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Brief Description of the Drawings
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention has a structure in which the
disk-like counterplate and the frusto-conical diaphragm face each other and the complete
focusing loss i2 in the horizontal direction. It relates to an omnidirectional speaker that has 32
directivity and very good directivity in the vertical direction. Conventionally, as shown in FIG. 1, a
magnetic circuit is constituted by the center pole 16, the magnet 17, and the plate 18, and the
voice coil 19 is disposed at the center of the magnetic gap formed by the center pole 16 and the
frame 118. The voice coil 19 is held by the damper 21 attached to the inner bottom of the frame
20 attached to the upper surface of the plate 18 and the flange portion is attached to the upper
end of the voice coil 19 in the frusto-conical diaphragm 22 The outer peripheral edge of the
diaphragm 22 is attached to the outer peripheral edge of the frame 20, and the dustproof cap 23
is attached to the central portion of the diaphragm 22. In this case, the directivity of the speaker
is substantially determined by the size of the diaphragm, and in order to improve the directivity,
the aperture of the diaphragm must be reduced, and a large sound pressure can not be obtained.
The present invention has been devised to modify the above-mentioned structure. The
embodiment shown in the drawings will be described. As shown in FIG. 2, the center pole 7, the
Mcnet 38, the plate 9 and the magnetic N path are constructed. The magnetic pole 5 is formed
by the center pole 7 and the plate 9. The voice coil 4 fixed to the voice coil bobbin 3 bonded to
the outer periphery of the frusto-conical diaphragm 2 with the top placed above is disposed in
the annular magnetic air gap 5 of the magnetic circuit, and the inner peripheral end is A damper
IIK is attached to the upper surface of the pole 7 or the outer peripheral end is attached to the
upper surface of the plate 9 to hold the voice coil bobbin 3 and the other end of the corrugated /
yon support 6 adhered to the top of the diaphragm 2 is a center pole 7 The nondirectional
speaker is attached to the extension 10 and the counter plate 1 is attached to the vibration & 2
like a bowl. Since the present invention is structured as described above, it becomes completely
omnidirectional in the horizontal direction of the speaker and by reducing the gap between the
diaphragm 2 and the opposing plate 1 also in the vertical direction. , Show very good directivity.
Further, by making the diaphragm 2 large, it is a useful invention that can increase the sound
pressure level.
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