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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing a conventional
speaker, and FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view showing an embodiment of the speaker according to
the present invention. ········ Long hole in spiral shape, 25 ······ Dustproof cylinder, 26 ······ Dust cap.
Fig. 1-71-Fig. 72-Fig. 72
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION In the present invention, a speaker K9hb, which
can be used as a high power output speaker using a damper which is configured by forming a
small wound elongated hole in a synthetic a1 circular disc, an arrangement of voice coil in% To
prevent the occurrence of 111% invasion of the magnetic gap part and eliminate the
occurrence of abnormal noise and the like. ° In the conventional spica, the voice coil that is
lowered 2 ′ ′ by the diaphragm center sVC hanging is supported by the dampers 148-1043502 of cloth, paper, etc. and constructed: 4ii, i Anyway, this damper had a configuration that
prevents external dust and iron powder from invading the field section where the voice coil is
located. However, with this type of damper, if it is used as a speaker for Ota-force, it may not be
able to withstand the intense and up-and-down motions of the voice coil, and it takes
considerable time to manufacture. The Recently, a speaker as shown in FIG. 1 has been
developed to eliminate such conventional defects. °, ie, the yoke (1), magnet, center, pole pole),
the central holder (4 with the field portion 15), and the frame ts + coupled to the field portion (5)
-Gascelli 7 (71 together with the diaphragm 1 '(2) 11 is attached to the peripheral part of the
diaphragm 1', and a pois coil is suspended at the center of this vibration @ta) The plate is
supported by a damper formed by forming a spiral long hole, and the upper end 5 ° portion of
the voice coil is covered with a dust (2) so as to cover it. 6: "The speaker of this configuration
withstands the intense up and down motion of the% d ris: 48-10435-031 3 coil (9) for high
output, and the damper OQ has the effect of being easy to manufacture . However, since the
damper (2) is formed with a thin spiral elongated hole, sand gravel or iron powder infiltrates
through the long hole, and adheres to the magnetic gear of the field portion (5), and the f voice
The major drawback was that the coil 0) was rubbed to generate a normal noise. The present
invention eliminates the above-mentioned conventional drawbacks. The present invention will be
described below with reference to the drawings of one embodiment. a hot water is a rectangular
yoke, and a center ball a4 is supported by a central cage (a) at the center of the inner surface of
the rectangular yoke (2) and supported by a central cage (a); Configured. Here, the inner
magnetic type is shown, but the field section of the outer magnetic disk is 4 good.
A frame (b) is connected to this field member, and six gaskets are provided at the periphery of
this frame Q !! -The diaphragm ■ is also attached. The center @ Kri voice coil 4 of this i
diaphragm 9 is suspended, and the voice coil 48-10435-04, the coil section of the 'raw 1-axis
contributes to the magnetic gap CD of the field section. Are configured to The middle part of the
voice coil c11 is supported at its rim by a 7 mm step (2) with a solid Y1 filled damper. This
damper (c) is a composite 80. (A) A thin plate is formed by forming a long hole in a spiral shape,
and it is provided so as to exhibit an effect for high power output. ・ And, between this part of
the voice coil of the damper and the part of the frame (b), a cylinder made of synthetic resin such
as Jabala-like or stretchy maltobrene is used. The anti-fil cylinder is removed. Also, one of the
voice coil four coils is covered with a dust key r. Use a damper with a thin, long hole in a
synthetic resin plate, and use a horseshoe that covers the magnetic gap of the lower part of this
damper. Therefore, the speaker has a large output, and the sand iron powder in the air, dust and
frame etc. attached to the large iron iron stick into the magnetic gap, 1 'Bear voice car #O ·
trouble with the up and down interlocking J% 當 -48-10435-055 · It completely prevents the
generation of sound and the deterioration of characteristics. In addition, it is possible to control
the flexibility of the central portion of the damper that holds the voice coil by the dustproof
cylinder, that is, the followability to the voice coil, and to use it for setting the% j · property as a
speaker. That is, if the degree of expansion and contraction of the anti-cylinder 1 is selected, the
vertical movement of the voice coil can be controlled by 1 to make or increase the speaker with
desired characteristics. Thus, the speaker of the present invention has various advantages and is
of great practical value. 4. Brief Description of the Drawings FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view
showing a conventional speaker, and FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view showing an embodiment of
the unconventional speaker. ········································································································································
Gap, phantom ... ° ... Damper, 舛 ... ... の 長 の 長 long hole, ... ... 轟 轟, 輔 ... ... Dust cap 7.3 鷹
Name of agent Attorney Nakachi et al., 1;
e, n 'l': 'Qt: 1111 jtt θ 7 讐 6 O 4 231 231 211 b ♂ 19 g · · 17i-, 24 · 221 fists. 2Jl / JO 44810435-07 "W",-1, ...,-11b 6 Other than the above trader and agent (1) drafter 1 '"' i large 1121 (f11 I 's la ° entering force j-g10061jlli ↑ DJtyMM Co., Ltd. 丙 ヵ 氏 名 隆 隆 史 (子) 2 府 門 2 真
住所 住所 門 門 門 門 松 松 Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. 1. ・1、。 Is it? (6152) Patent
attorney! f-Taka, 9. ,% +. 48−10435−08
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