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Meiwa Ministry of the Invention, title of the invention 'f6 claim dry (1) woven fabric with carbon
fine base material, 槓 2a agent dovetail between sheets in which the heat curing pouring tree h1
was indiscriminately Is that? A method of forming a diaphragm for a speaker, wherein the
molded body is formed into a shape of a movable plate by heat-glazing, and the resin is
hardened. (2) A method of forming a diaphragm for a speaker according to claim 1, wherein the
adhesive is non-curable at M temperature and is an adhesive that is cured when heated at the
edge of the mouth.
When forming the speaker diaphragm 'L'.
Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention is described in #. . A method of
forming sheets of the A set base material and circulating sheets. Sandwich structure or bonded
structure to increase rigidity or internal mechanical failure ff: There are other speaker
diaphragms to wait for, but most of them have to be made in advance to form the diaphragm
shape to be bonded. In the meantime, a method of bonding the pressure sensitive adhesive 2 and
the base material together is used. However, this method is not only complicated in process, but
it has been considered difficult to form a uniform diaphragm. The present invention is made by
layering the above points, and its object is to integrally form a diaphragm excellent in
characteristics by a combination of a carbon fiber 7-) and an adhesive agent skin by heat
pressing. It is an endpage method to provide a method of forming a sliding plate for a speaker
which can be manufactured. Lol The example illustrates the invention of C. FIG. As shown in the
second section, the thermosetting resin has not been added to any of carbon fibers, preferably
high quality denatured fibers 1 with Young's modulus IX1012 dyne /, or more, made into
nonwoven fabric or woven fabric Prepare 2 sheets of 3 sheets of sheet-like material soaked in a
cured state. Then, an adhesive is sprayed evenly on at least ten thousand of the seven-pointed
body 3 using a spray h #. The sheet number 3 ft adhesive sheet * 11 layer number thus obtained
is valved and laminated as shown in FIG. 3 and FIG. The laminating agent layer agent is thickened
even if it is the sheet-like Vi layer agent J- which has been used in advance. For example, even a
sheet of double-sided tape is ugly. In any case, as shown in FIG. 3 and FIG. 4, the 平面 j-integral
has a planar shape and% ′) h. Cause of the suburbs in the area, the pigeon body shown in Figure
4? フレスt1! Put it in the darkness of 5 and 6 and this? Heat press to the desired diaphragm
shape. At this time, the force DPAk temperature is selected as the temperature at which the
thermosetting resin 2 is cured, and the sheet 3 is cured. The laminating agent is preferably
slightly softened by heat, for example, polygrip (trade name), and the sheet-like body 3 is
preferably joined by heat pressing because the sheet-like body 3 is further accumulated. Of
course, i15 layer agent layer number does not lose lamination even if it removes the heat. By the
above method, the pigeon pigeon insults. There are 10 speaker diaphragms having an adhesive
layer with a large internal mechanical clearance between them. (V: K: 1III La ratio, 'ρ: mm); / +'
large @ information,% j in terms of sensitivity. When it is desirable that the internal machine loss
tan δ be large C in the sense of reducing the response $ (p′′Abere ′) at large frequency
bands, it is n.
However, it is difficult for both male provinces to have large ones 14 and it is a congratulatory
message that methods such as applying a damping agent are often used, and v'i or m = for
laminated 444 structures w There is something that is pasted, etc., but obtaining sufficient i / ρ
and tqnδ from the overlapping relationship is just 1 / / く 一体, integrally molded 0 TI! It had
very few eyes and the process was scout. In the method of the present invention, only ash A'J1.
Vibrator plate with very excellent custom design from light summer due to combination of fiber
and thermosetting tree 1fa, -n property and loss due to laminating agent, etc. It is characterized
by being able to be integrally molded extremely easily. It has an abuse effect.
4. Brief Description of the Drawings FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 are a plan view and a sectional view of a
non-woven fabric and a woven fabric using a carbon fiber as a base material. 3 and 4 are crosssectional views of the laminate of the non-woven fabric and the woven fabric described above.
FIG. 5 is a figure which shows the heat-pressing process of the said laminated body. 1
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