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Name of the '1 · · ·' 7; τ,-τ r sony \ = ° γ 壽 summer "" 50 generations 艮 100 艮 · Tokyo
Chiyo EC4i K Nagata ・ r 'ノ 14 benefits 7 Water discharge and resin Tl, h (bau) 3z 4t ■
Japanese Patent Application Laid-Open No. 49-45181: Specification 1, Name of the Invention
Sound-to-Electric Converter for the Deterioration of the Gland Claim 4; -1 range. 2. Selenium,
tellurium and a / temo / I: Containing cow 4 'as a king and loser, which is characterized by being
composed of cocoon powder, acoustic nausea change, 1 几 λ half-pigmented grain. 3 、 Sound
containing semiconductor alloy powder mainly containing selenium, tellurium and rainbow ・
Sound that is made of semiconductor alloy powder ′ 'Semiconductor wood grain for use in
extreme humidity. 4 、 Semiconductor chipping powder containing the tellurium reaction force
as the main component 4 ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ―――――――――――――― 5,
equipped with a powder chamber that can make a part of movable Jrm and [separate current],
and a mineral plate and 7 to be pressed to the above h7 electrode, and it is small in the powder
chamber above Doo conductor plating which contains tellurium and main component together,
and do-:; z4. ·: A powder filled with powder, which is a symbol of the power source. 3 North L j
spoofing, +, "na □ W Ming this light 13 枦 a Ki 11 Table 11 cattle, 4 bodies 及 及 1! The sound
which made the river into 1-2-y3. Make a minus 2 to the k woman j revision. History 28 · · · 1.
Integrally, the sound of 57 waves,-Qi conversion, is widely used as-II b ;; · · · · · · By the researcher
said that the spread. Heated 7 "), Charcoal 'J Powder 1 :," I Reni's nothing, because the whole
charcoal is the source, bay, L (non-uniform 4.4 L, Z Z · · · 4 also wire production, 5? + '(R yo 1 · F ·
ヱ 8-w じ 比 ratio 1 1: 、 〃 フ 歩 ・ 歩 B B 軟 軟 軟 軟 軟 軟 軟 軟 軟 軟 軟 軟 軟 軟 軟 l) ·left. I
will do it again. ? "I / J", 3 + · t story used), " に は 侍 侍 侍 、, 1 槁 1 槁 1 及 1 圧 大 大 大.
Hysteresis Rysis indicates 1.3f property, and non- @ strain is large and is ρ and 欠 is
unstable. : There was one. C 'one non-invention, the wave can not be mentioned as a
disadvantage Co-ordination 半 ぐ 半 半 半 other half (with body powder 1 1 1 r, · r + "of each
creed :: C: A'% at least EndPage: 1 Gold powder village containing tellurium as main component,
especially alloy powder containing selenium, tellurium and antimony 2 as main component #i 74
Selenium, tellurium and lead as main components Alloy と し て containing as a component 會 會
defect mentioned above 會 falsification.
There will be more than 4τ · d, and there will be 1‒11 of the problems and problems, and it will
become clear in one place mentioned below. First of all, let's take a look at the method of the
present invention. Crisp Example A Each of 119.999% f 4 Se, Y (Se), Tellurium (Te), and
Antimony (sb) was weighed in proportion to the original Mktn i and weighed into a quartz
ampoule. Then, this 70 British ampoule v-IJ'f 'Bai' 'kfx' in this quartz 6 ampoule * 1 oTor 4
degrees of J4 empty and then this quartz ampoule 'tight seal', the next VC quartz ampoule is
sealed at 1 @ furnace bi Put it in 1 and -1 heat the crucible in the quartz ampule at 680 ° C by
heating to melt the raw material and put it in that state. 4 is stirred and mixed, and then cooled
to room temperature with a temperature gradient of 1 ° C./min. Sticking and Hase V, De 2, &
Ann f% y 1 (more 4! r*tj&ヵ816. Next, take the alloy face that was lasted for the next
time from the quartz ampule, open the frame first, select rJ pillars within the initial diameter
range of 0.1-0.4- The purpose Tosu Suri Non, Tellurium and Antimony I + Sa V as V! @ 扮 '扮
saving grain. Example B ′ ′ High purity 99.999 pieces of selenium (8e ′), telluride ('l'e)
carrier ()' b) raw materials were weighed in proportions to fill in the stone anthrax -Next, let's
take a test of 10 Torr charge to this quartz ampoule l '9 of the quartz ampoule l'9, and then stop
the quartz anch, pull it. Then, put the quartz annore into one blast furnace-heat it with this quartz
ampule (ha) no indication @ 't 99 L) c, and use the raw material tongue bath as a raw material.
The mixture is stirred and mixed, and then cooled to room temperature with a temperature
gradient of about 1 C per minute. When so, alloy crystals of selenium, tellurium and lead were
seeded. A long time ago, the alloy crystal which has been inferred from stone, dog's ampule,
Narita, smoked for the first time, 11.1 to t), '4 MJ) powder grain size, powder grain τ selected爾,
the non-inventive eyes "selenium j, tellurium & dk main component and finally A alloy σ grain?
I'm sorry. Yumi 6IM 1 Taly C Large net [99, '999% Te (10%) loaded on tellurium (Pb) (The raw
material of Q is 11 so that the atomic ratio is 1 = 1 and quartz, optical term is given in the
ampoule) Then, remove this quartz ampoule and remove it at 10-6 Torr in this quartz ampoule,
seal it with a quartz quartz ampoule Wr4W, and then seal the quartz ampoule 'km-M furnace. Put
it in, put it into a bowl at 980 ° C, melt the raw material in this state, shake it in this state, shake
and mix the raw material, and then stir and mix the raw material, and then warm it at 1 ° C per
minute. Let it cool down.
Oh yes! In the alloy crystals of tellurium and lead 5 were seeded. Next, VC, In (obtained from 1
ounce of crystalline gold stone odor ampule, ground this, and select grains within the range of
powder grain t 4 of 0.1 to 0.4 wt. And tellurium and lead as the main components. The
embodiment of the present invention relates to an embodiment of an electrical conductor grain
with an alloy powder according to the present invention, in which an alloy powder containing an
alloy powder is contained. The characteristics of the grains? (1) 気 #It conversion due to noninvention that can be used ,! 41 is a sound 4I according to the present invention! One "41" of the
1 "4 transmutation device is shown, for example N part (1a) and its -4 inwards: the priming circle
4 plate-(1b) and its V'3 Tatsuta concentrically with the surface part (1a) from Zuiichi? Tube. 1s
(IC) and a part (1d) which weighs slightly inwards of its 10,000th end, and a な frame, a frame
121k * L which makes Jdll with 1 edging aluminum material, its part (1a) The edge of the blade
portion is, for example, an A-like diaphragm (the outer peripheral edge of 31 is a phrase 5 in the
form of phrase 5), and this strong plate (3 'central aperture 1 □ ↓ 1.? Before forming a
converter, make it concave in a circular arc like a sword l ']] jOll! A pair 0ii I-shaped 77 '/ ya i 61
and 711 arranged in an axially overlapping relationship on pole' (5a) with 0 dimension and a
cylinder frame (1c) vJ in jTd 'of -10,000 frame 12 °. ! tlKm'J'Gf'L'ItJi-口 泗], & / ld L ((5a) in the
same way in the same way concavely curved in the same circle concave end 4
(5b) EndPage: 2
or ringing [15a) and @ Afi + a: and Succeedingly straightly made of V Ry silk out of an annular 0]
tiger-shaped washer 18)! -Edge, no table, behind,-Force The outer periphery of this washer 16), 1
wheel is put on the washer (6) and the claim 121 · θ, the crying part (1d) 1dJ, , II] '龜 = i (5a) 1.'j,
J + -r !, + J (bb), Washer piles 1 and 8), and the worms enclosed (91) This process 4 (invention
described above in 9I, in particular, an f bowl, a four-air surface direct-use cow body α (IU) is
lighted-out @ formation. According to the configuration, al- = p 也 7 (5a), entry 'xi4 萼 (5b) 4 = iv,
according to the configuration. This Q = more 4 flow-force 會 6 in the state of 薇 1 叡 13) against
r 'rjfk from the front, yo, powder ¥ (in the light of 91 Therefore, the pressure is applied to the
raw 24 yang first grain, so that the grain size of the grain-grain of 'dL air resistance and d
density) contact'-resistance is increased, 44 (5a) and (bb), The t41Li resistance of + dl changes, so
that it is possible to take out an external VC of 4iif W according to the temple pressure (5a) and
(5b) + shear pressure, and then 1 rice, subordinate?
It is two rice bowls that have an acoustic sound-transformer. According to the present invention,
it is a sigma particle according to the present invention, wherein 91 is an earthling, but it has the
following r # 憾: 0 klJ Half by invention! The seleno, tellurium and antimony '(E 含 む 合 含 む 粉
、 、 、 、) Child ratio, liJh, j, Room 1 & Ross cane surface into the room j light-summer is
shown in Table 1 and in the case of example A1 to A12 @ 4m (5a) & (5b) [7L : Induced by -6 (ba)
and (Qb) 1 dJ of the button 3 to 1iLI / ii 匝 1 which is externally processed / provided, 4? Even
the father gong t, □ (昂 4 pressure V and 7) added one row ca j. "The relationship between Qi
and Fig. 2 → 1 ° to t L f Co 伺 詑 釆 of carbon wood j J z o r · 1 藺 藺 9 # 9 藺 relationship k 7 i
111 1 j L, 1 τ. Come, Fig. 1 1. -D was a monk. s1 seleno according to the present invention,
according to the present invention, according to the acoustic four air-conditioning equipment
which can apply the first sheet of the alloy sheet containing antimony of tellurium as a main
component, the DC source current is relatively small. It is clear that the human output and screw
pressure are beaten, and particularly the effect to be understood is powder toughness, for
example Am. It is obvious that it is remarkable in the cases of A3 and A11. The results of
measurement of the JA relation between the resistance 9 and the resistance 9 between 4 憧 (5a)
and (50) at the direct current-current I vc meelKHz shown in Table 1 'are shown in FIG. The same
relationship t □ measurement of the time of the 伯 La La La La La La La La 146-146 Figure-146
Hpi obtained 0 seleno according to the present invention described above As shown in Table 1 of
the table, which is applied to 17 electric change pick-up apparatus capable of applying the Iris
spruce powder village as the main component of tellurium and arechi, the clams per example A1,
A2, A3 and A11 are shown.鴫 侃 I &? l: against Q Q 2 law-temporary output (>, fi head ·
department out) jVC vs "" (1 <1 fall of the ATT IA string it was decided one rice, 吋 ・ shown in
Figure 4 Vomiting was monk-n. 向 述 せ る せ る せ る 回 回 関 関 関 関 貝 ij 先 先 、, 先 4 1 1 H
曲 臂 IL IL IL IL IL 几 几 本 発 明セ レ ン 雀 磁 磁 磁 磁 磁 磁 磁 磁 磁 磁 磁 磁 磁 磁 磁 磁 磁 磁
磁 磁 磁 磁 磁 磁 磁 磁 di di di di di di 25di3-5518. ) Enter the range and follow. Compared to the
rice transmitter in the US, it is behind the φ stage. (Also see the book-#,-Selenium, Pururu and A
according to the book, 'EndPage: 3 チ 會 ff 台 Iff 台 台 台 台 台 1 祈 祈 祈 祈 鋏 鋏 鋏 依 依 依 依
For example, the above-mentioned direct flow 'turtle flow and universal pressure have a
hysteresis qf!
fa is the conventional return. It has been confirmed that a very small, but stable, 171 film can be
obtained as compared with a transmitter that applies the first grain of Jg. In the case of 4IJ 7
containing senone as described above in Example B and containing tellurium ship as a
component, the atomic ratio of senone to tellurium ship, powder grain in the initial toughness
chamber (101) The same as in Example B1 to B11 in which the light intensity of the light source
is 'mlt' as shown in Table 2; + Shown in 5 wards? 性 O 関 IIItI 縁 H was obtained as a result of
adding the similar feature of the microphone that can be used as a raindrop-nfco product jvE rice
zo) ashes. Particularly preferred powders according to the invention are examples B1-. B 2.133,
holding 5. In the case of k37 and B9, it is compensated that a large output voltage can be
obtained by a relatively small direct current flow. Also, for the example shown in Table 2, for the
same DC current tool as the above-mentioned, the feature of the father σ 11 ・ B · · was
exposed, and the uniformity shown in Figure 6 was obtained. 同 様 Measured the same 151 J
section of the conventional transmitter described above. The relationship between the
attenuation i-A'l'r to the fundamental frequency output of the second harmonic and wave output
to the DC work similar to that described for examples B1, B2 and B6 shown in Table 2 in History
As a result, the 7th factor u 'was obtained. Measure the same relationship of the transmitter of
rice to the same as above, 4 and the 7th! The characteristics shown in White ginseng F are
accepted. From this, it is possible to apply alloy powder heat mainly containing lren and tellurium
vessels according to this> atb K-. In the range of 25 dB to -40 dB, it is clear that the gutter, which
is dramatically reduced compared to the conventional two-seater device, is 0 'or contains the sele
/, tellurium ship according to the present invention as the main component According to the
acousto-electric conversion k, * K applicable to the alloy powder, the hysteresis performance for
the above-mentioned one-stream current and sound pressure is very small compared to the
conventional anthrax s 1 含 む め 俸 セ レ ン せ る * * * * * 合金 合金 合金 合金 合金 合金 合金 合
金 合金 合金 合金 合金 合金 合金 合金 合金 合金 合金 合金 合金 合金 合金 合金 合金 合金 合金 合
金 合金 合金In one or four cases, the atomic ratio of selé 7 and lead, the 72 f particle, 1 廓 light
fill gate to the grain chamber (9) 6 same as in Example A and B in Example C1 which is a curve
keeper @ page current knee output voltage V2 page rare voltage ■-AC resistance H9 and surface
flow current knee reduction amount ATT; cutting係, 世 し た ン 夫 夫 夫 夫 μ μ μ 6. 6. 6. 6 + J
+ '2 図 7 ボ ボ 筐 筐 筐 筐 筐, 筐 曾 曾 筐 曾 曾 曾The shrine of B's 4yJ6 is the same.
ハ 1− 1− 坏 坏 w w w w w w 4 w F w F w 協 協 9. . Since the semi-quadruple particles
according to the present invention do not have the beat-up gas .tau..4..zeta. According to the
present invention, the stability is also good. In the present invention, the d-tailed horsetails of the
present invention can be made into four-tailed car-tailed r-tails (C 赳, by the small box lkI 9 咄
γnt: and turtle weak: rC 'to the doctor, blood In the range of ward 4q + li within fancy or vision 2
On 6 or less, you can obtain an input output voltage that is higher than that of the rice by
Tengu's initial edge. According to the sound l # electricity conversion device using the sound b
according to the present invention and the body powder 7 '\ · according to the present invention,
the output pressure drop waveform against the input sound pressure waveform Compared to the
9 stories, which can apply rice grain powder of rice, to small rice, 4 j to 52 j high subduction end
page: 4 outputs! Single-frequency (supporting) force C reduction ■ "Dwelling side 2 this
charcoal,-put the grain side of the road, and it's larger than the O self-hr device. It is what you
have. 'Occupied occupations; v% I> 'U E is actual 5' Ay ', t is lead to the main component of-A; lifts
Y-bar, Y-tal, tellurium, lift head which is an alloy powder 0 whose main component is an
anechomon reaction force, In the history, the above-mentioned "principal component-Ze'7") The
imperial word kr fest and C also have the above-mentioned kL 1 Sico-like character 7 ρ et al.
This place is also included in the hat god C of the present invention. 4 1 1 1 βj simple
description. Jl! Is a sound problem due to this sound L d-, showing no-- 19. -11 words,)
district, I ,: 2 il ·, copper 3. Straight and light of the conversion device to Ren,-Tellurium and a /-':,
respectively according to the invention. . f;:, power-pressure ratio 41,% valve forging ijJ section, 2
base 0 of the fundamental frequency μ against A の 1 section of 5 two rice 021 scrap charge 7
seven o t Characteristic Ih shown in contrast to: -S, Fig. 5, Fig. 6 Fig. 6, Fig. 2-7 all belong to the
invention of the ball, respectively. Refer to Fig. 2, "Luminous alloy particles that contain lead as a
main component, and alloys that can be used to keep the balance of the tellurium reaction force."
51'21 and -M71iz1 are the same characteristic curves as the combination. □ tK 、
代理人 人
・ ′ 往)) 1) 中 治 第 Figure 1 straight f I Kamewashi r (mA)-ii electric t 1 (mA)-EndPage: 5,
Figure 4, t, i electric 'fLI (mA)--Figure 5! L 惠 I I (D)-1f, @ 胤 1 (mA)-Fig. 7 Naomaru Yami Falls I
EndPage: 66, f; 1 ′ ′ ′ ′:% (name of list of 7. iv σ port C) of the first name B; 41: tGL 'itiivi :;
M' Eii '1 EWi:' 1. 'j- 67 'f6 K' Chi Chi H, 6 * 4 Stone "(· Patent Office Director Yukio Miyake 1 1,
display of the case □ 1974 patent application No. 407 j 7 名称 2 名称 name of the invention-for
m sound conversion device Semiconductor powder and sound # 'itg conversion device 3 using
this, correction party-EndPage: 66, f; 1' "':% of i (list of 7.iv σ port C) of the name of the person B:
41: tGL 'itiivi: M'Eii' 1 EWi: '1.' j-67 'f6 K' 0 Chieko, 6 * 4 stone '' (. Patent Office Director Yukio
Miyake '1', display of the case □ 1972 patent application No. 407 j 7 '2. Name of the invention
sound powder for semiconductor converter for semiconductor device and its use # 'Itg
conversion device 3, who is a correction - the relationship between the incident especially interference applicant
(1) A semi-zj body powder for use in a sound-to-noise conversion display, which is specially made
of an alloy powder containing at least tellurium as a main component.
・5. Date of correction of correction instruction Spontaneous correction 6, number 7 of the
invention to be increased by correction, column 8 of the detailed description of the invention of
the specification of the correction, content of the correction 41, in the specification page 91.5,
line 18 Line 19 "Selenium reaction force" and Ami are corrected as "tellurium reaction force"
now. 2 Correction is made on page 14, table 3 and texture. EndPage or more: 7
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