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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a side sectional view of a vibration mechanism
portion of a pickup cartridge used in the prior art, FIG. 2 is a sectional view of a holding wire
according to the present invention composed of a plurality of strands, and FIG. It is a partial side
view of the holding wire which made the wire rod a plurality of strands similarly. (1) cantilever,
(2) needle, (3) permanent magnet, (4) holding wire, (5) wire holder, (6) dunk wire, (a) bare wire
rod. "-L Sugishiro 4 1 in Hisuku Yoji Z" death → Nijo AC -1-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the improvement
of the holding IIO which allows the cartridge to hold the cantilever in the vibration mechanism of
the pickup cartridge. 1111 is a side cross-sectional view of the vibration mechanism portion of
the λ λ1; +, Pukartli, and D, although it is generally used, a cantilever formed of a nonmagnetic
material pipe or the like fixes the needle 2 at one end, The permanent magnet 3 is aimed at the
other end. The holding 1ii 4 made of thin wires such as steel or synthetic trees implanted in the
axial direction of the pipe axis is fixed to the wire holder 5, and the wire holder 5 is further fixed
to the cartridge and the main body of the wire A slight gap is provided between the holder 5 and
this, and a damper 6 made of a flexible material such as rubber is embedded in this portion. If the
odd meter 2 is related to the record sound groove and the vibration is picked up, the cantilever 1
vibrates together with the needle 2 with the holding @ 4 of the part of the damper 6 as a fulcrum
to vibrate the permanent magnet 3 and approach the permanent magnet 3 It generates an evil
spirit signal to the 亀. At this time, unnecessary resonance or the like of the damper 6ii damper 1
is absorbed to give excessive braking. Therefore, it is desirable that the holding rod which gives
the cantilever a vibrating fulcrum, ideally the cantilever / il (it just acts as a fulcrum against Dim
motion), though it is desirable. Due to the bending resistance of the blue-1 · f holding wire, the
holding wire itself has an undesirable element as a damper material. As a means to reduce the
bending resistance of the holding wire, in one example, it is effective to make the wire diameter
smaller. A steel wire or synthetic resin wire or the like of about 0.1111 ρ has been used at
present from the working accuracy 1 strength and the like. However, in the proposed method, a
plurality of extra thin wires are used in the east as twisted m or mesh wire, and the entire curve
maintains resistance by reducing the resistance while maintaining the diameter of the entire wire
diameter to maintain working accuracy. It is easy to do. In order to substantially maintain the
conventional diameter of the second carrier yc-L, eu, it is possible to combine seven strands of
wire a of diameter, in which case the total cross-sectional score is about the conventional edge It
becomes 063 times and nine songs can reduce resistance. In work, strand a is used as a twisting
edge rather than flailing, but in the case of a stranded wire, it tends to cause squeezing in the
twisting direction, but the size tends to decrease, but in the case of 7 strands Such defects can be
almost eliminated since one strand is independent of twist and: β. Therefore, in the case of a
stranded wire, it is necessary to form the holding wire 4 with the wire rod aK having a core wire
independent of the twist. In FIG. 3, the wire wire a shown in FIG. 2 is not a twisted 9 wire but a
mesh wire, and in this case no twisting occurs, so a core wire in the case of a stranded wire is not
required and any is optional. The holding line 4 can be configured by the number of.
As described above, the present invention substantially maintains the diameter required for
working of the cantilever 1 of the cantilever 1 and bends it so as to reduce the resistance, and as
shown in FIG. 2 or FIG. D! Or as it is what is comprised as a mesh line and obtains the holding
line 4. It is possible to obtain cantilever IliII +-of cantilevers having further superior properties as
compared to conventional retaining lines. Although it has been described as a vibrating
mechanism made of a movable magnet for the purpose of explanation, this is the same even if it
is made of a movable wire ring, in which case the permanent magnet and the generating ring are
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