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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a main part of a
diaphragm used in a conventional speaker, FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view showing an
embodiment of the speaker of the present invention, and FIG. It is. U moving plate, 10 ······ Voice
coil, 11 ············· Dampers. 13 ...... cone body, 14 ...... free edge portion, 15 ... ... 2 crotch. Fig. 1 Fig.
2-109-actual opening 48-53945 (2) Fig. 3-110 =
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION-"Th The present invention is a speaker that is
effective for large input, K11ll. "In general, for high-power, low distortion and high compliance in
speakers, a diaphragm of free edge tie 1" is used extensively. This free-edge type diaphragm is
broken out by bonding with a cone main body (a pair of free edge (2) degrees and a pair of
glue etc.) as shown in the first degree. 3 In the case of using the diaphragm configured in this
way · Large 2, when applied to the input or voice coil, the diaphragm-two sizes, <m and the lift
table, the above cone body (+-and 7 Li Eno, Si (Joint part with rl 破 壊 f f 剥 剥 く る く る 1 1 拳
拳 発 生 発 生 発 生 し し. Kotsutame 1 Zogiosame gt 穐 people but are or consider not reached
the effect to be satisfied with the above Keru. As described above, the present invention has the
following disadvantages. The following 11 samples will be described by means of an embodiment
in which lead 2 is shown in FIG. (3) is a wedge plate provided with a center ball (4) at the center,
and a ring-shaped magnet (5) is disposed on this flat (3), and further, Kl-! On this magnet (5). 1
and an upper plate (6) on the ring are disposed-this L L and the like are joined by an adhesive or
the like to constitute a field section @ 6. A frame (7) is connected to the field 1111M, and a
diaphragm C9 of a free-engaging type is attached to gaskets +81 and 4 at the # 1 edge of the
frame (7). A voice coil α0 is suspended at the central part, and its voice coil (2) is a damper (R)
te support 6A low spare time 1 q-013. In addition, the upper surface center litKt Yudas Φ) υ of
the% diaphragm (I) is attached. Although this configuration is the same as the conventional one,
the feature of the present invention lies in the diaphragm (9). In other words, as shown in Fig. 3,
the diaphragm (9) is connected so as to hold the two edges of the paper main body of the paper
fiber made of paper fiber with the two ends of the free edge female. It is a thing. The free edge
ma <ii non-woven fabric or the like may be impregnated with a synthetic resin material and may
be nine or may be formed of synthetic rubber or the like. And, the bond with the cone main body
may be made of an adhesive, and the impregnated resin material or synthetic rubber may be
fused by heat and pressure. ・ As mentioned above, by using the diaphragm which is connected
so that the horse edge of one cone body is held by the bifurcated part of the tweezers ・ When
one large input is applied for a long time ・ even this cone The joint between the main body and
the free edge part is broken and peeled off, and it can be made almost black as a defective vN- as
a speaker.
This is based on the fact that it is possible to make seven M 曾 -1- 七 1- ^ 141 ・ "鄭 C1eK 扛,
about twice that of the conventional one, since it is configured to be held. For this reason, it is
possible to extend the life as a speaker and to stabilize the% characteristics, which is of great
practical value.
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