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Patent office commissioner Takehisa Ido Taku de I Tadashi Name 1) Nobuyoshi Matsui (other
one person) 9 Masaharu Matsushita 4 agent 郵 便 zip code 185 address Tokyo Kokubunji
Minamicho 3-chome 12- 11 name (748g) between patent attorneys Part merit [F] Japan Patent
Office Open Patent Gazette "Japanese Patent Application Laid-Open No. 48-58796, title of the
invention 2, special Ilf claim High resistivity semiconductor substrate (providing source and drain
diffusion layers, A depression is provided between the two, and the depression is filled with a
substance having a high viscosity, and a piezoelectric polymer substance or a piezoelectric
polymer substance and a powder of a ferroelectric material which are rich in processability and
flexibility are provided thereon. An electromechanical acoustic transducer that converts a
complex force into electricity by mounting a composite, applying pressure to the piezoelectric
material or the composite, and controlling the channel current by the generated field effect
Electromechanical acoustic transducer
The present invention provides a FIT type structure on a high resistivity semiconductor
substrate, provides a recess between the source and drain, and illuminates a substance having a
large viscosity coefficient in the "bottle" and a pressure on it. The present invention relates to an
air-breathing mechanical-acoustic transducer that provides an object that produces a field effect,
and converts the mechanical force that controls the channel current into electricity by the field
effect. The fact that natural polymer substances have piezoelectricity is relatively well known in
the past, but by appropriately processing a recent synthetic polymer film, it is possible to use
relatively high voltage sensitivity piezoelectricity. It has been reported that sex exists. PVF 'as a
synthetic polymer substance of this type. (Polyvinylidene fluoride), PVIF (polyvinyl fluoride), PVC
(polyvinyl chloride), pc (polycarbonate), nylon 6, etc., and it varies depending on the processing
conditions, but in general, PVIP is the best. Also show large piezoelectricity. For example,
stretching PVF around the softening point (SO ° C to 90 ° C), poling of about 500 KV / punch
on the membrane (Poling, poling refers to an insulator with a dipole to apply a high voltage to
the dipole) Sometimes it is oriented to have piezoelectric □ properties, or sometimes it is carried
out by raising the temperature. This temperature is called the poling temperature. ) 'Voltage is
applied perpendicularly to the thickness direction, and in this state, the temperature is raised to
60 to 120 ° C, and after a while, it is gradually cooled. The piezoelectric coefficient d of the
sample subjected to such a process is IP (in stock) 乞) = (70 to 150 mV) / lr when (10 to 20) ×
10 cJFe-eeu is calculated as a straight EndPage pressure sensitivity t. . Here, C is a dielectric
constant. This value is larger than that of an X-cut sample of quartz crystal, a two-cut sample of
B21710g porcelain, etc. which are conventionally known as a piezoelectric conversion element.
Now, more recently, the piezoelectricity of a sample obtained by forming such a piezoelectric
polymer substance and a conventional ferroelectric powder sample as a composite by a solution
method or a heating roll method has been reported. This is attracting attention as a new material
having an advantage as a ferroelectric having a large piezoelectricity and a feature that combines
the processability and the flexibility of a polymer substance. For example, as a ferroelectric,
powder of BaTiOs porcelain, PZT (lead titanium zirconate) ffi device is used, and as a polymer
material, i, i, PVF *, PVO, PP (polypropylene), nylon 11, nylon 12, etc. is there. Next, a method of
making a piezoelectric polymer substance used in the present invention will be described. (1)
Heating roll method Polymers are kneaded at a temperature of around the softening point of the
polymer and then ferroelectric particles of particle size Q1 to 2.0 # or so are added little by little.
Approximately 10% by weight is added to a solvent prepared by adding a small amount of
toluenesulphonic acid to chillformaldehyde, to which are added ferroelectric particles of
Kochiryu and mixed in a ball mill for about 4 hours, and this is allowed to flow on a substrate, To
form a film.
It should be noted that the content of the ceramic (ferroelectric) particles relative to the whole (1
is 20 to 5% by volume ratio, and the piezoelectric content tends to be higher as the content of
bruises increases, but it tends to be fragile, Practical use is about 50%. The piezoelectric
coefficient d of the nine-piece metal piezoelectric body obtained in this manner is several times
that of the original polymer material. This invention organically integrates a voltage sensitive,
soft pressing material with flexibility in processing as described above with a semiconductor
element, and uses the piezoelectricity acting between each other and the field effect based
thereon The purpose of the invention is to obtain a new mechanical vibration transducer. The
present invention has a structure similar to a field effect transistor as a semiconductor element,
that is, a structure having source / drain diffusion layers provided at an interval on the
semiconductor substrate (about 10 Ω). The soft piezoelectric material is appropriately laminated
on the source and drain electrodes, or between the source and drain electrodes, and the pressure
applied to the piezoelectric material is intended to control the channel current between the
source, drain and gate. Conventionally, a device indirectly coupled to an MO8 field effect
transistor, for example, a structure for controlling a channel current by floating a gate electrode
from a channel surface and translating it up and down or parallel to the channel surface.
However, as in the present invention, two or more active elements combined with organic high
did not exist in the prior art. The basic configuration of the present invention is shown in FIGS. 1
and 2. 1 is a high resistivity semiconductor substrate, 2 and 5 are source-drain diffusion layers,
and 4 is between -2 and 3. Channel 1 is shown respectively. Here, a recess 11 is provided by
etching at a position of middle t between 2.5. Insert insulators with high viscosity such as silicone
grease and glycerin into these recesses. On top of that, a flexible, processable piezoelectric
polymer substance (composite) 8 is mounted as shown in FIG. In this case, 8 may be adhered
onto a semiconductor, or a liquid polymer substance (composite) is cast to form a film of several
μm to several hundreds of μm, and then provided on this. A poling method may be used in
which a high electric field of about 50 to 300-KVkn is applied between the electrodes 9 and 1 at
room temperature to about 100 ° C. to perform poling. Note that 6.7 indicates the source and
drain electrodes, and 5 in FIG. 2 indicates that the oxide film 5 is provided over the entire surface
of the bump. In this embodiment, the bending piezoelectricity of the piezoelectric polymer
substance (composite). Use
That is, as shown in 10, the pressing direction is perpendicular to the membrane 8 and there is a
recess 11 or an insulator with large compliance at the center of the membrane 8. Therefore, the
bending force when fixed around the membrane or at both ends Is added to the piezoelectric
film. The broken line in FIG. 1 shows a bent state of 71 @ 8 due to pressure. Due to the bending
piezoelectricity of the polymer material (composite) film, electric charges are generated on both
sides of the film, and this enables control of the channel current EndPage: 2 through the
insulator filled in 11. Alternatively, the bending of the polymer substance (composite) film shown
here can also be considered as elongation if the concept is changed. At this time, the film
expansion direction and the power generation direction are perpendicular to each other, and
when it is expressed in terms of the piezoelectric coefficient, it becomes-and a considerably large
piezoelectricity is exhibited. If this film is considered to be stretchable, considering a very thin
film of about several μm and adhering it to a thicker flexible film, a neutral axis exists in this
thick film. It is possible. The size of the piezoelectric aSS varies depending on the thickness of the
film, and is generally several hundred mV / # r. As compared with the simple polymer substance
(composite) and the piezoelectric property, the present invention shows a large value, and the
pressure sensitivity is at least five times as large. Generally, the source-drain current has a square
characteristic of the gate voltage for a constant source-drain voltage in the saturation region in
the MO8 IFET. In the case of the present invention as well, the change in current with pressure
largely depends on the configuration of the semiconductor, but a change of about 0.1 to 1 mA
per dull can be obtained. The present invention is capable of directly converting and converting
mechanical imaging into current changes, and is suitable for acoustic transducers, in particular,
microphones and pickups. According to the present invention, based on the above configuration,
(a) organically integrated with a semiconductor which has not been possible with conventional
ceramics or crystalline piezoelectric materials due to the processability of the polymer substance
(or composite) Being able to do it, (b) Good processability of polymeric substances (composites)
and easy to mass-produce by conventional semiconductor technology. The possibility of making
an IC of an acoustic transducer possible, and (C) the compliance of the piezoelectric pressure
sensitive film itself with high voltage sensitivity is large, and the central part is filled with etching
grooves or grooves Due to the presence of insulators with high viscosity, large channel current
changes can be observed at a pressure of only one force, and the property of piezoelectric
polymer substance (composite) V is that the curve is large, etc. It produces excellent effects.
4. Brief description of the drawings 篇 1 and 2 show the basic configuration of the present
invention. 1 = high resistivity semiconductor substrate 2.32 Source / drain diffusion layer 4!
Channel 5: Oxide film 6, 7.9 = Electrode 8: Piezoelectric polymer substance 10: Pressure
direction 11: Indented agent Patent attorney Atsushi Abe / 2, f, ztlEndPage: 35, List of attached
documents (1) Details 1 book (2) 1 drawing & other inventor Kad Mashiose N Kadoma Address
Osaka Prefecture Kadoma City Oji Kadoma 1006 @ Matsuku Ichigo / Matsui Kotsutsu Matsushita
Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Matsuo Kouji Name Matsuo Koji End Page: 4
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