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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a schematic side view showing an embodiment
of the present invention, FIG. 2 is a partially enlarged sectional view, and FIG. 3 is a circuit
diagram. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 ... post ¦ mailbox, 1a ... rodo, 1b ... fixed rod, 2 ...
microphone, 3 ... base, 4 ... d'life cord, 5 ... press rod, 6 ... spring 7: Washer 8: Take-up reel M:
motor D: current detection circuit S: circuit switch R: exciting coil LM1, LM2 limit Switch, SWi,
SW2 ... swath, Tr ... transistor. Fig. 1-69-Japanese Utility Model Application Publication No. 514326 (2)
Detailed description of the invention wsm book 1 name of the device for the microphone stand
operating device for the new model V II-request range microphone stand composed of telescopic
table support, to perform the telescopic operation of the pillar with a motor In the motorized
stand operating device, a circuit for offsetting the circuit switch is incorporated in the drive
circuit of the motor so that the circuit switch of the microphone is turned off when the motor
O11 [1 o'clock]. Stand operating device. 11IIIil '& Description of 3 Inventions This invention
relates to a stand operating device for electrically operating the height adjustment of a
microphone, and its purpose is to make a metal sound due to sliding of the column O during
telescopic operation of the stand It is an object of the present invention to provide a stand
operating device improved such that the circuit switch of the microphone can be turned off
during expansion and contraction of the stand, as bitumen bites are displayed on the
microphone. (1) The present invention will be specifically described based on the illustrated
embodiments. In the figure, reference numeral l is a post for supporting the microphone core at
the top, and is erected on the pace 3 in seconds. A tubular fixed rod 1bK1'l is freely rotatably
inserted into the above-mentioned column / U-tube tubular rudder, and a drive cord is inserted in
the center, and is cut at the root of column I and switched at the end of contraction A limit switch
LM / is provided. This limit switch LM / is pressed to operate! Is fixed to the engraving 7 pressed
by a compression coil. The washer 7 has a lower end of the rod /, and the action of acting on the
pressure switch sf: limit switch LM / 匈 against the pressure nl spring 6 is removed. The abovedescribed drive cord dab is wound on a single-piece winding machine, and the reel t is rotated by
a motor M in the forward and reverse directions K. The forward / reverse switching circuit of the
motor M is a current detection circuit Dtl-as shown in FIG. The circuit switch 8 of the microphone
is operated by the exciting coil R of this current detection circuit. (2) '&, post / f) At the end of
extension, the limit switch 1Al- to be switched is laid on the post 7. Thus, the switch 8W /
switching operation t ゐ and the motor MK forward rotation are given, and the length of the
support l is reduced by the drive cord 蓼. When the switch gW / is turned off, the motor M is
stopped, and at that position, the column l stops its lowering. When the lower limit tK <, the
switch LM / is opened, so even if the switch swl ヲ fK, the motor M is stopped and the drive cord
無理 is forced!
# There is no risk of getting caught. First, when the switch is switched, the motor MK reverse
rotation is given, and its length is extended by the support / # 'i drive code holder. When the
switch 8w2 is turned off, the motor M is stopped, and at that position, the column l stops rising.
When the upper limit position is reached, since the switch LM2 is opened, the motor MU is
stopped even if the switch is turned on. Thus, (in the process of driving the transistor M, a
voltage is applied to the pace of the transistor Tr in the current detection circuit DK, and the
transistor 'fr is turned on. The magnet coil RK current flows to turn off the switch 8. For this
reason, since the circuit of the microphone is depressed during the support IO expansion and
contraction operation, the noise generated during the expansion and contraction operation of the
support pillar l is not captured by the microcomputer 7.
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