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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing an ultrasonic
probe according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a perspective view showing a
conventional probe. 1 ...... casing, 2 ...... parabolic reflector, a total ..... wave transmitter (or wave
receiver), 4 ...... bimorph 壓振 Ha shielding E · conductor. Fig. 1 rB-L ■ Fig. 2 ■ "1 · = 135 =
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is directed to an ultrasonic
probe having a parabolic anti-in &. In order to give directionality to conventional ultrasonic
radiation. For example, a probe with a plurality of transducers at the focal point of a parabolic
reflector a is provided with a θ-beam (see FIG. 1), or a horn reflector d is provided on the front
of the Fi protein C. Things (figure! l) d) A reflection plate f is provided on the cylindrical
pregnancy mover θ so that the radiation is directed in the direction of positive δ. こhらけ。 In
any case, to make the beam show directivity. It is very difficult to use an ultrasonic wave (11
transmission 9 wave 5 is structurally small in size) having these probes. Also to get a feeling of
jealousy. Align the direction of the beam, or make the corner # of the 9 reflectors look like, or 1
Although the material of the reflection plate is changed to match the phase of the ultrasonic
wave, etc., none of them have obtained the expected performance. The present invention solves
the drawbacks of the circuit) + Uses a bimorph wetting oscillator to concentrate ultrasonic beams
only in specific directions, and to receive waves and increase transmission distance To obtain a
high-performance, high-sensitivity dark aerial ultrasonic transducer, and to obtain a small and
compact sonic ultrasonic bare-tactor incorporated in a t-case which is more than a vibrator and a
transmit-receive af reflector. It is The gist of the present invention is that a bimorph 堰 oscillator
is disposed opposite to the reflection plate at a point near the point where the parabolic
reflection plate is notted, and this S16! 1) As a child to transmit and receive ultrasonic waves,
directivity is 1-4. Referring to the example of twill weave shown below, the present invention will
be described (211 is a case and has a puff-shaped thick elbow plate 2 on the front surface).
Inside the casing 1 at the back of the parabolic reflector 2, the transmitter 3 (or the receiver) is
punctured, and the front focal position #i, the bimorph oscillator type armature-Ill. . The bimorph
11% moving element is accommodated in a container 65, and is supported by the housing 1 by
five or more thin columns 6 having a container a. The front and back cover plates 7.81correspond to the 1III of the vibrator 1. The drawing-covering plate 7 is provided with a front
face KIIiI port facing the transducer AK. The reference numeral 9 denotes a terminal which is 11I
fed to the vibrator 1 and which has a conducting wire + oKx-c transmission wave eKm. Now,
when ultrasonic wave 1 is emitted from the vibrator 1, cough ultrasonic wave is reflected by the
parabolic reflector 2. Head in a certain direction. For example, when the plum-like character of
this transducer diffuses into the angular variation of the wave, the ultrasonic wave emitted from
this contact is transmitted intensively in parallel sum parallel to the parabolic reflector in the @
circumference of B. .
Also, instead of the transmitter 3, delivery s1- can be obtained. (3) · Using the 7th Ruff M ship-A
± contact child is different from Am in the mobile terminal and it has different directivity, but
the KLT also has a spread of S constant. . This fl it! Since six use Fi, tl, hK according to hK is
dispersed in room air, the decrease in air 1 #, add the flexible air penetration distance-can not be
expected 3, 1 or 1. L パ イ パ イ ル ー フ l l l l l l ル ー フ 轍 轍 蘭 蘭 蘭 蘭 蘭 蘭 嗜 嗜 嗜 嗜 嗜 嗜
嗜 嗜 嗜 嗜 嗜 、 、 鳴 f 発 射 発 射 発 射 ム ム (V is the love wave-isl Since the sound wave
directionality is not self-evident, it has high transparency and high-performance transmission. It
becomes a love wave device of the high feeling of my father 10 years or more. In the case of 1 °,
the reflector is placed in the case of 11111thi, L. Inner case of the feeder a] 11 cans 勧 f も 持))
持 持 持 持 持 持 持 持 持 持As it is, it becomes a small, one-novolute touch r.
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