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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a side view of an embodiment of the pickup
according to the present invention, FIG. 2 is an enlarged perspective view of a part thereof, and
FIG. 3 is a side view of this type of pickup of the prior art. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 3 ... needle
¦ hook, 2 ... piezoelectric element, 1 ... arm, 1 '... hemispherical part, 12 ... metal wire, 8 ... thin
film, 10 ... lid, 11 ... Liquid with high viscosity, 5: container, 7: small hole of thin film 8, 9: small
hole of lid 10. −7−
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a pickup used for
a mechanical recording type disk record. FIG. 5 shows a conventional pickup of this type, in
which-) is an arm, and (b) is a piezoelectric element attached to the tip of this arm via a piece 7 *
y (a))). Bottom 1iKi in (a)! A needle that has been worn, and the base end of the arm (a) is made of
an elastic material such as rubber 〆 1-, & 1; 7 j ((. (II) The group II (f) K is supported via a ノ ー
プ ピ ッ ク ア ッ プ O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O 針) ←) is a book that can be used
to trace the sound groove of a record. Generally, in a disc record, large irregularities and
eccentricities exist in this, so K that absorbs them and traces the sound groove needs to make the
support mechanism of the needle as small as possible, or the needle is also dangerous The
pressure fluctuation causes the needle ride and the needle may deviate from the groove.
However, in the above-mentioned conventional pickup of this type, the staples of the support
mechanism of the needle (a) are provided by a damper (·) made of an elastic material such as fm
or the like. It is necessary to measure the reduction of the hardness of) and the short axis in it)
such a thing is actually difficult and it causes non-linearity of the maintenance on O and burns,
displacement and load KMM phenomenon It often occurs, so in the dark the magnitude of the
displacement causes the needle pressure to change, especially when large obstructions that
cause noise during mechanical entrapment exist in the groove. In some cases the sound groove
traceability phenomenon was caused. Also, the elasticity of materials such as f-mm, which is a
material of dunno and-tends to be unstable in composition, and causes problems in producing
uniform products. The purpose of the present invention is to provide a support mechanism for a
stable needle, in which the footrest phenomenon appears in the displacement and the load,
without the above-mentioned disadvantages and with a very small stapleneity and with excellent
linearity. It is 1 and 2 show one embodiment of the present invention's big amplifier, each one
being 1! In I, (1) is an arm and the proximal end of this arm is formed in a hemispherical peak.
(2) is a piezoelectric element, (3) is a needle, and the piezoelectric element (2) and the needle (3)
are fixed to the forefoot of the arm (1) through the cushion (4). (5) In the ti container, this
container has a small hole (9) in the center from the thin film (8) K with a small hole (7) in the
center at the front opening of the cylinder (6) The lid is closed in a liquid tight manner by the lid
Q brush is oil or other highly viscous liquid filled in the container (5), (2) arm (1) proximal
hemispherical Koriyama center with Km nine pianos and other elastic metal wire In this case, the
metal wire penetrates the small hole (O and lid @ small hole (2) of the thin film (1) of the upper
6- (two 2- \ one single container), and the screw ) K) Tightening ll I run. Thus, the container (S) is
rotatably inserted into the cylindrical hole α formed in the substrate @. Since the pick Atsuzo of
the present invention is constructed as described above, it has various excellent effects as
described below. Since the stepness of the arm (1) supporting the t needle is obtained by a metal
wire rich in elasticity (b), if this metal wire is made thin and long, a soft stepiness can be obtained
even if it is not easy. The liquid 0 in the 1 0 λ container (5) allows the metal wire (2) to be freely
viscous. The arm is very easy to move because the thin film (8) and the hemispherical portion (f)
at the base end of the arm (1) and the contact point are the rotation centers of the arm 4). Since
the proximal end of the unarmed arm (1) is supported by the tension of the metal wire (2), the
axial movement of the arm can be suppressed. Since the cylinder '6) of the crucible container (Is)
can be pivoted within the cylinder hole of the substrate (2) 4- \), adjust the needle (3) vv' 3-rmo
position to the container can do. Since the staples of the arm (1) are obtained by the viscosity of
the metal wire (d) and the liquid (ii), there is no hysteresis in the displacement and load, and the
stability is stable.
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