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ゝ "] Six 1 specification 1, the title of the invention
Speaker diaphragm
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to the improvement of a
diaphragm using a carbon fiber as a substrate. Conventionally, there are various types of speaker
diaphragms using carbon fibers as a base material, such as those in which carbon fibers and
other synthetic fibers or natural fibers are mixed, and prepregs in which thermosetting resins are
used as a matrix. Carbon fiber and other admixtures, sizing agents. Binders are used. This is
because carbon fiber chopped fibers have poor mutual adhesion and the Young's modulus of the
molded product is lower than that of carbon fibers, or carbon fibers are impregnated with a resin
such as phenol resin Li-Gark and baked Those that are carbonized have problems in terms of
performance and manufacturing, such as shrinkage of the resin can not be avoided, and
impregnation and firing must be repeated. The present invention provides a carbon fiber
diaphragm using carbon as a matrix which overcomes the above-mentioned drawbacks. A carbon
fiber obtained by firing and carbonizing a resin such as acrylic, phenol, polyimide, rayon, PVA, or
vinyl chloride in an inert atmosphere at 450 ° C. to 1650 ° C. into a desired shape of a desired
speaker diaphragm is used. It is used as a base material and heated to 10000 C or more in
methane gas and other organic gases as it is. Pyrolytic carbon liberated from an organic gas is
deposited on a carbon fiber filament as a base material, and the space of the carbon fiber
filament is filled. If the speaker diaphragm is manufactured in this way, since shrinkage during
firing does not occur, accuracy control of finished dimensions is easy, and the efficiency in
manufacturing is extremely poor. EndPage: 1-1S, noise (·· Not only that, synthetic fibers woven by
cross knitting or others are stretched by a mold and fired with high elasticity carbon fiber by
using carbonized iron matrix to make carbon fiber gaps with carbon without losing dimensional
accuracy. Since it can be filled, the bond between the carbon fibers is also strong, and a material
close to the specific elastic modulus and Young's modulus of the carbon fibers themselves can be
obtained. Therefore, since it is possible to form a speaker diaphragm of a lightweight, highly
rigid, high elastic modulus and appropriate internal loss, the frequency characteristics in the
middle to high range become extremely good, the high range expands, and the peak and dip Flat
characteristics with little difference can be obtained. In addition, depending on the purpose and
application, the carbon fiber diaphragm obtained by the present invention can be used as a
composite material by plastic coating, metal plating or lamination. As described above, according
to the present invention, a carbon fiber base material, a carbon fiber substrate using carbon fiber
which is relatively difficult to handle and making the best use of its characteristics, carbon
material) IJ LUX speaker diaphragm can be realized in practice The effect is that of Japanese
Patent Laid-Open No. 55-3241 (2).
EndPage: 2
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