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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an electrical diagram showing a conventional
four-channel reproducing apparatus according to the prior art, and FIG. 2 is an electrical diagram
showing an embodiment of a suspicious four-channel reproducing apparatus according to the
present invention. In the drawing, the same reference numerals indicate the same or equivalent
parts. 9, 10 · · · · · · · · · Speaker, 19 · · · · · · cone-shaped speaker, 20, 21 · · · · · · · ·. Fig. 1-3-4857002 (2) Fig 2
[Detailed description of the device] This is a remark! Nayan Ne II / Monk Youfu Threedimensional Percussive Tape, Let's F Pretend 放 Noodle Release lI! Such as pseudo 4 Nayan moth
(11 '+ gJ7 DD and remake of it to the device because it is a turtle to the reproduction device # cll.
Traditional! Nayanner signal pseudo 44-yanne ll1l typical length of playback equipment! IK
show, below the structure and operation during taxing, first described the structure. 7.8 is a
power amplifier and receives each signal of L (left) and 11 (right), and the stone input terminals
11'l, 1 'ls and γ-s terminals 4 are used, 9; zoo11. It is a ljl speaker, and it has 8 terminals on one
pris (to) and the minus day, and 13 has a resistance of 1 m, 1. $ 1 @ 3 ° 4, Fl, 6, 14.1 M are
electric numbers # P + 棲 M 電 気 0 or more for each frame W & part <pseudo of recovery · ′ ′
′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ 1 ′ ′ 1t1 · 1 knowledge Lf) 111 ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ 1 ′ ′ 9 life ′ ′ 7
1−person 4 □. A simple orange re-cow apparatus (1) 'with a device, + orange electric power
gainer, 8 and speakers 9 l lO, and another 8 speakers 11 を 18 in the stone part and a resistance
l 1 1 Kvr 70 gz-o crystal on is4g-. Next, if the action is # I +, then the idle channel quality signal
will be signaled! As a forceps 6 and terminals 1811! If Ik # II is added to terminals l and xsllr
signal l, power amplifier and S are activated, speaker 9 signal and speaker 10 signal 1 are
printed. Portion 2111. Well then, of Mochi! Beef yanneshi re ◆ good snow and 光 light 作 動 す
作 動 作 動 作 動 作 動 作 動. Next, increase the frame ★ part of the operation, # spy * 11.12 is
intoxicating how to generate el 1 blue, speaker 9-II K signal signal sound, ス ビ ー ー* With 1 and
10 o was generating the sound of signal l. Loudspeaker 11 and Loudspeaker l have a love
resistance 1 work in 1 L FIK's さ ん in series #IC # Ifi in series #IC # Ifi に ★ 10 2, j, I / S) ′ ′
4. −47.。 2-04 + part of spy iI9 in this part * @ point and + fu. Following the completion of
the rod, the 10 terminals of the Subi * lR and the child, the town resistance at lS, the one terminal
of the speaker 1 and the 10 terminals, the bar contact 4. Ten terminals 1 landing island of
speaker 0, power increase 嘔 'F4. Inside the bar, the stick Shingo 111,14. , Inside of the character
rt # power increase llI device, Yanagi Hare part 1. Previous! Do you have an endpoint and + IP1?
Biting K, but if it happens and reverses the relationship of the end point, one part of the end
point is taken as a punctuation mark that 4 1 1 PIIIW circuits are made and Kuraishi, a closed-a
signal is a signal signal!
The difference signal of V-de is an excerpt, 賞 賞%% *% 9 and 11.10 and 1 delay; letter ns 亙 # C
inversion # 11 1 II 1! Therefore, the speaker zx is a signal sound of 1-L, and that of the signal
sound of the speaker idle L-1 as "4-" "F". (A) Loudspeaker 11,1 signal is a signal and a signal like
total-7 7 ρ L-I I or more! In @ 4 II sound is generated, it is sent to the building compensation
sound, it is signaled, compared to the l1 weight blue, and the incidental front to be Jlll sound
sound is ◆ ◆ Compared with the regeneration, the one-dimensional S-hx improved regeneration
reproduction given blue island because 1. And the town! Resistance l 111 is the volume of the
stop signal sound III? Work as IIIII. As mentioned above, the conventional doubt tj4 channel V
reordering of the Kura constitution has the following 4 mentioned. すなわち。 Consider the
difference between the signal sound of Ill motion + b Sby * 11 and the sound of Sby * l laziness
by the difference signal of the signal and the signal l that are left behind in the well-known 8,000
yane + + 1 * increased cost and, each other horsefly was addicted inner ablative manner #C just
say overflowing and in phase 邂逆 <- is Ji # odd sound, tone to this 1! 'Yg-g7sz Go 1 single
speaker without using the speaker 11.11. The characteristic of the speaker is enough to make
full use of the characteristics of the speaker and there is a drawback that% /% ik is a stone. Since
this study * is eliminating the second station of one station 3, in general, such a re-4-11 quantity
# C ◆ <use llll l to be a cone-shaped spy iI-po, the signal sound of opposite phase to each other
bordering on a cone paper In order to make use of the nature of the generated soot, it is possible
to obtain the same playback sound as that of the conventional + with the increase in 11 1 speed
★ all in neno 4. By this, conventionally, compared with the square) @, pc simple and costexpensive 4 ≠ ネ ル ネ ル ネ ル ネ ル F F 12 石 Fs; The purpose is to serve as a stone to provide
the reproduction double amount. HRWIK The present invention KfkL pseudo 4 channel V
reproduction 1 shows an example of m and blinks its operation with its si *. Salvage 2 Figure 1
and figure 1 and the one with the sign are those that are equal or equivalent. First, its structure I!
About drunkenness III + and well-known 1 chi '6) as before. ? -B20 o-07 Janne make a normal ks
make b make Q power increase # xa, 8 and speaker 9. With lO + + 綾 -like, W <with 10 terminals
of の speaker 9 and + terminal of speaker 10, cone type x pee type 19 and acceptable? The
resistance alls and the ten terminals of the speaker 9 and one terminal of the speaker 19 #! She
is fine in the silk column at one person.
In order to transmit both 111 # C signals with the border of the cone ridge as the border
between the subwoobs po and jll and the subskirts of the subskiy 111G. Upper tt * 瞠 k blinks
about the operation. If terminals 16 and 18flk 411, terminals 17 and 1811Flr compensation R
are added, and power amplification-雫, 8 is activated, the speaker 9 also has a signal, speaker log
signal 1F) sound 1-: IIa & L, X beaker Because the sound fF generation + reason of the difference
signal of the 19th grade number and one. ) 4. , (Ly) 'to 1iP-tVab 乙 〇 ζ 彎 駿 彎 駿 ス ビ ー ビ
ー ビ ー 19 の み All の み 19 19 19 19 19 19 l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l And one, 1. −1の
11−1! No sound is emitted r, l b b, S p l l G 111 m is a cone-shaped one, it is a common
practice of cone-shaped speakers, and its cone paper + * as a property that is not marked a
ganglion # Cm -The L411 sound @ is produced, and the arrow 1 way WIR is generated by x-r, the
quality of the No-now and the company anti-correspondence sound, the -1- or the L-11411
sound is generated, and the speaker 19 Arrow a direction k. −-With ★ 0 and arrow 1-, get up!
Because I receive each l in the right angle, I try it at a position near the center of Ms. 9-10. +
Suddenly, Subey 119 fIh et al. Arrow 1 direction-small 1-L #) No. 411 is reflected at PO, and it is
reflected at the position of arrow C direction − K 1 6 inch ★ 4 lines <speaker 19 (corner 1ho-tl7 vs:-6: 矢 印 す I 出 III I 重 I, # III III III 乙 11 CM 11 た め た め た め た め 矢 印 矢 印 矢 印 矢
印 音 違 矢 印 矢 印 11 11-L signal sound is different from the position of the arrow d direction #
CM Have a blue a as an eyebrow image near one point Pi in the direction of arrow f, and do not
use the arrow as a six point sound source as a four point sound source as a near WC, m image.
Eh, but here, I think that 8 lines are not kept here, that one Subi 愈 19 generates a signal sound
of opposite phase with the cone paper as a devil, Inc., and each other's I No. It means that the
cancellation efficiency declines. And this cancellation action is 蒙 l1lFk # 1 in the low resources
in a tight manner, but in one idea ■ target L pseudo 4 channel re 4) C, the listener # CaS feeling
to make it feel a sense of reverberation The sound of the middle, high, and blue areas is the main
subject before, and incidental! General channel 1 channel roaring tape, dister such as #C is to all
of the low-pitched signal in the case of all-676 · 2- and D91-v ノ-there is a large phase ambiguity,
the difference signal is the sound of the low-frequency machine ◆ ◆ 啼 containing い e eight
and eight stones.
As above tk! I! Because of reason, lllIIK shows speaker ls ls / plate 2 ls even small ones. One
letter. + In the case of a small 1 竿 1 屯 バ ラ J 取 IF J J IF 効 効 IP IP IP IP IP IP 効 効 ゐ め め め
で き で き で き で き で き で き で き で き で き で き で きUse phase signal + easily possible
with 8! . 8Th, the amount of tape playback tatami mats etc. on 2 cars for cars, and the heavy
room of the car is for trial listening type and one, so even if you don't make a separate stand such
as #, you can stand a stand 9 Work as a substitute for 、 皐 仏 仏 仏 皐 皐 皐 皐 ks 皐 p: 5 III!
Doubts of 44-yannel re 4- you can see and ten. As mentioned above, if you think about
woodwork, you can use only 314 / Xol> 4t-2θol-// Janner re-set. ! And because the cone paper
is 111kL, and using the medium quality that is generating the blue of opposite phase each other,
it is a very #C simple construction, and the conventional good snow and つ 〈★ <opened
reproduction sound Can you 11A, and the price # Cq? Valuable pseudo 4 channel V re-bat can be
1 ゑ ゑ 石 石 優 れ 優 れ good results. 1 drawing l! III IN or 1 Mei l! ! 5 shows the conventional
pseudo 4 phi yanne V reproduction good position electric electricity 図, 2 は become the present
invention pseudo 4 ヤ, V V re 4-! Electricity Wl showing one example of I snow! In a partial
broken WI structure diagram mainly made of a cotton figure-in the figure 1--code dedicated
"river ■ tR-ma" is in the equal part. 9, lO ··· Subi - *, 19 ... cone type of Suhi "s ゝ data P- Te /
θb2- / 1 month, PQ, 21 ··· with stand, Sai 邑新 zero registered cast DeIsaoIri B Ning Du Co., Ltd.
company representative Tatsuo Iwatsuki (la ゝ シ シ 6 z-/ J Figure 1 116 1163 or 52g "" 3610t7
,, II-# 5 system) 2b 73 73 □ f 7) # 6. ′・く・q、t、21、。 6 to b / ···, 795.13 2 real r
(('i ′ ′ y for the I river) 1 ················· ρ-42θoz-/ (other than l-a * W奢 WF WFr gp I J @ @ 1 110
1 town in Tani city 1st place I visit B o Denden pupil t 4 h in-house name * Harmless (de (a) 4gda ρ at-i, '
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