: 2
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