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1 Dec. 1, 1972 (. Patent Office Secretary γ1 Name of Invention a Kyo 1 Teru-謡 譚 2 Ho ·
Address Moriguchi City Keihan Hondori 2nd 18-3, Patent Applicants Address Defense City
Keihanhondori 2nd ♦ 18 Address 4 List of Attachments ( 1) One specification [phase] Japan
Patent Office 0 JP-A 486862 'J [phase] published Japan Japanese 48. (1973) 9.13 Agency Serial
Number 0 Japanese Classification 1; 377f3 / θ2. 〃2 ^ 3 Inconsistence 102k'22 / Specification
1, Name circle wPJ11 Ultrasonic transducer horn 1, Name of invention circle wPJ11 Ultrasonic
transducer horn
4, Brief description of the drawings @ 1 ˜ @ 5 shows a wood print circle + IW example of the
right of the horn for IW ultrasonic wave medical treatment, each C (A) is a front view, l member
is a side view It is. 12k13G13 ········ Reflective surface, f3k13m ······· Vibration surface, element,
width 1 ····· Circle @ IfIst wave element-Horn for element. Patent Assignee EndPage: 2 2nd 〃 11
Pg 3 Figure 5, Inventor name blindness other than the above ^ EndPage: 3
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