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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view of an essential
part of a loudspeaker according to the present invention E.. =63
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is a modification of the
electrodynamic type or electric a-type speaker, and in particular, has a frame supported on the
movable portion (IIA movement) of the speaker. Loudspeaker Damper (by carbon fiber) is related
to a speaker. r The purpose of this invention is to dissipate the heat generated by the voice coil to
the outside by heat conduction and heat radiation of a carbon fiber damper]. There is an AK that
reduces the temperature rise of the voice coil as much as possible, thereby obtaining a speaker
that is compact but has a large allowable input, ie, a high output. It is known that the
temperature rise of the voice coil is one of the cost factors that greatly affect the determination
of the input resistance of the speaker. However, in the conventional voice coil temperature rise
KIIL, in fact, it is the fact that it does not use n. Although the shoulder mountain has a cause-andeffect relationship between the power input resistance of 10 spy and the temperature rise of the
voice coil, it is considered that the phenomenon changes into a habit and can not be analyzed
uniquely. The present invention is intended to achieve the intended purpose of II: focusing on the
fact that the temperature rise of the speaker limits the allowable input 15. Hereinafter, the
present invention will be described based on the embodiment shown in FIG. #]する。 As
shown in the figure, the buttocks of the speaker 1 are a 91 circuit tube forming yoke 2 and
circular addition (2) ′: ′ − 2 == 5 points = columnar! Gnet 3 and Dragon Ball 10 and Kl) s!
Magnetic 9II portion 4 is formed nl 9-III (a coil bobbin 6 connected to a cone sK 4 is disposed,
and a voice coil 7 is disposed on the outer periphery of the bobbin 6), the cone 5 and the coil J
The bobbin 6 is supported n by a damper IK, and the outer peripheral edge of the damper weir is
fixed to 7 frames 9. Then, the damper 8 # i and the woven fabric of carbon fiber in this invention
are used as materials, and in order to allow the vibration 10 of the cone 5, an annular fold is
attached. In addition to carbon fibers, carbon fibers in the above case also indicate fine graphite.
Both O-carbon fibers are thermally decomposed in an inert gas by heat-decomposition (II)
(acrylic, dragon rose, etc.) II and infusibilized to give heat resistance, and then carbonized to
obtain heat resistance. In the latter case, the graphite edge # i1 # i, the boron wire complex t, and
the further graphite treatment (heating to 2500 ° C. or higher) are obtained. These carbon
fibers or fine graphite [spun yarn and woven fabric [作 夛 、 外形 定 、、 形 茄 4B-48628-04 /
M1,1 ・ 0,], if it is carbon fibers The damper of 1 spoofs.
Damper with large carbon fiber cloth 【Forming and applying after graphitization IIYt, it is
possible to make a finished product without breaking the shape of the damper. The # 14I nature
of carbon fiber is determined by the five types of food contaminants. Generally woven carbon
fiber, excellent heat resistance n1 good thermal conductivity, heat resistance of carbon fiber is
much better than plastic) much faster than glass fiber, nl heat resistance 11f, in the air It is near
400 ° C. 10 Thermal conductivity is also greater than glass and plastic. Now, when an audio
current is supplied to the voice coil 7 of the speaker 1, the cone 5 vibrates and emits a sound. In
this case, the voice coil 7 is heated by the voice current 15 and its temperature rises. And most of
the heat is accumulated in the bobbin 6. However, in this speaker 1, since the damper 8 is made
of a carbon fiber having a high thermal conductivity, the heat of the bobbin 6 is transmitted
through the frame 9 and the coil (4) 2 through the damper coil; And to other members. i have
been touching the outside air while constantly vibrating, so i'm tampering with se'i, i! The heat
radiation to the mind is high. As described above, the carbon fiber woven material damper 8 is
attached in a state in which both of the 7 tO thermal conduction and the thermal radiation exert
the heat of the voice coil 7KQ 5 most effectively. Note that the heat transfer path until the heat
coil of the voice coil 7 reaches the damper sK is made of a material having a high heat
conductivity and the surface of the damper 8 WJt-black of 10 sheets, or the woven cloth of the
damper It is advantageous to increase the heat-emission capacity by increasing the surface area
by making the mesh an appropriate mesh. Thus, the carbon fiber damper 8 has one voice coil 70
cycles 1! Since IK generates local 5ift-minutes 15 and IK11 radiates to the outside, lN11 [: the
distribution is VM village] around the voice coil 70, and the temperature gradient tube is totally
clean. Therefore, even if the speaker of this invention is used over a long period of time, the voice
coil temperature 0 rise and the accumulation amount of knit addition (5) ':: 4-7' is better than
that of the conventional product. The small size, I above we)) This device O speaker is at least due
to the rise in temperature of the die coil) The functional input is that the allowable input is not
limited and the output can be enhanced while the small part Have an advantage. 51 good and O
speaker ore, even if this one is used for a long time, by the above-mentioned operation) voice coil
itself, and its 11!
80 members have a length of 0411 in use that they do not damage themselves.
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