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-Name of the Patent Office Secretary ('027) Name of Tonkyo Co., Ltd. Company Representative J,
Role J J., Representative Takeg Agent Address Osaka District Asahi Ward Nakamiya / Chome //
醤 / 5 5 Attached β-like I]詠 ・ G ') Ming or 書 7 ど の 通 7: ど 吊; 1 昌 1−1 1-1 1 書 7 [[phase]
Japan Patent Office 2-Patent Patent Publication ■ Special Kaisho 48-85125 @ published Japan
Japanese 48. (1973) it12 '/ 貞 Description 1 title of the invention
Speaker manufacturing method
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a method for
producing a speaker by radically improving corn paper and adhesive to shorten the assembling
time significantly and to obtain a good quality product. In the conventional speaker
manufacturing method, as shown in @ / as shown in the figure, the permanent magnet / is
disposed in the yoke and the center ball 3 is lc covered thereon, and the center ring is A magnetic
circuit l is assembled which cleans the annular magnetic space PIi7 by permanent magnet / and
center circular hole 4c at a certain place. Then, a frame is attached to the magnetic circuit 1 by
welding or rivets to complete the speaker housing 10. In order to hold the voice carp JV //-on
the magnetic nitrogen source 7 of the completed speaker housing 10: Insert the voice coil / /
inserted voice coil / / kykk / core into the center ball 3 head. Then, the voice coil holder 7.2 is
used as a guide on the outer periphery of the voice coil / 1, and the inner hole of the damper 3 is
inserted, and the outer periphery of the damper 13 is adhered to the frame by an adhesive. (This
invention is a manufacturing method that is an improvement on the following steps.) Next, on the
outer edge of the IO frame of the casing, the cone paper bonding portion of the outer edge and
the junction of the circular hole of the damper 73 and the voice coil //. Apply a rubber-based
adhesive (remove it, insert the inner voice coil holder / of cone paper 14t as a guide, insert it into
the voice coil l / tip and apply the adhesive) V-Muta EndPage: 1J purchase on the outer edge
adhesive part of corn paper / 4 placed on the outer edge adhesive part EndPage: 1J buy the cone
paper / 4 from above the outer llk adhesive part with a finger or a jig The cone paper / 4 in the
inner hole is Pois carp 11 / /! A so-called three-point bond / j is placed on the M and the damper
/ 3 integrally with the adhesive by means of a bonding agent and pressed from above (@l) to
complete the bonding process. After that, put it in a dryer and let the adhesive dry and fix (■),
and finish it, then remove the voice: 24k $ k /-/, and the voice coil // will be in the magnetic gap
7 3. Supported and held by corn paper. The connection of the electric wire 9 IC between the lead
wire of the voice coil // and the lead wire for extraction or the terminal and the attachment of the
dustproof cap are performed thereafter. Although the conventional speaker manufacturing
method has been outlined above, there is the next step which has a lot of time in this process.
Applying a rubber adhesive to the outer edge adhesive part of the frame; pressing the outer edge
attaching part of the cone 祇 / 4t with a finger or jig; and applying a rubber adhesive to the
upper surface of the outer edge adhesive part of the cone paper / 4t Process to paint agent 1 @
paper /!
Process i to suppress the process i put the whole speaker in the drier and dry it and see from the
finish side, because rubber adhesive is used, it causes threading due to the viscosity of the
adhesive after application and it is , Other parts such as corn paper / gug on the outer surface to
cause appearance defects, uneven adhesion (causes adhesion failure to occur, some l / S +
adhesive strength, they have There were a lot of points that could cause blip defects. The present
invention is a speaker manufacturing method which fundamentally improves the abovementioned conventional drawbacks, and one embodiment of the present invention will be
described with reference to the drawings. That is, only the cone paper / ring and the vibrating
portion / 6 applied to the present invention are cut off, and the edge portion / 7 having the
thermoplastic synthetic resin thin film attached thereto is cut out in an annular shape,
corrugating v1 / l The edge part / 7 formed is attached and the page 4 is described in more
detail. As shown in FIG. 2, the edge part / 7 is a rj 'C3 in the case of a mixed thin film of vinylon
and V-thin. In the case of a polyethylene thin film, the melting point is about 7-〇 ′ ′ C) while
maintaining the temperature)) Softened by the temperature, · Mixed thin body of vinylon and
rayon, 2 / Partially embedded in tissue, fused Pressure-adhesion and adhesion not to peel off,
just a few corrugations Vm / l by a hot mold 3/32 (in the case of 1-ethylene t, s′′owes) b, □
heat to soften Form and process, and punch inside and outside To complete the edge part / 7.
Next, pile the cone paper vibration part / ≦ on the inner side of the edge part / 7, heat (to i,
2zc1g− in the case of ° polyethylene) / Jl to melt and pressurize the bonding part, paper of
vibration part / l Complete the new arrival with the fiber First of all, hold the voice coil // /
holding the voice coil // / 7 n 7-Jl / J K, #, put the damper 3/3 and glue it in the center Of the
outer edge 111 of the above-mentioned paper sheet / 4 t edge part / 7 corrugation VII part 1 g
on the outer edge adhesive part of the frame of the speaker housing IO coated with the coating
agent Place the paper / J on top of it, and then put it on the heating mold J3 with the annular
part that supports the V-trailing outer edge adhesive part from below and put it on the backing
sheet /! Pressed from above with a press die 34t and at a frameter outer edge glued area Edne V
(at 70/10 ゝ O)) at high temperature, but with a sheet of paper and a sheet of paper with an
outer edge Since it is possible to locally heat the bond and the paper / j, the heating capacity is
also small, and the temporal IC sheets 3 to 4 are melted by the thermoplastic synthetic resin thin
film -2J, Jj in a very short time of seconds, Outer adhesion part and corn paper edge part / 7.
Corn paper edge part / 7 and mulberry paper /! The temperature is lowered by removing the
noodle body 10 from the molds 33 and 344 and the heat-resistant synthetic resin-EndPage: 27,
one 3 solidifies, and the framed paper, corn paper End part / 7. Noon /! Uniform and strong
adhesion is completed. ˜ Thus, the present invention takes advantage of the heat melting
property or thermoplasticity possessed by the thermoplastic synthetic resin thin film coco 23,
the flamer, the corn paper processing twill portion / 7, the meridian /! By locally heating the
bonding area and the vicinity of the bonding area, the bonding process can be completed in a
very short time with a small heating capacity, and there is no adhesion failure or appearance
failure due to adhesion unevenness of the adhesive or yarn defects. It is a speaker manufacturing
method that can be standardized. In addition, this invention t If leukonau / 4t4; a mixture of
vinylon and rayon λ / and heat-recycling synthetic tree 1 d thin @ 2.2. 3 crimps, edge part / 7
Corga V1 /! Preparation work is required such as processing of r, removal of outline, bonding
with extra-excitation part 6, etc. However, since any processing process can be achieved, mass
production is possible, cost is low and uniform. Corn paper / 4 t / can be obtained. Therefore, as
in the prior art, the frameter outer edge adhesion portion on the assembly fin, the cone paper / 4
as the rubber adhesive to the outer edge adhesion portion is essentially superior to the present
processive tC. Although the present invention has been described in detail as a thin film of
thermoplastic synthetic resin thin film in the present invention, the same effect is obtained
except that the softening temperature, that is, the melting point is slightly different in
polycarbonate, polypropylene, nylon, etc. . As for local heating, the thermal efficiency can be
improved by high frequency heating instead of heating by electric heating wire, and infrared
heating and ultrasonic wave heating are possible. Furthermore, as shown in Fig. 7 for the cone
paper / gly & 7e used in the present invention, the 1c vibrating part / the paper sheet and the
same paper fiber as the edge part
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1g 1 is an exploded view of a conventional speaker
manufacturing method, FIG. 2 is a view showing a process of attaching a thermoplastic synthetic
resin thin film used in the present invention, and FIG. Cross-section of Vinyron and Rayon
mixture 2 /, @ Figure #, Thermoplastic on top of Vinylon and Rayon mixture 2 /? FIG. 1 is a
cross-sectional view of a truly synthetic IllIiw thin film λ /, and FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of
a heat-stable biogenic resin Ns coco. 1 is a co-kf-y @ 7 part, -1, a 3-sided heat surface synthetic
resin thin film, / l 'is a two-seven paper 1. デ1よフV−ふ、l! Is a supporting paper. EndPage:
0 Inventing inventor other than 34 notation. V) Inventor μ · Onkyo Co., Ltd. Internal procedure
correction honor (6 <), + Summon 74-1 June 2 2 Invention 9 to a large hunting beaker, & 3 to
make corrections of? J5 insurance-(person) year 1 ツ 1 t t 7 目 +1 / / 11/9 name Onkyo Co., Ltd.
(027) Representative director Takehiro Gosei agent address in Asahi Ward Osaka City 'g / chome
// * / Showa q q s S 3 (Ts, 1) Specification, Section 9, line 4 YAK1. In order to correct II as: "11 m
+, which indicates" 8, J ", the second soil lII 紘 corn paper 1" \. EndPage: 4 Address change
notification (#) Showa 4 / year X January 7581, display of the hand Showa 7 years special view
馳 theta /! 443 / @ 2, a specialty of the invention. Speaker made!臥 、 3, to the person who
changed the address, 1 person counting out the clerk ghlB shoulders; 7 = = EJ 'W' $ 7 '1. Review
1j. 9 · · · 2, cause of change November 15, 1972 due to address relocation. EndPage: 5
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