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Description 1, title of the invention
Ultrasonic Vibration IIJJ Device
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to an array-type excitation
apparatus configured by arranging a plurality of piezoelectric ultrasonic transducer elements. In
particular, the ultrasonic radiation general directivity t # property is made variable, and a simple
K · swart can be set according to the supersonic sound or the required airborne radiation field
distribution. It has been used in the past as a method to obtain a required ultrasonic field, such as
a focused ultrasonic field or diffuse sound field, and also an omnidirectional sound field, using a
piezoelectric crystal or a piezoelectric ceramic transducer as an ultrasonic transducer. Various
methods have been adopted accordingly. If these methods are roughly classified, K to obtain a
focused sound field may increase the shape and dimension of the plate-like ultrasonic transducer
L, or may add a large number of ultrasonic vibration elements to a concave-curved transducer or
concave surface. There is a vll type transducer arranged in a mosaic. Also, in order to obtain a
diffused or nondirectional sound field, the shape 1 dimension of the plate-like ultrasonic
transducer may be reduced, or a large number of ultrasonic waves or vibrating elements may be
mosaic-shaped by bathing in a convex transducer or convex curved surface. There are arrayed
transducers arranged in. Although these transducers are extremely effective in obtaining the
required sound field characteristics. Once designed and manufactured, it is difficult to change the
sound field characteristics. Ten thousand, in practical ultrasound transducer applications.
Changes in design specifications such as EndPage: 1 or aggregation often occur, and there is a
need to increase the number of ultrasonic-vibration devices that can adjust, set, and adjust the
ultrasonic radiation field to one. . The present invention can meet such requirements □, The
following will explain the present invention based on the illustrated embodiments. FIG. 1 is an
essential in-plane view of one embodiment of the present invention, FIG. 2 is a plan view thereof,
and FIG. 3 is a main part thereof, a perspective view thereof. In the drawings, the array type
ultrasonic vibration device 111 is a piezoelectric ceramic material such as barium titanate
ceramic or lead zirconate titanate ceramic, or quartz. A plurality of rectangular plate-like
ultrasonic vibration elements 2m, 2b, 2C, 2d, 2 @, 2f,... Formed by attaching electrodes to both
sides of a piezoelectric single crystal material such as lithium niobate. -. It is constructed by
attaching to 1 'telescopic movable frame 3. The movable frame 3 is an elongated arm tree 4m,
4b, 4c,..., Made of metal 1 synthetic resin or wood, as shown in the detail view of FIG. · A
supporting point 5a, ab, s5. The crossing angle of the movable frame 3 can be arbitrarily
determined, and the height and the lateral length of the movable frame 3 can be changed as
Although not shown in FIG. 1, in the embodiment of one frame, another movable frame
constructed of arms ea, eb, ... of the same size and the same size as the movable frame 3
described above 2 are arranged parallel to the movable frame 3 as can be seen in FIG. 2 and
between corresponding fulcrums of the movable frames 3 and 7, for example 6a and 8a, ab and
sb, 6a and BC. Between 6d and sci, 5a and 8 *---------------support rods 9m and 9b. 9c, 9d, ··············
to form a three-dimensional stretch structure. Here, rectangular plate-shaped ultrasonic vibration
elements 2a and 2b. 2C ··· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · mounted so as to bridge between the
arms of the Wangan movable frame 3, 7 For example, the ultrasonic vibration element 2a is
attached to the side of emitting the ultrasonic wave on the arms 4a and 6 and the back of the
ultrasonic vibration element 2a constitutes a back air chamber for improving the ultrasonic
directivity characteristic. It is equipped with a 10m reflector. Similarly, with the other ultrasonic
transducer elements 2b, 2a,..., With reflectors 10b, IQc,. There is. Next, the operation of this
embodiment will be described. When the ultrasonic vibration elements 2m, 2b... Are excited by
the power supply 11 and the ultrasonic waves emitted from them are emitted into the air or in a
solution, the sound fields thereof are those vibration elements Each ultrasonic radiation field
from the combined tower will also be °°. As a general trend, arms 4m-4b. "When the horn
angle such as 6m-6b is large, the ultrasonic radiation field from the valley vibration element also
intersects each other. Synthetic sound fields are complex but exhibit diffuse sound fields spread
throughout the vessel. Also, assuming that the cross angle of the arm tree is small <, and each
transducer element is in the same plane, if it can be approximated, the synthetic sound field 1
becomes strongly convergent. If you need a strong unidirectional jet or cavity such as
acceleration of fluid flow or ultrasonic cleaning of one machined surface, the radiation surface
should be removed parallel, for example, Ultrasonic vibration element 2 m. The 2C12 · can be not
excited or removed to obtain a focusing strong sound field. As apparent from the abovementioned embodiments, according to the name of the lens, according to the shape, size or
purpose of use of the porcelain, the occupied area of the vibrator or the height 1 position etc. (It
can be easily changed. Ultrasonic waves such as dispersive sound field: It is possible to obtain a
very excellent effect that the distribution state of the fi field can be easily selected according to
the use state.
The ultrasonic vibration element used in the present invention is not limited to the rectangular
plate-like one, and appropriate attachment can be made by using a metal disk such as a one-diskshaped ultrasonic vibration element Honkawa. .
4. Brief Description of the Drawings Fig. 1 is a side view of an essential part of an embodiment of
the present invention, Fig. 2 is a plan view thereof, and Fig. 3 is an essential perspective view
thereof. 1 ......... sequence type ultrasonic vibration device, 2m, 2b, Qa. 2d, 2 · · 2f · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
· ultrasonic vibration element, 3, · · · · · · · · · · · · movable frame * 4m, 4b, 4a, "-----6a , Esb ++ ++ · a
tree mb, 8a to 6 ·, 8a to 8 · · · fulcrum, 9a to 9 · ·. EndPage: 2 ', ..... Support rod, 10a, 1ob, 10a ..... ...
Reflector. ', 1'1 ..... power supply The agent Mr. Toshio Nakao, a member of a well-known lawyer,
has 1 force and 11 people '° Figure 1 /-Figure 21 EndPage: 3
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