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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a front view of a conventional coil bobbin, FIG.
2 is a perspective view showing an embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 3 is a front
view showing a case of winding. 1 and 1 'are bobbins, 2 and 2' are coil separation preventing
pieces, 3 pieces of connecting pieces and 4 pieces of electric wires. 105 real opening 47-14648
(2) -106-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a coil hobin, and
one end of the bobbin of one of the four towns is a 7 l late one-piece bobbin which is
continuously formed with a bobbin which is integrally formed. The cartridge for the current
stereo player and VC player is made of magneto moopy / gug, and the coil of the heavy body is
wound as shown in FIG. 1 and the coil e) F @ 141 @ j% i) 1% t:---"" fjQ1 of 4 軛 and r 〒 141 J Jn,
using non-solid 21 t-4161-1−1 to use the function of the cartridge 5 r full pressure information
I 3) Using a very thin coil with a coil of F'1IjlI diameter 0.01- to otltitl, it is difficult to work with
it, when it is attached to the H1. And when I will mix 1i with my reed There is a problem such as
prone to θ · 41 reservoir to'm Extract #, such as the handling of the coil. In order to eliminate
the above-mentioned disadvantages, the present invention has the effect that the bobbins formed
by connecting the same-shaped bobbins are integrally formed by soldering the electrodes
without being in contact with each other. To describe the embodiment, 1 and 1 'are MllO gevins,
and 2 # and 2' of the bobbins 1 and 1 'are provided as dogs aI. 3 is a connecting piece, and the
bobbin 1.1 'a-prevented F2, 2' and the t-compliant ML, IWJ @ bobbin [formed integrally, as
shown in FIG. Povin BeK is continuously used and used as a state plexus of 2 prefectures. Since
the present invention is configured as described above, soldering can omit work 411, and can
improve productivity and maintain stability of quality 411 while eliminating production cost t @ I
can do that. In the history, there is no need to treat Ifrli II, etc. In practical soil-it is a great device
with excellent ideas. Brief description of S. Fig. X shows that the coil of the kite is a bin O positive
111! Il I Recommended 2 Figure is a back view example of the present invention Slant 1 Iall,
Figure 3 is a 1-Y view showing the case of both plus and minus 21. Knee 71 All III G2 barrier
piece, 3-transition = 514 r is electric. Squeeze---議 Δ 偏 I IJII II 9? [Agent Sweaty [Thu] 1stalready. Four parts Shigenobu, 171 FIG. 1 + I. 2I2 or 2 '° ° 2' 3 Figure □ East Q @ + 41. ,) H
'Ntf Jllla M 1' J 'L 42 life m circle stone Hilai / Gu inside (7034) 升 jlt 4 part ■)
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