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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a partial sectional front view showing a
conventional four-channel headphone, FIG. 2 is a side view of the main portion, FIG. 3 is a cross
section of the main portion, FIG. Fig. 5 is an explanatory view showing the principle of a fourchannel stereo, Fig. 5 is a front view of an essential part showing one embodiment of the fourchannel headphone of the present invention, Fig. 6 is a sectional view thereof, and Fig. 7 is a
sound insulation wall used for the headphone FIG. 13: acoustic plate, 14: front channel speaker,
15: rear channel speaker, 17: ear bat, 18: sound insulation wall, 19: case. Fig. 1-1-51-90D 2) Fig.
2 Fig. 3 Fig. 4-Fig. 5-2-51-901 (3) Fig. 6-7
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION In the present invention, two O-speakers in the left
and right O-cases, ie, four channels each having a channel speaker and a rear channel speaker
housed therein. Doihon is # iI +, 轡 1111e speaker O blue is well separated, and it is an attempt
to enable excellent nineteen-channel stereo O repercussion effect O re-applicable. In the prior art,
the four channels were configured as shown in 111 @-jIs- as a dophone. That is, attach the case 4
to the back of the air # plate 1 (and attach the ear pad 6 to the periphery of the box IIg). I united
the unit which I was united to the left and right to aIJI *, to ctL ド, I joined it with do band 6 and
to 4 channel as a dove paran. In this IB fear, even if the O speaker is provided only for the
number of channels, and Alerj is used to separate the left and right responsibility by four, the
post-W OWO separation is completely worrying '; "94-1 in" C * Bf, * 04f,: sp * NXfk # O8k "" were
indecent i% O "e41. As the original form of the 'bss channel stereo', the speaker box attached to
the left of the listener to the left ** as the # 4 in the stripe 4- # 9, 10.11 is arranged, its sound
source or 6 o 會The listener is separated in a large size, listener 70 ears 1 pair, right and left, cao
11010 district Kana I can not afford to feel a sense of one place is also O · where, as described
above to the conventional 04 channel, Dohon Then, the lI value O * O distinction is the one which
is not turtle at most Reproduction of 41 true 04 channel stereo 4? I will do it with my niece. The
present invention eliminates the disadvantages of the prior art such as on a board. Hereinafter,
the present invention will be llf according to one embodiment 011 W 118 111 1 st. 1s is a metal
plate h% fh made up of Shayeki III etc. 1 is a photoacoustic board, and this O acoustic board
1aOltliK is a speaker 4 for back and forth and a speaker s for back channel are brazed- . And this
O-speaker 4, 111 is attached when the small hole 16 of the cocoon layer is greedly formed on
the photoacoustic plate 13 and the sound 1 [1s is 250X beaker 4, 181) ip Spy 114, 180 II with S
is bounded by m, and it is -19, and that AO speaker 4, 160 sound emission axis is listener ogo
large Knelt! ように1にっている。 1, t, co '# sound @ tso 4 asec earpa. ) IT is installed 6B, ζ O
earpa, 1T is filled with 0 @ soft 尭 foam material such as 尭 irrigated urethane in the inside 11
and is composed by wrapping it in the outside @ 會 vinyl reed-etc. ゐ, this is Blocking the internal
and external IIO sounds gives a good fit for 1: 54 and%: bad.
Please note that Ai & foam polyurethane with continuous air tsI at the boundary between the
small hole 16 for sound emission of the acoustic plate 1sO drawing and the small hole 16 for the
rear channel speaker 16 and the small hole 16 for the rear channel Composed of foam, lowpitched, high-pitched, high-pitched, high-pitched, 1kO & mmm1 魯. The O shield 118 is for
separating the gap formed by the above-mentioned ear pads 1TK into two, and moreover, this
acoustic plate 1 s is set so that the height is larger than that of one ear pad. An ah caset is put on
the back of the ah caset from Shiray resin elephant to make up a headphone 1 nit. In this caset,
the hanger 21 is connected to the headband 20, and the do-hand 20 receives the do-pa and the
do-bt. As a technical background to take a 01 t 01 II す る に は, to improve the separation of
front and back O, to separate the speaker by 1 only by 藺 藺 − − − − 自 7 · · 自4. 46 end, the
person 111 ends the room with a sense of blue O square before and after, so O is exposed to · · · ·
KMm O on O 慨 O 一 or 1 1 high-frequency h frequency in h I'm sorry. From this fact, in this
invention 藺 畿 channel 藺 畿 speaker 4, 180 閤 El with! Noble aIE ai sex Ojl cost wall 1 · 性 前後
前後 高 青 青 青 青 青 青 青 人 人 人 人 人 t t 人 人. 前後 S back and forth channel speaker 4, IBe
high blue is radiated from small holes 1 · for leaving 1 through sound insulation wall 1 · earpa, 1
1 formed by 1a, so the air insulation wall 1 · t * over T-e ear Kil. In other words, 4 blue of the
front and back channels are in a separate form, or in the T @, the material thickness 10-g) 4111
bubble 41 hj toprene o @ w * property is shown, and the ζO absorption property is a false
temperature It changes by changing thickness, thickness, material * o * l L. As described above,
O4 to the invention 04 channel, Y-phone is 1 blue 111 in the subchannel 31 for the CHAN
CHAN's Subi 31 FO, and the section is also O'11 'in the article, so the front and back 會 O' is
written 1X · Improved slightly, True 04 channel stereo can be reproduced-and this blue wall is
also sound absorbing 1 ear and acoustic plate, and finished with ear bats 0 IIl phenomenon% not
so much, I'm jealously lll self-speaking-He is a radhon and one, and use over a long time ago-but
even for listeners 111! This is not the case, and the device 11 is superior in%, and so on. 4, -w
one simple description glllltll come 04 channel 4 channel 4 channel 4 channel group L1121
Figure 岡 sai + iw ■, Figure 3 shows Oka 111 + 10 園 garden, 114-4 channel stereo on luck
Theory--, 嬉 承 千 千 千 千 千 千 千 千 喪 喪 l 喪 喪 喪 承 承 l!
1101 EIII-, the nephew ・ garden is the same cabinet, 菖 は ^ ^ ^ ホ ン in the sex garden after the
appropriate blue wall to be used for Oka Dedehon. 1s ...... acoustic plate, 14 & - · - Yi channel
speaker, IS- .... after channel speaker, 1 Ding ...... Iyapa,), 111 ... One bell, 1e... Mr. Toshio
Nakajima and other 14 Mu-Ichi of substitutes? , Gu station '(Ill mark / 6 [-to 51344 · 笛 2w I ○
engineering X ·' 'tllAof, @ patent attorney Toshio Nakao 1 other 1 person 311! 15 □ 423114 Fig.
7 ■ 98-'/ 22t11θ Gi, name of agent, -7 / · 7 patent attorney Toshio Nakao 2 + yo 1, 1, Fig. 5-n,
2f I 3 \ 0 · · / 180 o-t " t 000 o ooo / 66 sixth w J! 8 / / 15 Noah outside → →-= 1 = 9 CO) 01
name of the agent γ / 3 Patents Toshio Nakao 71! 12 ■ Brave ': \, 7. . 羞 "6. 季 O3 / Wa υ 1 ψ
SmI (m 2 m 3 B 1 鷹 H l = Cj 0 19 / 'Vttll A (D □ 4 patent attorney Toshio Nakao 1 others 1 6)
Agent address other than the above address in Osaka Prefecture 1 Name (5152) Patent Attorney
Shigetaka Ogino '2 Pano' '25: 3' '
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