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8 inventions electret condenser microphone 21 inventor Nagano Prefecture hh city 43-chome @
3 x 5 No. ib Noodles Y ¥ Hidetoshi Komatsu within 5, list of attached documents 3 ° ,. A 5 (J
077 'n 58' ((3) Power of attorney,: Yo J people [phase] Japan Patent Office ■ JP 52-24 250
published Nissho 52. C 1977) 1.10 Japanese Patent Application No. 50-7 '175 g [phase]
Application date Akira! '(197 left) l, aa unclaimed request (all two pages) 7526.55 Description of
the Invention Title of the Invention Title of the Invention Nireletlet Condenser Microphone
(1) 1 statement
Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention C relates to 7 HECM using a wiring
pattern of f'L'7c processing C or FKT built in Elk Tread condenser microphone (hereinafter
abbreviated as 11 ICM) K as a back electrode-Object of the present invention In order to make it
thinner by removing the back electrode from the PCM. Another object of the present invention is
to reduce the number of parts by eliminating the back electrode and save labor and cost.
Conventionally, the fCK CM used is, as shown in FIG. Electret vibrating film 12. Insulator 13. An
impedance conversion circuit consisting of a back pole 14 and a TL microphone element further
comprising a circuit board 15, an FET 16 and a resistor 17 is connected to the back surface of
the microphone element to constitute a BGM. It is the biggest problem in measuring the thinning
because the proportion of the poles is large. The present invention eliminates such a drawback,
and removes the ECM back pole and places it at an extremely short distance facing the FIT or
IC'fr electret diaphragm to be used in the impedance conversion circuit, By using the aluminum
pattern for wiring as the back electrode, it is possible to make it thinner. By removing the back
electrode 9, the number of parts can be reduced and at the same time the assembly becomes
easy. I can measure down. Furthermore the back electrode is Fll as it is. No need for connecting
cables etc. between T and IC input terminals. In addition, ECEndPage: One-sided back pole has
rounding antenna made of geometrically large metal and noise from each other. Such a
possibility is unlikely to occur in the present invention] IfCM uses the aluminum pattern of the
back electrode 1 1 T or IC, such possibility hardly occurs. Fig. 2 shows a structural diagram of
IcM according to the present invention. · Case 21, electret diaphragm n, insulator. IFBT or XC24,
circuit board5. Made of aluminum; Since the aluminum pattern for wiring of FF1T or Engineering
C can be used as a back electrode if IPET or Engineering C24 is installed at a disappointingly
close distance facing the electret diaphragm n, ECM does not need to use another back electrode.
Can be made thin 0, can be made thin compared to Ifi CM used in the past as described above f 4
c in lii CM which becomes the present invention, 9, 1 に く く less susceptible to the influence of
external noise As a result, the ECM can be made thinner and the design of the case to be laughed
can be eliminated, so that it can be used widely.
For example, applications of hearing aids, wireless microphones, eavesdroppers, ties are wide and
very useful. Brief Description of the Nine Aspects FIG. 1 is a view showing an example of the
structure of a conventionally used ECM. 11: Case 12: electret vibrating film 13: insulator 14:
back electrode 15: turn M substrate 16: yFFT or 1 IC 17: resistance Fig. 2 shows an InCM
according to the present invention (D structure example-21: case 22 : Electret vibrating film 23 =
Insulator 24 F 'BT or Engineering C 25 = Circuit board 26: Aluminum pattern or more Attorney
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