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:: 'Patent Application 4 (7 years-In 78 ■ Japan Patent Office ■ JP 50-2521 □ [phase] published
Japan 50. (19, 75) 1.11 ■ special axis Shosha-50527 ■ application date B, 1, (197J) evening,
request for examination (all two pages) description l title of the invention
Underwater microphone, lll1 patent 0111! (1) An underwater microphone characterized in that a
strain gauge for detecting expansion and contraction of a weather film accompanying
underwater vibration is attached to the inner surface of the weather consisting of an elastic
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to an underwater
microphone utilizing elastic weather 1 '&. Among fish, whales and whales use floating bags in the
body to receive underwater vibration. The submersible microphone Shihon Co., Ltd. of the
present invention adopts the vibration receiving system similar to the above fish and uses the
elastic member to-) to detect the expansion and contraction of the weather film 1 in the weather
WK and the underwater vibration KfP1. It is characterized in that a gauge is attached. Qi is thin
when describing the embodiment shown in the drawings! 5) A film made of a film 18 such as an
acid-containing resin-based elastic material, in which air is enclosed, and a strain gauge 2 for
detecting expansion and contraction accompanying underwater vibration is provided on the
inner surface of the film l @. It is pasted. The attacking part 16 on one side of the weather l is
formed thick in order to fix the weather l to the frame sK, and its central part Kia et al. Derives
the lead II4 of the strain gauge 2 to the water * outside the weather The mounting portion l & of
the weather 1 is inserted into and supported by the insulator 5 in which the lead wire 4 thus
derived is embedded. The frame 3 protects the weather 1 and has a hole 6 for introducing
vibration in a part thereof. In the submersible microphone having the above-mentioned
configuration, the underwater vibration is transmitted to the air through the frame 80 through
the frame 80, and the weather film l @ is extended and contracted according to the vibration in
the water, so that the weather film l The vibration in water can be detected by a good / bad
gauge zK attached to the inner surface of. Since the above-mentioned air I 杜 II, it will be
expanded and shrunk according to the water depth where it is located, EndPage: 1), it will be k,
so as a round-off OS to adjust the pressure in the weather, eg machine Air pressure for pressure
adjustment that can be compressed (1) Pipes are connected with a pipe, and according to the
water depth, the internal pressure of the weather 1 can be adjusted by means of pressure
adjustment air pressure 0), and other devices are also provided to force pressure air into the
weather. Regardless of the change in external pressure, it is possible to keep the air pressure O
shape constant at all times. Whether the weather is to be formed o @ go large self-determination,
the frequency of the acceptance vibration is fixed according to the wavelength, and the
wavelength is relatively large 1! In the case of 1% /% 111111 D, even if the weather is increased,
the whole will always generate uniform vibration, and the weather is large compared to the
wave-jlk and the air bag otawh form is Due to the complexity, accurate detection of vibration
becomes difficult. If the radius of the spherical weather is calculated to be 1sm, then the
perceptible frequency eye field is 1 degree. In addition, it is thought that the weather membrane
O tension section is related to the acceptance efficiency of the underwater vibration, but the
impedance pC of water (P: density, C: speed of sound in water) company, pc == 10 h / −s X
1500 / g = 1. Since it is expressed by the iX10 sushi bias, if the tension T is properly selected
and the impedance of water is reduced, it is said that the underwater vibration can be efficiently
(Where, (P + -It-): difference between internal pressure and external pressure, de: radius of
weather, t = thickness of air bag membrane), O, the impedance of the weather membrane is
higher than the impedance of water for harmful birds It can be made smaller. As described in
detail above, in the case of the underwater-mittor umbrella KTh according to the present
invention, since the weather in which the strain gauge is mucous membrane is used in the inside
w, the vibration acceptance wlI is large and the vibration detection is performed efficiently. Even
if the external pressure changes due to water pollution, it is possible to adjust the internal
pressure of the bird to keep the shape of the weather constant.
Brief Description of the Drawings The drawing is a cross sectional view showing an embodiment
of the submersible microphone sonophone of the present invention. l・1. Weather, l.
Weather film, 3. . , Strain gauges. Designated agent Industrial Technology Institute mechanical
technology researcher IF member, hollow 1)-man EndPage: 2
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