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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a front view of the present invention. FIG. 2 is
a side view of the present invention. 1ぱテレビ、2はスピーカーボックス、3はレコードボック
ス、4はプレイヤー。 譬 K figure-51 =
[Detailed description of the invention] The conventional TV and stereo are separate things, and it
is a nabe and deluxeization to widely space the space dare it to the leafy place where goods that
can not be kept are added When it is necessary to place a television or a stereo, there are many
stereo TVs such as the present invention and a single stereo television as in the present
invention. As a product swarm ← summarized in the space of the stereo It is possible to use two
of Tele and stereo in the space of the stereo It is possible to use the room widely It is the original
stereo that it is possible to combine the speaker 49 x which is widely used in one The function is
fully functional and seven can be achieved, and the television also has a sound that fully tastes
the sense of gravity of the stereo sound rice.
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