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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a conventional
electrostatic microphone, and FIGS. 2 and 3 are cross-sectional views of an electrostatic
microphone according to an embodiment of the present invention. 11
···················· back Electrode insulation part. Fig.1 Fig.2 Fig.57 One example of the open position 4829826 (2) Fig. 3-58
[Detailed description of the invention] The present invention relates to an electrostatic
microphone, and it is intended to provide a low-cost electrostatic ma- italophane with high
productivity and mass productivity. Tosu. 11M 11 ° is the structure fll of the conventional
electrostatic layer miter-type telephone. , 1 "1 E 111 s? (1), fII ml 11. (り。 □。、。 ') · 1
Placed and placed-sf with electrical contacts with the output terminal (8) with a back-flushing sf.
(1) RI shooting gold metal work for strain genus, the 5 "(4) wears * m, * 1 pulling, the second
mark 9'lly da s (s) e (d) s) from insulating material to 1̶, membrane tension? Backlight (Al!
11z3,-(2)! I 8) I'm 意 意 意 意 2 2 で あ 、 II II II II ((((((力 (固定 固定 固定 力 力 固定 固定 力 力 力
力 力 力 力 (力 力 固定 固定 固定 固定 固定 固定 力 力 (((((((((さ れ さ れ さ れ さ れ さ れ さ れ さ
れ (さ れ (((そ れ さ れ さ れ さ れ ((さ れ さ れ ((さ れ (さ れ さ れ さ れ さ れ さ れ (さ れ さ れ
さ れ さ れ さ れ さ れ さ れ by itself Furthermore, a membrane tensioner. Di (3) # i The stomach
case is fixed to the head of the stomach case with a ring screw (9). With this microphone, the
distance between the diaphragm Wb film (1) and 1 and the back electrode (2) F'i, 20 to 80μ
coverage, 1-this part is a shocking influence on the electric shock and frequency characteristics
of the microphone And processing accuracy is specially KI! Despite being a single rLl, in the past
it was necessary to machine each component 4 times, then it would be g @ made using a lathe,
etc. The variation in KN production is large (, In addition, it spends a lot of time like the
correction and so on, so the cost is high and the amount IIF! 4 Inefficient structure The
nineteenth body 11I except for the above-mentioned disadvantages is one example of the present
invention is shown in FIGS. 11g2 and 6 below. IIIK, uri film-membrane tensioned and in good
condition, membrane tension qyras K * is worn. Disturbance is placed opposite to the vibration
IIK (b) with a metal back-plate of 1 x 1 peripheral part-by a ring-shaped insulator Os. The back
metal, Kim Jl K-min (b) and the insulation fraction (surrounding) around 臂 1 @ are sideways
sticking with 冗 S 固 着! Because it is combined and fixed. Planar grinding II is performed in a
nine-state in which the back electrode gold 11 portion 1z and the back electrode negative
insulating portion n6 are integrated, and a smooth flat surface is formed. (S) Fimm * an and the
space between the gastric electrode metal cage (6) Keeping in a must-sealed tube 1 plus plus ita
material 1 A spacer consisting of any thin plate, the back electrode 1 around the am A) Ifζn
boifj, ah backs richer from 絶 II II 成 成 成 成 成 成 成 成 成 成 の の の ks. At 10 o'clock for the
air-conditioner room, they are mutually fitted with the back electrode structure integrated with
the back electrode, which is an integral part of the back electrode, and the insulating part (T) of
the back electrode. The ring-shaped screw is used to hold it in place.
(19F, the output terminal of the microphone consists of a metal rod and is fixed to the hole at the
center of the back electrode metal part (2) by press fitting etc. 0 or the output terminal is shown
in w43 As shown, lead-out, draw-out, draw-out side-to-face, solder, or spora) $ 11, etc. Continued
f how to use the microphone fH of the present invention, the back electrode part, one job As a
construction M this Aq me flat l finish flat-abrasive processing is a harmless bird and calm. Stage
9, back 1 pole 4 side insulation part is an insulator, see from the microphone output terminal
small floating stray capacitance seen from the light, and make the output sensitivity high.
Moreover, the material of the wire used is a normal inexpensive material, and the processing
method K is a special process treatment t? Not accompanied by, only by heavy line horizontal
processing, it is possible to go for a cow, and it can be made with low quality and medium
quantity. In addition, since the back electrode metal portion appears back tomioka 1lflK, lead-引
き 出 し drawer is a difference, materials and costs can be reduced by IAo and further back-end @
# 11-smooth finish ゐ & #F, this place is a crystal, a spacer of uniform thickness, on the back of
the back, and depending on the space between the loss film and the metal part of the metal by
holding a spacer It is possible to keep it, * it is advantageous to make the sensitivity of the
microphone and the frequency sensitivity to be fine, and it is advantageous to
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