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FIELD OF THE INVENTION This invention relates to speakers. As shown by the flat panel speaker
of FIG. 4 of the prior art, the support of the diaphragm of the electrodynamic speaker is
composed of a cone paper edge 1 and a damper 2. As the cone paper edge 1, one obtained by
resin-coating cloth, one obtained by thermocompression bonding of urethane, etc. are generally
used. Moreover, the damper 2 is comprised from what carried out the phenol impregnation to
cloth. By the way, the lowest resonance frequency is raised as one of the important
characteristics that determine the reduced reproduction of the speaker, and the lowest resonance
frequency is expressed by the following equation. fo: Minimum resonance frequency mc:
Vibration system weight (cone paper type + poise coil weight + vibration system additional mass)
CrQ: Vibration system compliance (core edge compliance + damper compliance) problem to be
solved by the invention Reproduction frequency F to broaden the bandwidth. To lower the
weight, increase the weight of the vibration system, but by increasing the vibration system
compliance, you can decrease the fo, but if the weight is increased, the compliance of the support
system must be decreased to maintain the weight. . In addition, it is good to increase the
vibration system compliance, but if the compliance is increased, the restoring force and the
supporting force become weak and it becomes impossible to support the weight of the vibration
system. F in such a relationship. The lower limit of is 20 to 301- (Z is a limit. Furthermore, metal
and resin dampers with less resilience and putty (fatigue) are used to lower the fo, but they are
rarely used except in special cases where there are many individual resonances and increased
hysteresis. An object of the present invention is to provide a speaker capable of solving the
above-mentioned problems. Means for Solving the Problems The speaker of the present
invention is characterized in that the vibration system comprises a damper, a cone edge and a
coil spring. No return force or putty occurs due to the action coil spring f. Can be reduced.
Embodiment of the Invention In the present invention, the diaphragm support is comprised of a
damper 2 and a cone edge 1. However, in order to lower fo, the compliance needs to be larger
than that of a normal speaker. By putting another metal and resin coil spring 3 with good
restorability around the diaphragm 40, there is no restorative force and putty (fatigue) and it is
possible to reduce fo and also a coil spring. Since the individual resonance does not occur too
much, the initial goal can be achieved without increasing the distortion.
FIG. 2 is an equivalent circuit diagram of this embodiment. Therefore, fo is expressed by the
following equation. ? l'G3 Figures ac show an example of a coil spring. That is, cylindrical a and
conical C and intermediate shape C. The cylindrical shape a has the best linearity. Since the
conical shape can suppress the lateral vibration, it can prevent rolling and the resonance
becomes very small but the linearity becomes a little worse, which is intermediate between the
intermediate shapes C and a, b. If a metal is used for the support system, resonance is a concern,
and if a soft resin coating such as rubber and nylon is applied to the surface of the spring, it is
possible to prevent nine resonances that cause internal loss. As described above, according to the
present invention, the minimum resonance frequency of the speaker can be lowered to about 10
Hz, and a deep bass reproduction speaker can be developed.
Brief description of the drawings
1 is a cross-sectional view of a loudspeaker according to an embodiment of the present invention,
FIG. 2 is an equivalent circuit diagram thereof, FIG. 3 a% c is an embodiment of a spring, and FIG.
1... Cone edge, 2. Name of agent Attorney Nakao Toshio and 1 other person /---corn etch? -Gunno
°-Fig. 1-Fig. 3-Coil spring 7-1-E-n! Amount 10 voice call weight, weight f with tJO tribute 1 Eyarcoil spring imperial weight C burdock · · · cone · 」ゴ ン ゴ ン ゴ ン ゴ ン ゴ ン ゴ ン ラ イ ア ン
ア ン ア ン ア ン ア ン 7 コ ン ン ス 7) iansu C +--go-boi ringing リ ン ブ ラ イ ア ン リ 人 Rr One-year-old child, one-year-old man, Y, Y---Cone edge damper, etc.
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