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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIGS. 1a and 1b are front views, and FIG. 2 is a partially
cutaway view. 1 ······· Ultrasonic transducer, 2 ······ Vibrating element, 3 and 4 A9 ······ Nozzle. (Ζ) 9
{I 琴 l figure (b)-63 one actual opening 51-5125 C2) one self
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is directed to a sound wave
type object detection system W-an ultrasonic handset that is used. In general, ultrasonic pulsing
ultrasonic transducers are used in various devices, but, for example, when they are used in an
ultrasonic object detection device that projects ultrasonic pulses onto a detected object and
receives its reflected wave tube Will be explained. In the case of photoelectric detection and
mounting, this ultrasonic object detection apparatus is often used in an atmosphere of ms and a
negative atmosphere, that is, in the case of bad light transmission n @ dust or the like. In this
case, although the short (1) 19 dynamic effects due to dust can be eliminated, the long-term
shadow I # is removed. That is, for example, in the application of the level needle control of the
storage of ores in the iron and steel industry, the amount of the dust generated at the time of the
official of the ore and the cutting is extremely large. Adheres and accumulates, and the efficiency
decreases. In order to cope with this, as shown in All (1), air is jetted from the nozzle 9 and an air
flow is provided on the front surface of the transmitter / receiver 1. [Dust removal (air purge) is
performed, but dust Gradually adheres and accumulates, as shown in FIG. 1 (b) K, L, transmitted
and received! In the case where the air is blown out toward the inside of 1), noise is
accompanied. This device is made in accordance with the above-mentioned circumstances, and it
is an object of the present invention to provide an ultrasonic type handset which does not lose its
efficiency even when used in a large amount of dust. The ultrasonic wave reflection surface of
this reflection plate is coated with 097 Teflon coating from the vibration element that transmits
and receives the transmitter warm ultrasonic wave and the reflection plate that is recorded in a
shape with the vibration element as the focal point and reflects the ultrasonic wave. about? It is
characterized. Therefore, no dust particles adhere to the reflective surface, the reflection
efficiency does not decrease, and the transmission / delivery efficiency of ultrasonic waves does
not decrease. For a long time, an embodiment according to the present invention will be
described with reference to the drawings. 超 2 ultrasonic transducer lKJPM shown in Fig. 2, the
transducer element 2 # i electrical signal and ultrasonic waves to convert into reciprocal tn, even
蛙. An electrostrictive oscillator of kTios 轡 is used. The shape of the vibrating element 2 is
cylindrical, and the inner IIK internal reflector 3 and the external reflector 4 are disposed. These
reflecting plates 3.4 have a shape combining cones, and the ultrasonic waves generated from the
vibrating zero element 2 are reflected by the reflecting plate 3.4 and so on (refer to the front of
the arrow in FIG. 2). Emitted to That is, the supersonic noise # 1. Since #i and 11m are reflected
by the reflecting surface of the reflecting plate 3 ° 4, if there is unevenness or dust on the
reflecting surface, part of the ultrasonic wave is absorbed and the efficiency decreases. In this
embodiment (魯) 145 to 8 y, the surface of the reflection plate 3.4 (that is, the surface on which
the ultrasonic waves are reflected) is coated with a Teflon film 6 (polytetrafluoroethylene) K. .
The coefficient of friction of the surface of the tear film 6Fi11 is extremely small, and the
separation of dust etc. is good. In addition, a net 5 for removing a large dust node tube is screwed
and fixed to the front surface of the external reflection plate 40. When the embodiment of the
above configuration is used in dust, since the vibration element 2 is always vibrating, dust is selfremoved 11 / (, reflective surface KH Teflon lll 6 of the reflective plate 3, 4 It is coated and does
not adhere to dust. Therefore, the reflective plate 340 is always smooth (also F! -Plane! I) Yes,
ultrasound is projected efficiently. When receiving an ultrasonic tube, it is reflected by the
ultrasonic total reflection plates 3 and 4 from the outside, received by the vibrating element 2
and converted to an electrical signal. Ultrasonic waves can be received. (4) [79.74 surface 1] The
present invention is not limited to the above embodiment, and a large vibration element 2. The
configuration and arrangement of the reflection Ii 3.4 can be variously configured.
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