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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 are top views, partly in cross section,
of an embodiment of the present invention. FIG. 3a. b is a simplified diagram for explanation of
the vibrator of the embodiment and a distribution characteristic diagram of vibration
displacement. FIGS. 4 and 5 are a side view and a top view of a holding example of the laddertype vibrator of the embodiment. 1 is a front, 2 is a rear, 3 is a disk, 4 is a drive part. 1 「「 「「
「「 −4 −4 −4 −4 −4 −4 −4 −4 −4 −4 −4 −4 −4 −4 / / j j j j,, \ Ken, 2j 弔 2 Figure205-Japanese Utility Model Application-48-71778 (2) 弔 3N 4 4 弔 C 弔 5-206-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a Langevin type
transducer. In the Langevin type vibrator, driving materials are used at the nodes of the # 'i
vibrational displacement, and the occupancy ratio at this portion is high φ, but generally there is
an improvement in efficiency as a transducer of the vibrator. Thus, it is the leap week that the
nodes are sealed with the driving material. On the other hand, it is necessary to hold the vibrator
in a housing or the like as a use state of the vibrator, and it is most preferable to carry out the
vibrator at a node portion as holding. The driving materials should be mechanical 1-AR-1111Rn2 strength-b: W-many-* such a case is not suitable for holding these driving materials directly.
In consideration of these points, a plate of sufficient mechanical strength is provided at the node
portion of the present invention to facilitate maintenance and minimize the decrease in the
occupancy ratio of the driving material as much as possible to deteriorate the characteristics of
the vibrator. It is something to be reduced. Example 1 of the proposal! It will be described below
with reference to the drawings. 1 and 3 In the side view of the Langevin-type vibrator according
to the embodiment of the company, in the upper view, front part l and rear side gs are
metallic of, for example, iron 8 cast. Mechanical strength for holding the C disk 8 which is to be
bonded or bonded with a casting agent by inserting or sandwiching the disk 8 between a pair of
driving materials. Use sufficient metal such as iron. Each of these parts is firmly bonded with an
adhesive and integrated to form one vibrator. Fig. 3 A plate for holding the vibrator is inserted at
the node of the vibration displacement of the Langevin-type vibrator of the embodiment of the
embodiment, and a state in which the plate for the vibrator is inserted is 2-4B-71778-03. It is
shown qualitatively by the distribution 11 in absolute value only during displacement without
considering the direction. A plate for holding the position Wk of the b-th position, which becomes
a pressure node, is inserted. It should be noted that the position line center of this node is not
constant. As in the example, it is not limited to be in the middle, but it changes depending on the
shape of the transducer, but it can be calculated at the time of designing the transducer. 0 There
is no need to know the position of insertion of the board, so it can be determined at design time.
4 and 5 show the apparatus for holding the actual mN Lange van type ma child in FIG. 1 and FIG.
2, and the vibrator supports the holding disc 8 by the supporting rod 5 and sets the table It is
fixed to 6 and, of course, each □ jointing point company is firmly adhered with an adhesive. If
the support rod 5a is mechanically strong enough that 8 castings of iron will be used if it is kept
well 0 if it is supported alone but it is a shape that satisfies the resonance condition at the
resonance frequency of the vibrator alone 8-48-71778-04) 婢 虻 9; the degree of the effect of
child retention may be less effective.
-In the above embodiments, the cylinder number of the driving material, 4 is adhered by an
adhesive with three circles # 1 s-(as another embodiment) the ffff center of the cylinder number
of one driving material A hole is made in a portion where a node K11 of a near vibration is made
and a plate which is made to strike the disk 11 as a company which penetrates this hole. (I) It is
formed with a wide shoulder edge to be used as a supporting base and a supporting base.
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