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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS The drawing is a cross-sectional view of a sound
generator according to the invention. E · Thin plate of synthetic resin, 5 · · · · · · · · · hole. 167−
The present invention relates to a sound pressure generator using a pressure 'WILfi actuator
such as barium titanium. As shown in Fig. 1, the IIII generation gain of this invention is a
combination of pressure IIL3 and child (1) with a pair of electric pens (2) and (3) 'to form a
vibrator, This vibrator is attached to a thin plate (1) of a joint & resin having a through hole (6) at
the central portion, and the vibrator is supported by fixing the edge of this thin plate. Since the
thin plate (4) is provided with the perforations (5), the vibrator can be bonded to the thin plate
(4) by K only. (Since 1 提案 47-37072-02, many proposals have been made regarding the
support of the vibrator of the sound IP generator, but the structure is not as simple as this device,
and it may be difficult! I was afraid that I could get the IRJ effect. However, the precursor
generator of this invention is extremely simple in structure, and the material and legs (for
example, 0.1-0.511 m) of the thin plate (4) of synthetic resin and the diameter (5) of the through
hole (5) By appropriately selecting D) and K, it is possible to obtain a book with excellent
conversion efficiency. By providing a through hole (5) in the thin plate (4) to reduce the mass
load on the vibrator, the conversion efficiency can be further increased. It is a cross-sectional
view of the sound II1 occurrence number of the simple a town 11 Yu 4.11 of this invention. 1 · · ·
Piezoelectric element, 2 series 3 · · · electrode, 40 · 11L shelf oil Q thin plate, b-conflict · through
hole utility model registered applicant Nitten Electronics Co., Ltd. 47-31072-03 / / /? ,-54-5 · /
実 用 utility model registration applicant Niratan Denf Corporation company 47-31072-04
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