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1, The name of the invention
2, the scope of claims
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to the structure of an
imaging plate for a speaker. Fig. 1 shows an example of the configuration of a normal speaker
diaphragm. -A sound radiator 1 called a cone, 2 a bobbin, 3 a voice coil. The voice coil 3 is
positioned in the magnetic gap (-, and when an audio current is supplied to this, the movement in
the vertical direction of the paper circle is excited. コーン1. ボビン2. In order to improve
the efficiency of the imaging system consisting of the voice coil 3, it is desirable to be lightweight
'2', the voice coil 3 is a conductor, this part is large, small, heavy 4 and so the way to drive is
large Become. On the other hand, since the cone 1 is entirely a load mass, it is preferable to be
light, so the paper 61 has conventionally been used for this and plays a role of directly emitting
and emitting sound. When the wave number of the sound to be emitted increases, split shooting
occurs on the cone 1 and peaks and valleys appear in the characteristics. Various ideas have
been added to the cone pregnancy body of this licking speaker. This example is shown in FIGS. 2
and 3. FIG. 2 shows a cone-shaped diaphragm made by mixing paper 7 / ratio fiber 5, such as
carbon fiber, boro / fiber, and fiber (Kebla 4 · 9 etc.) with natural fiber pulp 4 or the like. 3 in FIG.
3 is a cross section of the sandwich metal cone, 6 and 6? A light metal, for example, a thin plate
of 1 Al i alloy, 1 is a foamed synthetic resin. This muom l cross section is shown in FIG. 3 (b). By
doing so), it can be made stronger than the EndPage: 1 pion moving plate made of natural pulp
or the like. However, high Young's modulus fibers in FIG. 2 are generally expensive and at the
moment only up to 20 '' are incorporated. At this time, the strength as a shooting plate also does
not improve. In order to have an effect, you need to have a tow of 4,80 or more. Fig. S (Champnut
sandwich meta 1 cone is sufficient in strength, but it is not as heavy as paper vibrators and
conversion efficiency is poor-0 In the present invention, high Young's modulus mixed coneshaped chopstick board Insufficient rigidity, which is a drawback of the metalsa: /)
"fundamentally solves the excessive weight which is a defect of the k-shaped cone, and is
intended to provide a nearly ideal mobile plate for a speaker with light weight, high rigidity and
appropriate loss. I assume. The present invention is characterized in that high Young's heavy
woven fabric is woven and formed into a cone or dome shape, which is used as a surface
material, and laminated using a foamed synthetic resin of high density as a core material. It is
apparent that the surface material of woven fabric and molded high Young's modulus fiber can
be easily reduced in areal density 4 than light metals such as Albi alloy, titanium, beryllium and
the like.
On the other hand, since it is much larger than the high Young d7n / 3 "" t "and the aluminum
alloy Noa X10" 47n77, it is suitable as a surface material, and the faecal dragon is about LOq6 in
view of the weight of the whole cone. By processing the above-mentioned configuration, it is
lightweight, and can maintain the rigidity and loss as a laminated diaphragm. Hereinafter, the
present invention will be described in specific according to the collection example Kv1. Light up.
FIG. 4 is an embodiment of the present invention. Here, 8 yohi 8 'is a book obtained by weaving
and forming high Young's modulus fibers in a grid or 4 nest. "Tsu" is a foamed synthetic resin-for
example, foamed polyethylene or the like. It is a B-B1 cross section of (B '1) and FIG. 4 (4) of No.
1 Although 8-8t forms a strong surface material, it is made very light because it is woven. For
example, it can be 1/6 to 1/10 as compared to the surface density of the Al i alloy. On the other
hand, the strength as a vibrator is the same as sandwich metal cone. In the present invention,
although a cone-shaped vibrating body is used, it is dangerous that it can be manufactured in the
same way even if it is dome-shaped. FIGS. 5 and 6 are explanatory views of cutting a cone-shaped
vibrating body from real high Young's modulus fibers woven in a lattice shape and in a nest
shape of <4, respectively. In both figures, 8a indicates a lattice-like IC-dispersed fiber, a sb beaklike woven fabric [--a fiber, and a nine-corn-cone-outside->. Thtth け に 状 す る. This is put into a
mold, and if necessary, it is formed into a cone shape using a heat press or the like. At this time,
an adhesive is fixed to the cross point of the woven fabric. After this, it is cut out to a
predetermined size. Next, the surface material obtained in Genus 5 or 6 is overlapped with the
foamed synthetic resin 1 as the core material and adhered to each other. FIG. 6A shows another
example of the present invention, and 8 and 8 'are the same surface as woven fabric of high
Young Chia fibers as in FIG. 10 shows an example of a non-air-permeable synthetic resin thin
film, a gauze is a foamed synthetic resin, and an example of a core material of a gauze is shown
in FIG. 8. The diaphragm has no sound when passing air freely. It generates noise when air
passes through a narrow space. In FIG. 4, a non-connected foamed resin may be used as the
synthetic resin foam), but as shown in FIG. 1, the non-air-permeable thin [10 by shielding the m
of the air with air-permeable foam The resin is used as a core material and it is good. As shown in
FIG. 9, it is possible to have a material 11 having a slit 11 or a hole 12 in the core of a foamed
synthetic resin. By doing this, since the adhesive and air bubbles can be released, a sand-inch
material can be easily adsorbed. In FIG. 9, a large number of holes 12 are opened, and the quality
of the core material is increased. Because it can also be a half-foot IF, it can be very lightweight
as a whole.
FIG. 10 further shows an example of a, in which high Young's modulus fiber is woven and formed
into a cone, and is solidified with a foamed synthetic resin so as to wrap it around 1-t8. (A) of the
figure shows the 7th moving body of the ca. In the case of this example, foam molding is
obtained by putting 8- and-material in a mold and applying heat. In FIG. 10, only one piece of
formed woven fabric 8 is used, but using two or more sheets is also very effective. As described
above, according to the present invention, it is lightweight and non-EndPage: 2 Always strong
speaker cone f! A moving plate is obtained and is economical.
Fig. 1 is a diagram showing the configuration of a mobile system of a speaker, Fig. 3 (A) is a
conventional figure showing a paper cone incorporating a conventionally used carbon fiber. Fig.
(B) shows the punching of a formed cone-shaped diaphragm from a cloth in which high Young's
modulus fibers are woven in a grid pattern. Fig. 46 shows high Young's modulus. Figure showing
the punching of a molded cone-like moving plate from a fabric woven completely into a nest of
fibers, the gene graph showing another embodiment of the present invention, the figure 8
showing the core material of FIG. Fig. 9 shows one shape, Fig. 9 shows another shape of the core
of Fig. 10, Fig. 10 (A) shows another embodiment of the present invention, Fig. 03) shows (") Flc:
Cross-sectional view of sheet 07: Foam: Ipoplastic resin core 8.81: woven high Young's modulus
fiber 10; non-air-permeable thin film 11 Ritsuto -12: hole Attorney 2 Attorney 繊辺 Fumio 'Oh I
view the 3FA pike 4 Figure EndPage: 3 years old 5 Zusai G Zukiba 2 Figure EndPage:4
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