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DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION Bopino's niece Z husband ... sits-M edge of the
name of the device. -Squidder of water M sikaa 於 、 繊 維 '++ i' i i i i i i 悠 i i i i i 社 社 r 社 社 ス
ピ ー カ 社 社 ス ピ ー カ ス ピ ー カ ス ピ ー カ ス ピ ー カ ボ ビ ン ボ ビ ン ボ ビ ン ボ ビ ン) ボ
ビ ン 1 辿 0 0 堝 粂 旺 旺 旺 道 道 渦 渦に 関 す る a カ a カ に 関 す る ス ス ス ス ス ス ス ス ス
げ げ げ げ げ げ げ げ げ げ げ げ げ げ げ げ げ げ; For this reason, the bobbin [I ll ic to the coil
which has been rr 10 l]: t '-the tohino or the seven by the C-B 6 and the one convex ぢ l *: i "ic ·
shake 1 N, because it is Eri pressure · 111 in the 7 L or sweater i · ー in Hohino, 1 ぢ '111 巳 1 巳
じ 伽 伽 伽 あ り 総 あ り あ り 総 総 た め た め た め-There was a possibility that distortion
occurred because of the nature. This measure Toshite, 7 j + Hin 'Hakoi's unspoiled a6 minutes in
the number 1 il hegano, there Oshima Island et al. The 炉) π π へ 万 万 万 f f f f f f f 噸 噸 噸 噸
噸 噸 噸 噸 噸 噸 比 べ 比 べ 比 べ ヒ ヒ ヒ ヒ ヒ ヒ ヒ 噸 噸 噸There was a defect when there was
a stress on the clothes. To the book 76! こ れ ら These points π are constructed, and there is no
one at the target point and the speaker main body 1 is uniformly cut even in the V body. Speaker
bobbin σ) · yki, E There is to be Hong. Next up: + LeIin 7 kdb YL, with Ff A メ リ Merige figurebright otll H water magnetism b? Show, from the rate-a2 block σ] Yoke i21, (21 is one foot,
father 11M, must be one a center hole I, '31 A plus one foot / 5 o 141 · a heaker cone 柩 gebo t-,
Seo's company has a protective cannon (51 ?! 41. l is attached 6o! lilrlii'll: 1 Buddha Fj piece
return-Shi place 9 hobbing) FL-剋 'xf L It It +,-and between-scratching with the humanity of one
person 糺 ノ ノ vt 41 · 1, 1 vV (-η taken 1 1 け ぃ ゐ. + 711-J j: Coils of the season 7 J
················································································· r + 'RJ', shiff) 4 is also filML's Hovin σ ';' i'A + '-EU + i'. 1
m coil (71 K, 'I13 size-) ε or 1 [compare with that, it is compared with it, and the bobbin 101 or
笈 す る 、 、, ・, ホ □ □ □ [− (Yu, I can not prevent the insertion of one of his hovins (7), but
that bovi 7 ++ lk · · l + ム 燻 σ σ) I J l 洒 d, a a, j l for prisoner i ゐ, Hobin '61 U +, working with
the j number, faithfully-11 il dust interlocking τ-'.
As described in the 7th above, I would like to use 11 Abe of wood A, A, B, A, B, C, C, C, and T, and
a thickness of upper layer 11) Because women's, 1ffllAi 10i-: r of the bobbin is cut further in J 薊
V (, so σ) '・ · y ■ also ■ minutes (3 KiA 己 己 た め た め ど, 、 ˜俄 → No stop by + ILf, + 81
white '+ 汀-·), f6 and π, bobbins are bundled inside and there is no sword, and J is received in the
low band in the mark- -Great sleep <Same as above. 1 4 4 large 1〆 1 lil? φ q (Speak about q +
Sheika t + 1 づ ′ 借 tl tl tl そ の そ の そ の な い な い な い な い な い な い). 41, 8 holes σ) 4
′ ′ rate, 1 to 1 light, J−1 ward · rlvL US σ) ス ヒ ー ー カ σ)-凶, 12 figures a) 6. i--a false
condition, · · 1 by 1 ヒ フ 略 0 (4) · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·, cap 161 · · · ...... claw pin 171
....... coil husband more [people Bas smell and out one agent 1a dimensions ^ turtle 1 Engineering
147 ° emperor's seal to taste · tb pioneer Ryo "L layer - - -■ Likelihood 7 ,, =,-,-,----L,--, 211--11
11/1 / Pioneer Corporation □ '934 agent Hideo Tsuji \ Address change notification Showa
February 16, 49 Indication of the Patent Office Secretary Saito Hideo 1 affair 1972 utility model
registration application No. a '& 3 + 5' No. 2 Name of the device 7, t- "-S / I I hei A 41-Go 2 3
Address Changer Case Related applicant Old address Tokyo Ota Ward Omori Ward 4-15 15 5
New Address 1000 153 Tokyo Meguro 1-4-1 (50)) Pio Near Co., Ltd. Representative Ryozo
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