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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows a prior art example, and FIG. 2 shows an
embodiment of the present invention, both of which show sectional views. 11 is an
electrostrictive element, 12.13 is a metal material, 17 is a bolt, and 18 is a fastening bolt. Ten-go
y ((On-171-1
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the improvement
of an ultrasound output beater. For example, as shown in the first WJK, the conventional layer
tube power output insulator has a hole S at the center of the vibrator main body 2, and this hole
@sK turtle ◆ element l is inserted and the fastening melt 4 is sufficiently fixed with K11. 04731074-022, which is fully satisfied with the contact between the electrolytic element 1 and the
vibrator main body, K is required to polish and smooth the inside of the hole s3. is there. In
addition, K for polishing the inner surface of the hole 1 is very complicated, and a sufficient
smooth fi can not be obtained for the number. Therefore, the mechanical component 1 with the
electrostrictive element xl-oscillator i-2 does not contact and the desired ultrasonic output is
obtained, and j'4 'Ti! "There is a drawback that" do not hesitate. " The present invention is an
improvement over the prior art and will be described with reference to FIG. llt ! Tortoise
distortion material of zirco titanate lead town It is an electrostrictive element which becomes
spring etc., and '' 1t Kt 'j is attached facing each other two pieces. ljl is a metal material to free up
the central portion Kfll electrostrictive element 11 [! A portion 14, a central through hole ms with
a screw formed on the inner surface, and a plurality of check through holes l · around the
periphery WLK are provided. xlij The electric material 11 KI 11 is made of metal material which
has been subjected to grinding processing to the meat to be the electric train element 11 On? A
bolt is inserted into the attached through hole 1 with a bolt, and the metal material 11 and XS
are tightened to be integrated. 11 is a bolt with a shaft, the electrostrictive element i1 [the upper
flat part to be in contact is subjected to a grinding process, and the central protuberance hole 1
& [the screw provided in the above-mentioned screw is sufficient] Since -thi of the metal forest
11 to which preload is applied is 4IItllI processing (it is smoother in advance), the smooth IIIIv ζ
element 11 is a mfg bolt 19 [+ !! Then, both Fi mechanical contacts are sufficiently obtained.
Therefore, the output capability is improved by several stages as compared with the conventional
low-cost child.
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