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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a pickup for a video disk
according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 is an exploded perspective view of the main part of
the pickup. 1 ...... needle tip chip, 2 ...... Detsusuku 4 ...... pressure-sensitive element, 5 ...... damper
8 ...... cantilever, 7 .. .... Indented part. 7 Figure 2 Figure 9: Japanese Utility Model No. 48-75604
[Detailed description of the invention] In the case of a video disc for extracting an electrical
signal by drying mechanical irregularities corresponding to a recording scratch No. Kjff provided
on a disc, the present invention X relates to unnecessary vibration caused through a cinch lever.
The present invention relates to a pick-up for a video disc which prevents breakage in the
bonding direction between a pressure-sensitive element and a pressure-sensitive element with a
damper 4 CXIC with a pressure-sensitive element that transmits as much as possible. AO-1 Cc
ICIA-n 2 2 video disk r ー ー-audio and video from td%% 愚 愚 愚 生 14 di 2. . Ditch Yo 4.
−21. Work 79. . 1 ? The pressure change is transmitted as it is to the pressure sensitive
element (for example, a capacitive element) which is an energy converter as a pressure change,
and as a result, the pressure sensitive element is correspondingly changed 7 ′ (eg, voltage
change). This is done by taking it out as an output. At this time, the 5eFX recorded on the disc as
faithfully as possible: p + raw b · key ジ 、 、 、 、 そ の 他 そ の 他 例 え ば 例 え ば 宸 ノ ー ノ
ー ノ ー ノ ー ノ ー を 通 し て ノ ー ノ ー ノ ー ノ ー 、 す) Since the pressure sensor is
attached with a damper that absorbs unnecessary movement from the pressure sensor in the
conventional hick ab, the junction th between the element and the damper is macroscopically h ',
vs. Because it is 25 points, when the tip of the needle tip Fino is over the disc 1-t shear stress that
occurs in a large amount of wrinkles due to its friction may cause a fracture in l-junction blood.
Met. □ The present invention is intended to eliminate the possible damage to Th'r. The tip of the
needle tip to be slipped, 141 is attached at one end to chiakiru chifff. A pressure-sensitive
element for detecting a mechanical defect of the tube is constituted by the example 19 and the
piezoelectric element. The ill is a dam that is made of a comb or other elastic body for attaching a
0 gyoku to a station, and a recess 1 f is provided in 1 osss opposite to the @ element. -Easy)-A
caulking bar that attaches 1 to the dassian bar II, the other end of the lever is supported on a
support base (not shown). The thickness of the recess @ 71 provided in the @Dashbar is the size
to which the pressure-sensitive element +41 is fitted, and the lul 嘔 of the damper 111 is 1llL L
of the element, and when it is six, the blood of 5Ikj to the collector of the Dashbar The size of the
element is as large as 1 element. As described above, according to the present invention, 1) the
pressure-sensitive element is provided with a recessed portion in 1 die-civers to absorb the
imperfection transmitted from the cinch lever, and the pressure-sensitive element is fitted in the
recessed portion. Since the needle 1.1 tip 9: 2 traces the top of the groove of the disc, the
pressure stress is generated by the friction between the pressure sensitive element and the
damper 1 due to the friction. Even if it works, the four parts of Dasher 14 which surrounds the
pressure sensitive element absorb dew and cause one of them to break!
1! らな−。 411-easy 1 kl +! Ming wh11! ll is a configuration of the video disc picker
according to the present invention. s2! Pil is an exploded perspective view of the same part of the
tub. 11) ... Blue light chip, I pull ······················ Pressure sensor, exposed • I − − − − Shishiba, ll
+ − ··· 1st day-10th day-7th place, utility model registration applicant-residence t "" "'*" * h, -1 o,
1 di □ 76 Ta. = "-" 4 "· 1 Fig. 1 ζ & 第 cow 2 Fig. '? 4 for the new model 91 lp Q '', Sanyo Electric
Co., Ltd. p-6 AA representative h well N '薫 5 other than the above inventor molyogtono Iha / / /
Toori Chieji address Moriguchi type Keihan Hondori 2 18 eyes Two people living in Sanyo
Electric Co., Ltd. Name Majin 91 J1 ''71 1-Name of people plateau-department \ L Tezaki
correction book (spontaneous)' '' '' 1 '' '°' 'Patent Office S ˜ Official Miyake ** First character 1.1
□. Application for registration of utility model No. 11 9999 2; name of the device Pick-up for
video disc 6, person who makes corrections Utility model registration applicant's address guard
["small bundle p) Honsei 211-1 + 8 address name + ' r (188)-n electric machine 1 1 formula 1
representative 、 [, ql series iaL: 'a, 1A (east 1.1) s,' + 5-111 H 4 J '1 alir +' / i * 2 round
correction target In the letter book, "field of claim group for new bundle registration request" and
"field of detailed explanation of invention O" contents of correction (1) Practical application
Newly corrected the scope of registration request as attached sheet. (! 1) In the specification, the
1st line, line 19 says "Video to prevent breakage" "Video to prevent breakage and to ensure
accurate positioning of pressure sensitive element with key damper KM" And complement Lill 8
second true 1118 line 19 line K. If the pressure sensor was very small (less than 1 inch) and it
was to be joined to a 7-latt damper surface, the position was accurately determined. It is hard to
overcome the problem and to make it easy to assemble. If the pressure sensing element is joined
to the damper 6 when the pressure sensing element is joined to the damper, the concave portion
of the damper has the pressure sensing element position l1llK action. In addition, it is
advantageous in one assembly by easily determining the position regulator of the damper and
the pressure sensitive element. "And corrected. The above 48-75 CO 4-102 "2. In the pickup for
video disc comprising the utility model registration # 範 0 point needle tip, the pressure-sensitive
element attached to the chip, the damper attached to the element, and the cantilever attached to
the damper, the damper KFi pressure sensitive "Ik mouth am facing the element is opened, and
the pressure-sensitive element is attached to this port", and the video disc for big disc "4875604-11
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