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'・ ・' Patent application (46) Yu ,! −カ%FM f/ン。 1) Japanese Patent Office ■ Japanese
Patent Application Laid-Open No. 51-3270 Japanese Patent Application No. 51. (1976) 1.6
Internal reference number, i # 1 -1 "specification 1, the name of the invention
! "Production method of diaphragm
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a method of
manufacturing a speaker Jfl vibration rice capable of sweeping low density and light vibration @.
Foam like polystyrene or acrylic resin as it's for conventional speakers? What was W has been
put to practical use. However, it is inferior in elastic modulus and light weight as compared to the
vibration of a foam like a grain and the shaking of a paper, and distortion due to one-piece
resonance is likely to occur. The present invention also eliminates the conventional drawbacks
such as those above nine. That is, one invention of the present invention, natural, chemical 1 m
miscellaneous polystyrene or vinylidene chloride such as f ′ ′ ′ voice town unfoamed powder
monomer or other Ift 4 w P! The polymer used in combination with polyethyl, imine, etc. Reactive
C crawling binder 't- is combined with fiber in beater, heat-foamed in tube mold □, low density
and light speaker I will try to write Kai. 9. Below, present invention C. One embodiment will be
examined. 130 parts of 8μ diameter vinylidene fluoride unfoamed particles are added to 100
parts of beaten kraft pulp with vinegar added and stirred 0 Next, as a binder for pulp and
unfoamed particles, binder for ground vinyl 6 A well-dispersed, well-dispersed, well-dispersed
polyethyl imine is added gradually as a fixed 9p agent to gradually combine kraft pulp and
vinylidene chloride unexpanded V with a vinyl chloride binder in this one state Paper-making, to
make up the original form of shake EFs board. 1 shows kraft pulp fibers and 2Fi vinylidene
chloride unfoamed powder. EndPage: 1 to 3 is tested with a binder. A paper machined like a hen
is set in a mold and heated. Of course, this gold @ has a gap according to the expansion ratio. Due
to the addition of gold, the vinylidene chloride non-foamed particles 2 foam to increase the rod
volume. 1) When the pulp 2 is filled with the binder 2 with the foam 3 in the pulp & fiber, it is
11% structurally stable and the vinylidene chloride C foam is lined from 8μ to 28μ-) . As a
result, the density of 11r plate C was close to about V of boat C, and the qI modulus could be
made to have a modulus of elasticity of 100 sheets of paper. As shown above, the production
method of the speaker bowl vibration rice of this invention is 7Xlp unfoamed powder tube which
is foamed by being filled with natural, chemical fiber and 1L of heat is combined with 1L of
heated fiber to cause foaming. 1) The combined advantage of the Crisp C with one foam and the
combined weight reduction of the foam 1. It can be a light speaker with a large degree of
vibration propagation speed J'FI 'swing r', and it has a great industrial value, and it is well well.
'4. @@ t) Brief Description Shown 1-series showing combined V of outer fiber and unfoamed
powder. 1 ...... fibers, 2 ...... Not 4 foam powder. Name of agent Attorney Nakajima # '! Force · 1-36 Inventors and agents other than the above (2) Agent address Osaka Prefecture Kadoma City Oji
Kadoma 1006 EndPage: 2
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