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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of an embodiment of a
portable ultrasonic wave generator according to the present invention. l23μ! t 7 1 63
[Detailed description of the invention] \ This invention Yu, empty LF & C * オ of the ultrasound.
Portable. It is about installation and installation. In the past, there was a small package to launch
ultrasonic waves into the air, but in the case of super airwaves in the air as a medium, the -1e test
was carried out, and it was not possible to The efficiency of the output was quite low ◎ We came
to provide a binding and binding device that we could consider about this point. 1p1Tや。
□pmt−,e*オ。。 (1) If the supersonic wave is generated in the air, the detailed study data
in the air is very small. 特 に Especially the frequency band is go // jK) 12 WI # i, sound 4 about
4 How to handle, or even party-like 〃 o -6 / /-, ρ)) co-handling, but also to prove the
experimental value, the hardship in order to prove theoretically-陣 For this reason in Figure 1 As
shown, as a result of making a portable ultrasonic generator and checking it frequently, it was
possible to know the magnitude of the effect due to the provision of an ultrasonic reflector. The
space 1 containing the device for generating the air is generated by the protective pivot 7generating ultrasonic vibration at its I end, in a conventional way of providing an ultrasonic wave
generating element, the ultrasonic waves can be As a result of firing at the same time, with the
opening and the feature 3 of one of the features of the present invention, ultrasonic waves are
launched into the air at the same level. Left of the fruit, the actual 1ictclBνC also reached fe. A
protective mesh l was fixed to the front of the reflector with a fixture. In addition, the book in the
figure! Is a push button switch. At the time of implementation, the transmitting equipment of
LCHIJ was inserted in a space ≦ ic, and a plate made of a strained material was used as an
ultrasonic wave generating element. The resonant frequency of this electrostrictive plate
generates a sound pressure of 90 dl 1 m at a point separated by g /, an output level of 12 gg-/ JJ
− with OKHZ ′ ′ C ′ h and 1/12 gg // J. Among the shapes of the 11I coin # i1 reflector of
the reflector, the simplest conical horn type was used, which had a size of 10% 1) and a depth of
about jO%. In the case of kernels, the above-described reflector molds have an improvement in
taB compared to those without them, which can be converted to a 〇 or voltage ratio that is seen
[, tj times stronger than that of O reflectors The structure is a non-conical structure. 鍔 Eri, Exbo
insanehorun or the supervision + m is secondary 23! Even in things like / Ik, it is seen in its effect
#, and it becomes 簡 単 簡 単 even drawing becomes simple! FIG. 12 is a cross-sectional view of a
portable ultrasonic generator according to an embodiment of the present invention. Utility model
9 #) Detailed request applicant Nippon ferrite Co., Ltd. representative 次 次 '.
メ&セ? / 2C-θφJnJ: 11 to go / J1814 practical use # 憂-憂-0-7 Elite 欅 ′ ′ ′ ′ f & & IF ff
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