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Description t name of the invention
Sound board 4111 board
Detailed description of the invention JI This invention company, a loudspeaker 1e made of high
strength 1 carbon fiber cone, scaly mica and k, a diaphragm for acoustics K11lL, its elastic
modulus and selection coefficient! > JL To provide a favorable acoustic diaphragm. A-P * -10 for
acoustic 11111 [P, desired to be used in the piston vibration region-but if the frequency song is
high split IIIIIJ will occur and j8 s part width or eclipse (becomes distortion, frequency If the
characteristic irregularities or the like are large and the sound quality is significantly impaired,
and therefore the characteristic vibrator is as high as possible. It is possible to reduce the
amplitude of the displacement due to the stinging and to reduce the amplitude of the
displacement due to the stinging of the piston. スピーカーs! Considering the I & board as a
near-proximal K j @ side-free disc, it is given by its vibration III け I, so that the diaphragm has a
sound distribution of tc (-(ji) (It is desirable to use large-scale material EndPage: 1, and it is
preferable to select a small page size if the amplitude is large at resonance (selector # Q5).
Conventional pulp sound board-Ift! Although the choice agent q is very good, it has the
disadvantage that the modulus IA is small and the moisture resistance is very weak. This
invention solves the above-mentioned drawbacks of-the high strength carbon fiber a (more than
0 x 10 "t Lym-of elastic weight is required! 4) treated with phenol resin and elastic modulus X
according to 1. From j to 10 mesh of scaly mica of jXlo′′φ cap or more as shown in 417, a
thermoplastic resin 11 is laminated into a layer of thermosetting resin as a bonding steel, and is
hardened by pressing and heating K, The value of elastic modulus 1 is large and steep, the value
of transmission speed tct =, / 'j is large, the selection coefficient q is small, and it is determined by
the free vibration method with circular center drive. Moisture resistance is also good at one time,
and mechanical strength-obtaining a large-sized acoustic diaphragm is also excellent. In the
drawings, the 夷 JII example of the present invention will be described in the next higher order.
Example 1: Ginseng メ 40 mesh of scaly mica and erbium sialic acid-fat are mixed and stirred 1
、, made into a cone shape (dome shape) by a paper machine,高) g 高 高 g g g g ド ー ム ド ー ム
せ せ せ せ せ せ せ せ せ せ. After papermaking, the layered product was pressed with a die at a
pressure of / 7 jv / cj, heat cured with lco o'c for 3 hours, cooled under the above pressure
condition, and collected.
Table IK shows the physical properties. Table 1 Example 1-Ginseng-10 mesh of phosphorus 1
flake mica and epoxy resin are mixed and stirred to form a cone shape (dome shape) (paper
formation on a paper making machine and high-strength carbon fiber treated with phenol resin
thereon) Paper-making of epoxy resin and Os-building-g-n material, and further mixture-making
of a mixture of scaly mica and epoxy resin of # -60 mesh from above and paper-making, and then
after that, with a gold seed, 71 / 70If Press at a pressure of / ci, heat cure with lλO′′C for 3
hours, cool under the above pressure condition and take out. The physical properties of the
surface are shown. Table 2! (Fig. 2 is a graph of Ili L number characteristics of the 74CII 7A
range speaker using actual II moving plate (implementation M- / f) 421 according to the present
invention (actual EndPage: shown as 2-)) In Fig. 6 which represents the circumference IIIIIk
characteristic graph (shown by a dotted line) of the / jell 17A range speaker using the above, the
part c and part 1 are respectively the acoustic vibration i1 f + board of the present invention and
the conventional pulp cone The dip of the sound pressure characteristic due to the divided
vibration is shown, and it is shown by this addressing that it is moving to the high frequency side.
When a thermoplastic resin (for example, styrene resin etc.) is used as a binder, it may be made
into a liquid state so that it may be made into a liquid, or it may be mixed with a solvent (for
example, thinner, a ten ton etc.) The dog is made into paper, made into a wavy line, placed in gold
m, heated and pressurized, and pressed, cooled, hardened, and taken out in nine states.
Brief description of false drawings 1st @ Fi Layered structure diagram of an embodiment of the
acoustic diaphragm of the present invention! The lIJ diagram is the circle sl 赦 characteristic dara
7. l ·········· Takatsuyo TanTakashi fiber layer 2 .......... mica layer patent applicant Corporation barrel
gold Musical Instruments Mfg., 41 '-1 "representative Kawai Shigeruichi @ , Δ '(そ ′' ˜, EndPage:
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