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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of the main part of the
X-Peker according to the present invention, and FIGS. 2 and 3 are exemplary plan views of the
shape of a metal damper. 1・・・・・・スピーカ、2・・・・・・ヨーク、Rーン、Eダンバ、
9・・・・・・フレーム。 Fig. 2 Fig. 3-71-1
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION This invention is a modification of the
electrodynamic or a-type loudspeaker. The purpose of this invention is to use voice coil KQ to
generate heat by adding heat and heat to the outside of a metal plate damper made of a special
shape metal sheet * heat conduction, and adding voice (1 ) AQ-01ffl- [12 The temperature rise of
the coil is reduced to WJ'1 by K so that a speaker with a large allowable input, ie, a high output,
can be obtained from one small 1111k. As is well known, the temperature rise of the voice coil is
one of the 11 ° factors that greatly influences the determination of the input resistance of the
speaker. However, the temperature rise KII of the conventional voice coil is not actually used. The
reason is that although the cause-and-effect relationship between the speaker's input resistance
and the voice coil temperature rise has been confirmed, it seems that the phenomenon can not be
uniquely analyzed by the quality of 11 tatami 10 nゐ. The present invention aims to achieve the
intended purpose by focusing on the fact that the temperature rise of the speaker has removed
the human power. The present invention will be specifically described on the basis of an
embodiment shown in this invention tS-plane 2 below. As shown in FIG. 1, the wall portion of the
squeegee-force 1 is formed by a yoke 2 king and a columnar magnet I back and a square pole
r′′M) ton K) ring Os gas 9Il 形成 forming an air play path. 4 + 11 n, 7- (2) coil pov connected
to the empty square 4 K Fi cone 5 n n 6 is arranged nil around the outer periphery of the bobbin
6 is poised. The cone 5 and the bobbin 6 are supported by the frame 9 by the damper 8. The
tamper 8 has a function of allowing vibration of the cone 5t bobbin 6 in the axial direction and
holding its position 実 -real Kll. Damper aFi in this invention, as shown in FIG. 92, donut-shaped
gold m1 Ks-shaped long hole a * f stagger-like] 0 or drilled as shown in FIG. The structure is
formed in a symmetrical manner, and the material is excellent in thermal conductivity, preferably
a nonmagnetic metal such as aluminum. Copper 3 is also suitable for its alloy or steel. 15 Now,
when the voice coil 7 of the voice coil 7 of this speaker l is voiced, the cone S vibrates and emits
a sound. The voice coil 7 generates heat from the voice coil #IK 5 and its temperature rises. And
that amount of heat. , 2 most are bobbin 4Kill. However, in this 211ap-q131-n4 speaker, since
the damper 8 is made of a high 1 m plate of heat conduction force, it is transmitted to the frame
1 and the other members through the damper 1 tube of the heat battle of the bobbin 6.
またダンパSは1. Since it is constantly vibrated to the outside air n, and the holes formed in
the damper 9 by the holes 5f are connected to each other in the table JIFi, heat radiation to air is
high. As described above, the 4Llk-shaped negative-ion damper supports the vibration of the
bobbin 6 while supporting it, and the heat conduction and heat radiation thereof affect the heat
t10j14 effective IIK generated in the voice coil 7 It is attached to. Among them, the heat O
transmission path 1 at the time when the voice coil 7 reaches the damper 8 7 made of the high
material of the heat conduction car All the surfaces of the damper 畠 are included to increase the
15 reheat radiation Je and increase fL # f1 is more advantageous. (Thus, the above-mentioned
metal damper 1 # i, the local temperature l! 分散 1 11 external K1B, so a-11 of the pois-coy A-7:the station valve Il becomes P1y evenly, and a smooth 全体 Ao-n1 ') 1-111q degree gradient tube
is shown is there. Therefore, in the single-speaker of this invention, the temperature rise of the
voice coil 7 and the accumulated amount in the year are smaller than that of the conventional
product 7 even when used for a long time. As mentioned above, this' IIJ's speaker has the
advantage of 11 accounting that the output can be enhanced despite the small size, and the
allowable input is not limited due to the temperature rise of at least 5m coil. . This speaker is
characterized by the fact that the voice coil itself, Ill and its surrounding members t- can not be
shaken by the above-mentioned function, even if it is used for a long time. 1 have. Furthermore,
since the damper of the speaker according to the present invention has rigidity and elasticity of a
certain degree itself, it has an acoustic aspect that it can perform 1 part of W # 411 Ik ability to
support while allowing the vibration of the cone. There are real benefits of In addition, Wang Dao
Damper uses a press tube to rip gold 't: it will be finished as a finished product, so it will be
corrugated like a conventional cotton thread damper and then impregnated and heat processed
with this rttss bake light Because of the membership fee, it is possible to have a manufacturing
advantage A that manufacturing can be simplified. 4 Cabinet-a brief description of the first
cabinet IIFIii] figure of the main part of the speaker of this invention. No. 211 and No.! il + is a 15 nominal flat lj garden in the form of a damper made of gold a. 1−・スピーカ、2・・・ヨー
ク、3・・・マグネット。 4−9−11. S・・・コーン、・・・・ボビン、7・・・ボイスフ
b-bi,) lO 新 新 登 # に # 株 式 命 部 部 油 町? "? フ(・・・−! i2048-913j-0711! 1 'b υ θ'! lI 2
圓 σ 圓 5, ゐ and :) (○) ■ 16 yen-48-9131-08 agent's name Dan Dai-post 6, agent other than
the above zip code @ 11 O address Taito-ku Tokyo Ueno 37r123 No. 6 Name (6094) Mr.
Yoshihiro Fudan, "1; LJ □ ') 8-9? 31−og
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