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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an electrical wiring diagram of the
reverberation adding apparatus of the present invention according to the present invention, and
FIGS. 2 and 3 are diagrams of the conventional headphone reverberation adding apparatus of
FIG. is there. 1, 1 '· · · · · · · · · · · reverberation, 2, 2' E · · · E input signal. 閲 2 閲 1 61 1 実 4731724 (2)-621
[Detailed Description of the Invention] The specification of the work 0 each name headphone I @
echo addition 4 I set λ 夷 71 new plan l I 鎌 I I 囲 left and right input signal 1. Is there a sum of
X? Reverberation added! 111 'extra noise ringing signal t configuration and amplified with 9
pupils gain H2. This is added to the left and right original signals in right and left reverse phases,
mixed by the mixing rod & 18+, amplified by the amplifier 44+, and headphone amplification /
reverberation-biased polarization added to each side. & #F I I / i of the invention, 1lli The
invention is the Jl- concerning the reverberation-applying j #) modified Jl in the case of IIIIi in the
head ν. In the conventional reverberation even wc, one reverberation adder as shown in FIG. 2 is
used, but O is the sum of the left and right signals in the case of the input deviation 8.81 f stereo)
addition of the reverberation adder 1 , The output is amplified by increase 111B, and the left and
right circuit look phase C 婿 divided into two parts & 5- in the original signal and (1) i4 Ku 3! '12
+ = epA'i cast 'r' mix 1 and amplified by amplification 114 J 'and then add 5) to the @ 13 head
umbrella and light% O. In this way, in the east, it is possible to give a signal IC ringing sound, and
the left and right headphones a can not have the same pressure as the reverberation partial
pressure. . Chuo □ electric potential, shift, t ッ ッ. 1あ。 In the case of two reverberation adders
such as Lr 亦 B and so on, one signal is added by the respective signals a, s' and reverberation
adder 1.1 of the left and right channels. The output is amplified, amplified by 1 ′ nz 2, mixed
with the original signal by mixed H & III respectively, amplified by @ H 41 a ′ c, and added to
each other for t 3 ゲ. ζogH11, c at the left signal 8 qI or left ear 50 findings potential, and also
the left signal 1llO reverberation or the right ear! 1st place to P 1 to t 1 The effect of the spread
of so-called plastering t is because the effect is i. ) [(4 mix left and right debris and add to both
ears and therefore bias-also h, in this case also add J to left and right in phase! Because. One
point of Ya-hibiki #: '1st place! ! # 1 plaster spread t work ate and 1 1 saS ** tn. (',', I, s 7-217 Δ
Δ-03 However, the actual reverberation tube is a part of the sense of localization 1k (,
nondirectional It is a sense of sense, and even with the conventional f) device the IK burn signal
comes from meticulous care. As a real sense, it is a reverberation sound and Fi puss in 1ki ones
Oh. In the case of adding a signal of headphone L reverse homology size of one both ears in the
case of a stone to be listened to by 亦 headphones 011 ear, it becomes an unknown road or is
either localization or an invisible road, and the sound image is buried.
Therefore, the present η M is an improvement over the conventional imperfection of
reverberation #IK by 1 point, and the sum or difference signal of the left and right input signals
S, s + is added to the reverberation n1 as shown in FIG. In addition, the reverberation signal is
created by the pupil, amplified by @ 82, this is added to the left and right original signals, left and
right reverse phases, added and mixed by the mixed fog & 、, amplified by amplification I441,
and each is O @ V headphone 515I Let's add it, because it is a large bowl. The localization of the
original signal from the 11WK is the same as conventional) left and right respectively O 彊 纜 1
place S! ! 1 time difference etc. correspond to the position #C potential but t, the sound
component of the left and right antiphase sound localization 11 ° I can not be extended and
spreads all over the back of the head, from among them the -1 sound There is a feeling that it is
floating, and it is possible to get a rich reverb effect near to a sense of presence C. The above
reverberation effect Fi's Noral and stereo 4'1 II f 'L's i ,,,, ffi "t Ha + c% M 4th <# nhcvr, # C 4 />
Pi," 1-9 "°" "8 °"' ° ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ tall L ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ 6 ′. When the reverberation
adder is used separately for each of the left and right channels, if the output of the reverberation
adder is sced to the left and right 1 by the same shouldering as above and the original signal is
mixed, the effect 11 is the same Further, it is possible to obtain # ci & quality reverberation and-.
Brief description of 4 sides The headphone of the present invention shown in FIG. @
Reverberation device, Fig. 1182 and Fig. #I A conventional reverberation for a head-phone as
shown in Fig. 11 "I'll do it." '11' L1 '... ... reverberation addition II 2, 2+ ······ Amplifier 11 u
······················ Amplifiers all ··· Headphones S, at ··· Input signal-· · ·. 47-,: 3172j,), 051 "JEi3 knee-\ i,
one flight Δj'J + / δ 5 · t6, /, 、 5, # 、 J Jiits, Fig. · · 儂) −-]]] □ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ 547-31724-0-, ˜
4 on I [! Non-inventors Deputy Urugut t 3 冒 理 理 パ r 2 ′ ′ ′ ′! 1; 1; 7 ′ ′ ′ ′, 4 * -li
qA-01 to knee-φ 7, 5
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