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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing an embodiment of
the speaker of the present invention, and FIG. 2 is an inner view thereof. 2, 3, 4, 5, ... cone paper,
6a, 6b, 6ctfia one connection portion, 11, 12, 13, 14 ... magnet, 23, 24, 25, 26 ... voice coil. Fig. 161-J-48-78828 (2) Fig. 2-62-
[Detailed description of the invention] 1 specification 1, invention OSS speaker 2, practical new
mu-61 61 1111 double-placed cone paper is connected by 1 lff retentive continuous *, it is
supplied in circle II shape And a speaker configured to move the respective cones in the radial
direction of the cylindrical circle. 5. Inventive esp ** st @ The present invention forms a
cylindrical shape by connecting a fine number of cone paper by a line connection portion, and
vibrates each cone paper of a kernel into a cylindrical opio ** ganglia. It makes you look like an
invertible speaker. Let's do II @ L using a real body proposal speaker O-implementation # l # C ')llm below. (1) connect 4 pieces of corn paper (1), (1) (In) I 俤) from flexible ts property e * s city
(6 m), (6 h) e (tso) t (sa) K respectively廖 で あ で あ で あ l 1 1 1 I 振動 O 振動 (1) each cone
paper side), (j) @ G 4) @ (i) e upper and lower flexible; o ate ( 7aL (7k) is supported in a tt (fiy
layer, A4.epsilon.-7B87Fl-n7 (8), (e) K), and is configured in a drum shape. The central portions of
the frames (8) and (1) are integrally connected to a four-column-shaped support shaft (IJK
connected by an IJK), and the center frame and the side portions of the support shaft (2) are
substantially coplanar. The magnet (b), Ql, (d) and (b) in the shape of a letter are attached to the
non-magnetic fixtures, (d), (b) and (k) respectively. (6), (E), (2), @ have one end of each of the
above-mentioned corn paper (2), (3). (4) and (6) are attached to the center of the inside, and the
other end is a bobbin positioned inside the magnets (b), (2), (2) and (b); ), (@), @, Each other end
of @, that is, in the case of a mag cart) (b), (2), (d), (v), a voice coil (d) , (Goods), (ha), (d) are
wound respectively. 9, each voice fill from the above configuration. When an audio current is
applied to (1), (1) and (4), each cone paper cutting) and (31, (4) and (6) vibrate to produce sound
as in the case of a normal speaker. In this case, the cone paper (R, (3), (4), (S) is configured to
form a cylindrical shape. -7 踪 λ and -v 33 'て A resource is generated from a circle and a rock,
and a directional blue voice is obtained as well. Therefore, at the L't-displacement centering
around this O-speaker, even if the high-pitched part attenuates sometimes even at high positions,
even at the same level even at the horse m-displacement place #C. A (I can do it, its practicality is
also O.
4.11 m1 Brief Description + + l [斜 ス ピ ー カ 斜 〇 斜 211 j j j j 211 i i is a wJll l within the jM.
(2), (j), (4), (i)... Corn paper, (6a) * (6b), (60). (6a) · · · · · · connecting portion, (b), (b), Ql, Ql · · · · · ·
magnet, (2), m, w, m · · · · · · deadline Isufiru. Name of agent Attorney Nakao Norio others 1711B19Q-n / 1 1st v! Jg7af] 黛; Hua Lb 2 Figure 1! ′96tt 23ム18−・、
15.26 22、:、′2414/6−35。 / 7 · · 6bCf 321 Ji agent Mr. 48-78828057 MA ') A 璽 th thm 蛤 6 Attorney other than the above 11 ー ヅ 1 Osaka Prefecture 閂 di 市
city bold bold 真 1 (1 Name of the company (i) and the name (6152) patent attorney Shigeru
Kurino Y 48-78828-06
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